Exclusive CasinoWizard interview with Wicked Games

Once in a while, a new game studio pops up that stirs around in the usual pot where the leading slot providers dominate the market.

This could happen through new innovative features, exceptionally great games, or a specific one-hit-wonder release.

Then you have Wicked Games, an established casino game creator that has now taken some serious steps into taking their operation to a whole new level and challenging the giants in the industry by employing some of the best talent together with a restructuring of the company.

We had the pleasure and honour to exclusively ask one of the masterminds behind it all some questions as we met James Davies, the Chief Commercial Officer at Wicked Games.


Hi James, thanks for giving us the time to sit down for an exclusive CasinoWizard interview.

CasinoWizard: Wicked Games has released over 150 titles to online and land-based casinos, but the average online casino player might not yet be familiar with your games. Please tell our readers about the company and which Wicked Games’ most popular titles are.

James Davies, CCO at Wicked Games: Hi guys, thanks for this awesome opportunity. So, yes, we are very lucky to have an already established and experienced creative team. Most of which have been in the game development field for nearly 10 years. Wicked Games started many years ago as a Sydney based 3rd party game development studio creating games for some of the well-known land based and online gaming brands. However, this year (2023) during a restructure of the company it was decided that we would tap into our creative talent pool and become a direct studio to market supplier in our own right.

CasinoWizard: What makes a Wicked Games slot a typical Wicked Games Slot? Are there any specific features or anything else that defines them?

James Davies: Well currently Wicked Games as a brand does not have any games live to market yet, our design and development teams over the last few months have taken this period to really brainstorm what the words “Innovation” “Design” and “Game Play” means. Thanks to this we now have a portfolio of 60+ conceptualized games and 5 in-house developed “Wicked” mechanics that we will marry together to create our own style of game play. What you can expect from our portfolio is a well-rounded mix of Dynamic and Classic Slot games, Innovative Crash style games and what I am calling hybrid games that combine the quick win rush of a crash game with the playability of a slot. More info coming soon 😊

CasinoWizard: We have heard rumors in the industry that a lot is going on at Wicked Games and that we can expect a revamp of the brand, including some very exciting upcoming releases. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

James Davies: Rumors are the benefit of good marketing, right? 😊 But yes, as mentioned since the restructuring we have massively ramped up the hiring process and have / still are adding new rockstars to key positions across the company to ensure we burst on to the scene strongly in 2024. We are also working on a revamped website that will represent the new vision for Wicked Games.


CasinoWizard: You have extensive knowledge of the online casino industry, including major roles at Nolimit City these previous 3 years, where you got to experience the insane growth of the company personally. What factors led Nolimit City to this great success, in your opinion?

James Davies: Personally, I have been in and around the online casino industry in multiple positions since 2015, over that time I like to think that what I have learned and what I have experienced are going to be key in helping us drive the Wicked Games brand forward to the highest level globally. Hopefully we can get to experience some of the huge success that the outstanding teams at Nolimit City and other new studios have produced over the last 3 – 4 years in our own way.

CasinoWizard: After seeing a trend where game studios released extremely highly volatile slots with massive max win potentials, we have seen a bit of a reverse of this lately, where the max wins are slightly lower again. Another trend among game studios is to release sequels of popular slots instead of investing in expensive branded games. What are your predictions for 2024 regarding trends in the slots segment?

James Davies: As we are all aware there has been a dynamic marketing shift over the past 4 -5 years which has seen the Streamer influence on game design and math take shape. We can’t ignore the power that slot streamers have when it comes to the success of a new release or favorite title / mechanic. We are in the content creation business at the end of the day so we as a studio want to build content that operators and players alike want to use time and time again, and streamers want the right games to play to entice increasing viewer numbers and interactions. Finding that secret sauce is an Art form in itself and its one I hope we are on track to creating with Wicked Games.


CasinoWizard: Online casinos often prioritize new releases from the most popular slot developers by giving them prime exposure in their game lobbies. With this in mind, is it possible for new game studios to reach the same success and growth as these established companies, or is it more about fighting for the market shares left behind by the bigger giants?

James Davies: Yes, there is no denying that currently there is a massive imbalance when it comes to supply and retail space on casino lobbies. A lot of casinos New Games sections get repopulated on a daily basis so making a new game “Stick” is tough. It’s clear to see that the top 5 with the huge marketing budgets will always get prime positions for longer but I would say it’s not impossible to break through as I have personally experienced myself. For me the key factors are –

Great games, solid and fair partnerships with operators and most importantly listen to your players, they will tell you when you are making bad games trust me on that.

Thanks Guys, Let’s get Wicked!!

Update – The new Wicked Games brand launched

In June 2024, it was finally time to re-release the Wicked Gaming brand to the online casino industry, and they did it with a bang during the SiGMA Asia conference in Manila, Philippines.

Wicked Games was an exhibitor at the event, with a big stand that showcased its upcoming games while it met with potential new clients (online casinos) and other industry people.

With the strategic decision to launch in Asia instead of Europe, we are confident that this vibrant and dynamic region will play an important role in Wicked Games’ future success.

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