Which online slots have the biggest max wins?

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Are you looking for online casino slots that can deliver the biggest x wins possible?

Then you have arrived at the correct destination, as here you will find the updated list of online slots where you can win the absolute biggest wins.

All these slots are ultra-highly volatile, which means that most players will lose their money but where a lucky few might instead walk away with massive wins.

This list is for you if you are ready to gamble and take more risks than you would on an average online slot.

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Top 5 biggest online jackpots ever won

Before we dig into the Top 10 highest max win slots, we need to look at the biggest max wins ever won online from casino slots.

As you might have guessed, the biggest all-time slot wins come from jackpots.

Progressive jackpots grow in size until they are won and then start over from a beforehand decided seed amount.

The more time there is between the main jackpot payouts, the bigger the jackpot will grow.

A percentage of each player’s bets are dedicated to the progressive jackpots until it’s won.

These are the Top 5 biggest online jackpots won until October 2023:

5. Mega Fortune – €17.8 million – 2013


Mega Fortune has lost some glamour over the years as other jackpot slots like Dream Drop Jackpots have taken over the shine and interest of players. Still, in 2013, the jackpot was running hot when a Finnish player managed to win the Mega Jackpot of €17.8 million.

His bet size? €0.25 per spin.

Here is a video of the occasion. What an unreal feeling that must have been for the winner:

4. Mega Moolah – €18.4 million – 2015


Mega Moolah by Game Studio Microgaming is probably the most famous jackpot slot around, and the reason for that is the vast amounts it has paid out to lucky winners over the years.

In 2015, a British war veteran was spinning away on the Mega Moolah slot with spins of £0.25 when luck struck through his device as he landed the Mega Jackpot and won £16 million.

3. Mega Moolah – €18.9 million – 2018


In 2018, the Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot had grown to unseen levels, and jackpot players worldwide aimed to be the lucky winner.

We don’t know much about the winner as they decided to remain anonymous, but we know that it was another winner from the UK and that the €18.9 million win came from a £0.60 bet after less than 50 spins.

2. Mega Moolah – €22.2 million – 2021


In 2021, it was time again as the Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot had grown to a record amount.

The €22.2 million winner comes from Belgium and is the current record holder of the biggest online jackpots ever won. But… there is a BUT… we have another online casino jackpot that will squash that record anytime soon.

1. WowPot! – $42.1 million – 2023


In February 2022, Microgaming released their WowPot Jackpot slots.

This jackpot starts at £ 2 million and is shared by many slots, including Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem, Sisters of OZ, Queen of Alexandria, and more.

No limit exists on how big this jackpot can grow before it’s paid out.

On December 20th, 2023, a lucky player finally won the Guinness record-breaking jackpot of $42,149,180. The random number generator did its job well for this player, don’t you agree?

This is the biggest win ever won on online slots until now, and it smashed the previous record!

We are confident we will see more of these life-changing big wins from Wowpot jackpots in the future, as they are trendy and grow fast.

You can find these WowPot Jackpot slots in leading online casinos like LeoVegas and Rizk.

Top 10 casino slots online with the highest wins (Excluding jackpots)

Some of the slots in this Top 10 list are among the most famous online casino slots ever released, while others might be new and a surprise to you.

A few of the highest x wins slots are sequels to previous popular slots but with boosted max wins, as recent trends suggest that highly volatile slots with high max wins are more popular than low-volatility slots with low to medium-sized wins.

In this top list, you will find slots from the most popular game providers like Nolimit City, Big Time Gaming, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play.

The themes will vary, from the Wild West and outer space to prison cells, but one thing these slots have in common is that you can win insane amounts of money.

Where the Return To Player (RTP) percentages vary, CasinoWizard guides you toward online casinos that offer their players the best-paying versions so that you always play with the highest possible odds.

10. Max Megaways (Big Time Gaming) – Max win: 139,200x stake

The first Big Time Gaming slot in this top 10 list is Max Megaways, released in 2022.

It is one of the best BTG slots ever released, offering a high max win potential of 139,200 x the stake.

The average payout clocks in at 96.37%, and your bet options start from $/€0.20 to $/€20 per spin.

3 Scatters trigger ten normal or Enhanced Free Spins. The bonus game is played with a multiplier that increases by +1 after each win, and you also get at least two modifiers before the Free Spins begin.

In Max Megaways, you can use the BTG feature “Win Exchange” where wins of 100x stake can be exchanged to 10 Free Spins. Where allowed, you can also buy the Free Spins by paying 75x your bet size.

9. Max Megaways 2 (Big Time Gaming) – Max win: 147,620x stake

We continue with another BTG slot and the sequel Max Megaways 2, released in 2023.

