WowPot Jackpot Slots Explained & Where To Play Them


For a long time, the prime jackpots on online slots when looking at the most significant wins were Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, and Hall of Gods.

The exciting thing about jackpot slots is that although your chances are slim, you can sometimes bet cents and win millions.

In recent years, we have seen several game studios and third-party companies tapping into the jackpot scene.

Some examples include Red Tigers Must Drop Jackpots, Relax Gamings Dream Drop Jackpots, and companies like BeyondPlay that deliver in-house jackpot engines that can be used on otherwise non-jackpot games like Book of Dead, Starburst, and more.

But the hottest online slot jackpot of them all right now is the WowPot jackpot slot, as in October 2023, it has reached €38 million (£33 million).

Once a lucky player wins the WowPot jackpot, it will crush all previous max win slot records.

Update: On December 20th, 2023, a lucky winner won the €42,149,180 Wowpot jackpot. Thereafter, the jackpot restarted from €8 million.

What is a WowPot Jackpot?


WowPot is a jackpot engine created by Microgaming and launched in February 2022.

The WowPot jackpot is available in selected Microgaming slots and some of their partner game studios’ games.

These game studios include Stormcraft Studios, Games Global, All41 Studios, Alchemy Gaming, and Triple Edge Studios.

The WowPot jackpot always starts from (a minimum) £2 million, and there is no cap or limit on how big it can grow to before it’s won.

WowPot jackpots also offer players a chance to win three other smaller jackpots:

  • Major Jackpot: Starts from £50,000.
  • Minor Jackpot: Starts from £100.
  • Mini Jackpot: Starts from £10.

How do you win a WowPot Jackpot?


You choose a slot that includes a WowPot jackpot and start playing with real money.

The goal is to reach the Jackpot Wheel, where one of the jackpots can be won, including the main WowPot jackpot.

The Jackpot Wheel is triggered entirely by random in some WowPot jackpot slots, while in others, you need to land enough scatters or other symbols to trigger the main feature.

If the Jackpot Wheel points towards the WowPot jackpot once it stops, you have won it.

Which games have a WowPot Jackpot?


There are a few WowPot jackpot slots around, but the number is increasing.

Right now, you find WowPot jackpots in the following slots:

  • Wheel of Wishes
  • Book of Atem WowPot!
  • Sherlock and Moriarty WowPot
  • Sisters of OZ WowPot!
  • Queen of Alexandria WowPot
  • Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WowPot! Megaways
  • Cash’ N Riches Megaways WowPot!
  • 9 Blazing Diamonds WowPot!
  • Ancient Fortunes Poseidon WowPot Megaways
  • The Finer Reels of Life WowPot!

You can find these slots by visiting the online casinos’ jackpot or dedicated WowPot section.

You can also search for one of these slots using the casinos’ search bar function.

Where can you play Wowpot Jackpot Slots?

You can play WowPot jackpot slots in leading online casinos, including LeoVegas and Rizk, which holds several major gambling licenses internationally and locally, including the UKGC for UK customers.  

How does WowPot compare to other Jackpot slots?

Size is everything for most jackpot players but how do WowPot slots compare to other popular jackpot slots?

Let’s compare WowPot jackpots with Mega Moolah and Dream Drop jackpots.

CategoryWowPotMega MoolahDream Drop
Release dateFeb 2022Nov 2006May 2022
Starting jackpot£2 million£2 million£500,000
Number of titles101627
Jackpot contribution5.3%8.8%12%
Highest jackpot won£15.1 million£19.3 million£2.3 million

Previous WowPot Jackpot wins

Wowpot is the current world record holder regarding the biggest online slot wins ever won after a lucky player won the €42 million main jackpot on December 20th, 2023.

The winner of the Guinness world record has remained anonymous for now.

Other big wins from Wowpots include:

  • A UK player won £15.1 million (€17.5 million) from Book of Atem in April 2021.
  • €2.02 million in April 2021 won by a Belgian player.

A fun fact is that the second and smaller win was won only 5 days after the first huge jackpot was recorded. 

We must wait and see who and when the next winner will be announced.

Current WowPot Jackpot


After the record win of €42 million in December 2023, the main jackpot restarted from €8 million.

This happened because the record jackpot grew to such big amounts; the main jackpot started re-seeding itself earlier through some of the players’ bets before somebody won it.

So players can attempt to win the new main jackpot from €8 million instead of the usual starting seed of €2 million this time.

We will keep updating this page to give you the latest figures on the WowPot Jackpot.

Update: In June 2024, the WowPot Jackpot restarted from a “lower” amount as it was recently won again. Currently, it has reached €2.3 million, but it usually starts growing rapidly once it reaches +5 million and more online casinos promote these popular jackpots.

There is also a pattern with jackpot slots where the amounts grow faster the higher the jackpots become as more players want to give it a chance.

Is WowPot a good jackpot?

WowPot slots are aimed towards online casino players looking for high jackpots as it start from £2 million without a limit on how big it can grow before it’s paid out.

Where can I play WowPot Jackpot slots?

You find WowPot Jackpot slots at popular online casinos like LeoVegas and Rizk by playing slots like Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem WowPot, Sherlock and Moriarty WowPot, and many more.

How big is the current WowPot Jackpot?

The WowPot Jackpot has reached €2.3 million of June 2024 and is growing daily.

What is the biggest WowPot Jackpot won?

The biggest WowPot Jackpot of €42 million was won on the 20th December, 2023.

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