Why playing low RTP slots is just plain silly

Imagine this scenario.

You walk into a car dealership store and see three exact replicas of the same car model.

All versions are brand new and constructed with the same extras, with the only difference being that one is cheap, the second is sold at a medium price, and the third version is sold at a premium and clearly overpriced.

So, the same products and with no differences apart from the price tags.

You would obviously choose the cheapest option, as why would you pay more for the same thing when you have a choice, right?

This above example is a no-brainer for anyone not on a mission of splashing away money.

Meanwhile, players are playing online slots on lower-paying versions and giving away essential margins to casinos right now, 24/7 and 365 days per year, when better options are available.

Does that make sense to you?

Why does anyone play low RTP slots?

There are two main reasons why players play low RTPs today:

  • Players are not aware of the different options on offer.
  • It’s too difficult to find the best-paying versions of slots.

First of all, did you know that most online slots are offered with various Return To Player (RTP) percentages?

-Yes, this phenomenon has become a trend among game studios as casino operators are adding pressure on the game developers as they want to have the choice of increasing (or decreasing) their win margins and overall profits as they please and depending on market situations.

Example: A game studio like Play’n GO releases Reactoonz with five different RTP versions, and then it’s up to the online casinos to decide which version to offer its players.

Another issue for us players is that it’s hard to determine which casino offers what RTP version. You need to register an account, load the slot and then manually check the game rules to find the RTP version provided at a particular casino.

How does the RTP on slots work?

The Return To Player percentage determines how much from all wagering on a slot is paid back to the players on average.

For example, one slot with a 96% RTP will pay back €96 to players from €100 wagered long-term.

Meanwhile, another version with an 84% RTP pays players €84 on average from the €100 wagered.

The overall RTP percentage is calculated over billions of spins.

Why it is silly to play low RTP slots (hint: it’s plain maths)

The clearest way a slot’s RTP affects you is the number of expected spins you get from your deposited balance when playing a game.

Let’s look at an example:

You have a balance of $/€100 and bet $/€1 per spin.

  • With 96% RTP, you are expected to get 2,500 spins.
  • With 84% RTP, you will only get, on average, 625 spins.

Can you spot the difference?

Playing the same slot with 96% RTP will theoretically get you four times as many spins before you run out of money as the 84% RTP version.

The more spins you play, the more chances you have to hit a win in the base game or to access the Bonus Game or Free Spins, where the most significant wins can be won on most slots.

Playing on low RTP slots is silly since you get less from your hard-earned buck on average compared to a high RTP version of the same game that is usually also on offer.

The trick is finding the best-paying and high RTP versions of the same slots.

Playing on high RTP slots won’t guarantee a successful outcome, but at least you’re not paying more for the same item or, in this case, getting fewer spins from your starting balance, on average.

Sweet Bonanza pragmatic play review

Which slots have various RTPs?

The vast majority of online slots today are offered with various RTP versions including low vs high RTP options.

These slots include:

And thousands of other slots from the industry’s leading game studios.

How to avoid low RTP slots and play on the best-paying versions

While it has been an immense pain and hurdle to find the high RTP versions of slots (if you were even aware of the different options in the first place), the CasinoWizard team has taken matters into their own hands and made it their mission to find them for themselves and you.

By researching hundreds of the most well-known and respected online casinos worldwide one by one and for every single online slot, there is no need to ever play on low RTP slots ever again, as the findings can be found here on CasinoWizard.com.

You can check through individual slot reviews to find high RTP versions of slots, for example, the best-paying version of Gates of Olympus.

You can also use the search bars visible on pages or go to our online slots finder, where you can segment slots among different criteria and options to find your favourites.

We will quickly guide you toward high-payout online casinos that offer their slots in the best possible RTP settings.

How can you win on slots?

How can I win on slots if all slots pay back less than 100% RTP?

Fortunately, the RTP percentage indicates the casino’s long-term win margin and not a fixed rate of what is paid back to every player in the short term.

An online casino can expect a 4% long-term win margin from a 96% RTP slot. Meanwhile, some players can experience a 0% payout from the same game, while others can go on a lucky streak and get a 500% (or more) payout from the slot.

The other factor is volatility.

A low-volatile slot usually pays more frequent low to medium-sized wins, while highly volatile games pay less of those wins but can pay out huge wins to a few lucky players.

Only play at online casinos with high RTP slots

Most online casinos vary between offering a mix of slot versions with high to medium to low RTPs.

While slots from one game studio are offered with high RTP versions, other game developers’ slots are offered with low RTP at a specific casino.

Sometimes, the RTP versions vary per slot from the same game studio at one casino. For example, Some NetEnt slots at Yeti Casino can be offered at 96% RTP rates, while other NetEnt games are 94%.

To always guarantee that you play with the best RTP, check the individual slot review here at CasinoWizard, as we will guide you accordingly to each game.

However, we have also analyzed and tested hundreds of online casinos to see which rank the highest based on different benchmarks, including Trustworthiness, Slots Selection, RTPs offered, and more.

You can check these findings in our Top 10 Best Online Casinos list.

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