Big Time Gaming kept the basics that made the original slot popular while they changed the modifiers and boosters slightly and added an even higher max win potential (147,620 x the stake) to it all.

Another change in Max Megaways 2 is that it’s the first BTG slot to allow you to skip the wait between the win counts.

This is something that many players have been asking for, and BTG has finally delivered.

8. San Quentin xWays (Nolimit City) – Max win: 150,000x stake

On position 8, we enter the real heavyweights as the max win potential starts to reach crazy high amounts.

San Quentin xWays from 2021 is an award-winning slot from the popular and controversial game provider Nolimit City.

The max win potential is capped at 150,000 x, and you can start spinning with bets from $/€0.20 up to $/€32 per spin.

Nolimit City has released various RTP versions of San Quentin xWays, where the best version pays an average RTP of 96.03%.

Follow CasinoWizard’s guidance and choose your online casino wisely to ensure you play with the best possible odds.

The biggest wins can be won from the Free Spins, specifically the Lockdown Spins.

You can either give yourself the possibility to reach these spins by landing three or more Scatters or by buying the Free Spins in countries where allowed.

7. Money Train 4 (Relax Gaming) – Max win: 150,000x stake

Money Train 4 slot review relax gaming

Relax Gaming released the grand finale of the Money Train series in September 2023.

Not only were the graphics and features updated in Money Train 4, but Relax Gaming also boosted the max win potential to 150,000 x the bet, making it the slot with the highest max win potential of all Money Train slots.

This slot is an excellent ending to one of the most successful slot series ever released and received an unusual 5-star rating by the CasinoWizard.

6. HippoPop (AvatarUX) – Max Win: 157,590x stake

Game studio AvatarUX (in cooperation with Yggdrasil Gaming) has released several slots with their innovative PopWins feature. Still, only one can beat HippoPop’s max win potential of up to 157,590 x your stake.

Your bet options start from $/€0.20 up to $/€40 per spin, and the RTP averages a 96.10% payout when playing on the best RTP version.

The PopWins mechanic increases the rows’ heights after each consecutive win and triggers the Free Spins once all reels have reached 6 rows high.

During the bonus game, you play with an increasing multiplier and hippo multipliers, while the ways to win can expand to 65,536 ways.

5. Vegas Megaways (Big Time Gaming) – Max Win: 172,310x stake

Vegas Megaways from 2022 is the third entry on this list from Big Time Gaming and the highest overall paying Megaways slot ever created, as it´s possible to walk away with a 172,310 x stake win.

You can start spinning with bets from $/€0.20 up to $/€20 per round, and the RTP average is a 96.30% payout long-term.

Vegas Megaways is essentially a reskin of the studio´s Who Wants to be A Millionaire Megaways slot (due to copyright issues), including the same gambling elements and features but with a max win cap on steroids fitting the Vegas branding on this version.

4. Peking Luck (Pragmatic Play) – Max win: 180,000x stake

Peking Luck from Pragmatic Play was released in 2018 and might be unknown to some players as this slot is not visible in the online casinos’ top lists with the same exposure as some of the other games on this list.

But don’t be fooled by that, as the slot has enormous win potential!

Bets start from $/€0.25 to $/€125 per spin, and the max win is capped at an insane 180,000 x your bet size.

The best and recommended RTP version averages a 96.50% payout.

However, there are lower RTP versions, so choose your casino wisely and follow the CasinoWizards examples to ensure that you play on the highest RTP versions.

Landing 3-5 Scatters on the reels activates the Free Spins and an instant win. The bonus game starts in a pick-and-win mode where the number of spins and the size of the multiplier are determined.

3. MonkeyPop (AvatarUX) – Max Win: 197,500x stake

AvatarUX has released another PopWins slot with enormous win potential as MonkeyPop from 2022 can deliver wins of up to 197,500 x your bet per spin.

Bets start from $/€0.20 to $/€100 per spin, while the RTP average has a payout of 96.33% when playing on the best RTP version of MonkeyPop.

In this Asian-themed slot, you aim at reaching the Free Spins, which hit approximately once in every 300 spins on average, by landing 3 or more bonus symbols on the screen.

Before the bonus game begins, you are rewarded with several starting Free Spins, starting ways, starting multipliers, and multiplier growth.

2. Starburst XXXtreme (Netent) – Max win: 200,000x stake

What do you do when you launch a sequel to one of the most iconic and played online slots ever?

NetEnt decided to launch it as the highest max win potential slot.

