CasinoWizard’s Top 10 Worst-Rated Slots


There are great slots, exciting games, and decent ones, and then we have the crap at the very bottom that shouldn’t have seen the light of day.

This page will focus on the 10 worst slots we have seen from leading game studios.

Yes, there are surely much worse slots out there made by average to low-quality slot developers, but we are talking about the bad ones from the world’s best game suppliers.

So why were these slots created and released?

No game studio wants to launch lousy slots, but since several of them follow a strategy of releasing an average of one new slot per week, it’s impossible to maintain a high quality on all of them. However, forget about high quality, as these aren’t even in the medium range but straight-out bad.

10 Worst-Rated Slots

Some of these slots were such a mistake that they were withdrawn soon after their release, while others have aged badly.

Others were probably made with the right intention but just failed to make any sort of impact.

Another category is innovation; while we support it, it can sometimes go wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the worst slots we have seen. They all received a 1-star rating, the lowest possible rating when we review online slots.

10. Beach Life (Playtech)


We kick off our top 10 list of worst-rated slots with Playtech’s Beach Life. Our 1-star review score may feel like a bit of a punch below the belt as the game is quite old, but we promise to raise the bar (or lower it) after this.

Ok, some slots just aged badly, especially if they were released back in 2006. However, Beach Life was ugly, boring and particularly bad even back then. To even add more insult to injury, Beach Life’s Return To Player is an abysmal 93.75%. It’s almost as if this slot doesn’t punish the player enough as it is, with its dire gameplay and uninspired visuals.

9. Devilicious (Pragmatic Play)


We respect that players have different tastes, but Devilicious doesn’t really meet the standards of other new slots in the market.

You would imagine that this slot was released 15 years ago and not in 2024. The free spins bonus is boring as hell, and the game comes across as bland and uninspired.

8. The Great Stick-Up (Pragmatic Play)

The Great Stick Up slot best rtp

Sometimes great titles deserve better, and one of those is The Great Stick-Up. It starts well with some cool-looking symbols and a decent soundtrack, but nothing much happens.

The base game is one of those where you quickly get bored while waiting for enough scatters to land, but the wait is not really worth it, as the free spins also fail to deliver.

It’s not a horrible slot, but Pragmatic Play could have done so much more with this theme instead of rushing it out to keep up with their hectic release schedule.

7. Dynamite Diggin Doug (Reel Kingdom)


Dynamite Diggin Doug is a slot that was done with the right intentions. There is a popular collection feature with instant wins and a bonus game with some tweaks.

So, what went wrong this time? -The execution is just awful.

The whole thing has an odd low-quality feel, which is unusual for a Reel Kingdom (in cooperation with Pragmatic Play) slot. The sound effects are sluggish and it just doesn’t feel or look right.

Dynamite Diggin Doug is available from July 22, 2024, if you want to try it for yourself, but we predict that it will disappear from the game lobbies as soon as it appears.

6. Demon Pots (Pragmatic Play)


There are different styles of slots. Some are modern-looking with clear graphics, and then there are the classic-looking ones that are designed to look a certain way.

Demon Pots is not our favourite look-wise, but what makes this slot stand out negatively is the confusing way the bonus game is triggered and how the free spins play out.

There are no scatters or bonus symbols; instead, the demon throws fireballs that sometimes trigger a feature and other times do nothing.

Mixing things up is fine, but when the main feature fails to add excitement to the experience, it becomes a hit-and-miss.

5. Wild-O-Tron 3000 (NetEnt)


We have reached position five, and now we have got into the really juicy stuff.

NetEnt is one of the main game studios that’s been around the longest. They have released some of the most iconic slots around but also more than a few mediocre ones in recent years. However, the worst one of them all is Wild-O-Tron 3000.

There are no bonus features, the RTP is quite low, and it’s awfully boring to play.

The max win potential? 200x the bet.

4. Hockey Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)


It is really hard to create a sports-themed slot that captures the essence and feel of what makes the sport popular.

There have been many attempts from game studios with various outcomes, but the worst one has to be Hockey Bonanza.

The strangest thing is that Hockey Bonanza is a reskin of one of the most popular games in existence, Gates of Olympus.

How is this possible? How can you take something that players love to play, reuse everything in it, and make it terrible?

Well, you start by using generic ice hockey symbols that feel cheap and uninteresting, and after that, you remove everything that makes the sport fun by not adding anything that would relate to a hockey fan.

Not good enough would be an understatement in this case.

3. Mighty Munching Melons (Reel Kingdom)


Reel Kingdom is mostly famous for its hit slots from the Big Bass Bonanza series, but it tries to expand its portfolio of games with different types of slots, too.

Mighty Munching Melons is different, but not in a good way. In fact, we ask ourselves, how can a slot released in 2024 be this bad?

The slot is slow and boring, and even the bonus game is a proper snooze-fest as it drags on forever. It becomes kind of funny in a bizarre way, as it never ends. Not even the occasional Pac-Man reference can save the game.

If you are looking for action, then avoid this one at all costs.

2. Spark of Genius (Play’n GO)


The last thing we want to do is discourage innovation, as without it, everything will eventually look the same, and who wants that, right?

However, sometimes good intentions and a will to try new, exciting stuff just don’t work out well. No other slot showcases this better than Spark of Genius.

Sometimes, when we play slots, we just want to turn on the auto spin option (when available), lean back, and follow the happenings on the screen while hoping for some decent or big wins to occur.

But what if you have no clue what is happening?

Landing matching symbols anywhere on the grid or on a win line is the standard way to determine wins, but in Spark of Genius, the game area is filled with circuit symbols that must create a closed circuit to achieve wins.

It might sound good on paper, but in reality, it turned out to be confusing as hell. You are sitting there and spinning while wondering how to win, what the aim is, and when you might know that a win is happening.

Nice attempt, but it just didn’t work out with Spark of Genius.

1. Scandinavian Hunks & Scandinavian Babes (Play’n GO)


Ok, are you ready for it, as we saved the best for last?

These are two online slots that Play’n GO probably wishes they had never created. To be fair, it was a long time ago, and these are not even available anymore as they have been withdrawn from most online casinos.

However, our sources within the online casino industry claim that Betsson Group was one of the few operators that insisted on keeping these games active for much longer than the game studio wanted. We can’t verify this, though.


So, Scandinavian Hunks & Scandinavian Babes – What are these slots about?

As the titles suggest, the theme is about good-looking men and women from Scandinavia, and both slots were released in 2013, a few years before Play’n GO transformed from a new average slot developer to the giant they are today.

There are blonde showgirls or muscular guys on display showing plenty of skin, depending on which version you choose to play.

I think the images speak for themselves.

We don’t see slots like this anymore, for good or bad. However, they remind us of a different time, and the internet never forgets.

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