When Starburst XXXtreme was launched in 2021, it became the highest-paying online slot ever made as you can win up to 200,000 x your bet size.

In most casinos, you can choose bet sizes from $/€0.10 to $/€5 per spin, and the top RTP version averages a 96.45% payout.

As in the original Starburst, the wilds play a crucial part in the game. However, in this sequel, some crazy multipliers of up to x150 were added to the mix.

Some countries allow a bonus buy option where you can buy one Starburst wild for 10x your bet or two wilds for 95x your bet size.

1. Tombstone RIP (Nolimit City) – Max win: 300,000x stake

The previous record didn’t last too long as the king of highly volatile slots, Nolimit City, released Tombstone RIP in 2022 with a max win potential of 300,000 x your bet and smashed the previous record holder.

Your bet options start from $/€0.10 up to $/€50 per spin, and two separate RTP versions are available.

The highest RTP averages a 96.08% payout, while some casinos have opted to offer their players the 94.08% RTP version.

Note that this game includes some graphical elements that some players might find offensive, so some casinos have decided not to offer this slot to their players. Maybe the insanely high win potential scared some casinos off as well.

It’s possible to win the max win in both the base game and the Hang ’em High Free Spins.

While the odds of getting the max win in the base game is about 1 in 130 million spins, the chance increases in the Hang ’em High bonus game to 1 in every 1.36 million spins.

Tombstone RIP and the theme is brutal as most players will walk away with nothing but a lucky few might cash in some massive wins.

You have been warned!

What is the best way to win on slots?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to always win on slots. It’s all down to catching the random number generator at the right place and at the right time. Or, in other words, it is down to pure luck. However, you can do some things to nudge your luck a little in your favor.

Here are our tips to win big on slots:

  • Always (always!) play high payout slots, also known as high-RTP slots.
  • Choose the right variance slot to suit your risk profile (low, medium, or high).
  • Check our slot reviews to find out the max win probability. Some slots offer far better chances of landing the max win than others.
  • Set clear max loss and win targets and stop when you reach either of those targets.
  • Stay clear of fake slots as they will have lower RTPs than advertised in their game rules.
  • Avoid land-based slots like the plague. Slots in brick-and-mortar casinos have abysmal payout rates.
  • Never play progressive jackpot slots: you will never win the big jackpots and a huge chunk of the RTP goes towards funding the progressive jackpots.
  • Play Bonus Buy Slots. This type of slot can eat up your balance fast, but gaining direct access to bonus rounds does increase the odds of hitting a max win substantially. Only play these if you can afford them.
  • Because lots of players try out all the newest online slots, it often seems like new slots give out more big wins than older slots. This is just an illusion. When more people are playing a certain slot, you will see more max wins. As soon as interest in a slot starts to dwindle, fewer people are playing and the number of maximum wins will start to decrease.
How much can you win on online slots?

You can win millions from online casino jackpot slots and up to hundreds of thousands of times your bet size on the highest max win slots that don’t offer jackpots.

How to win a max win on slots?

Max wins on slots are based on pure luck. Jackpot wins are entirely random, and max wins on non-progressive slots are often accumulated through the games’ bonus rounds or Free Spins.

How rare is a max win on slots?

The max win probability on slots varies per game but often happens on average one in several hundred thousand spins to one in several million spins. Some game studios reveal the odds, while others don’t.

Does bet size affect the chances of hitting a max win?

Yes and no. While higher bets on jackpot slots like Mega Moolah increase your chances of triggering the jackpot bonus game, the bet size on non-progressive slots doesn’t affect your chances of landing a max win.

What is the biggest online gambling win on slots?

The biggest win on slots came through the Mega Moolah Jackpot in 2021 when a lucky Belgian player won €22.2 million. However, this record will be broken next time the Wowpot Jackpot is won as in October 2023, the jackpot was €38 million (£33 million) and constantly growing.

Can you win big on online slots?

While most slots (excluding jackpots) can deliver max wins of up to 5,000x the bet, there are even bigger max wins slots with max win caps of over 100,000x. Jackpot slots can pay out millions even when betting with cents.

Which online slot offers the highest max win?

Tombstone RIP by game studio Nolimit City can pay out max wins of up to 300,000x your bet size used while a Wowpot progressive-jackpot slot will break all previous max win records once it’s won, as in October 2023, the main jackpot was over €38 million.

Do online casinos pay out a max win in a lump sum?

Jackpot wins are generally paid out directly in a lump sum as the jackpot has been generated through players’ accumulated bets and is not a cost for the online casino. However, other big wins can be paid out in sequences depending on the casinos’ terms and conditions regarding weekly or monthly payout restrictions.

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