Which Nolimit City slots have the biggest max wins?

Nolimit City is not your average game supplier, as they tend to have no limits regarding themes, graphics, and features on their slots.

Mental, Serial and Tombstone RIP are some examples of slots where the theme has crossed boundaries and is not a fit for all players.

Top 10 Nolimit City slots with highest wins

In this Highest Wins Nolimit City Slots list, we will focus on the type of slots that have made the game provider one of the most popular and successful slot suppliers in recent times – highly volatile games that offer very high max wins.

In short, these slots can be described as High Risk, High Reward games, so always play responsibly.

One of these slots has an unbelievable max win of 300,000 x the total bet!

Just a heads up that many Nolimit City slots are released with different Return To Player (RTP) levels.

To ensure that you are playing with the best odds possible, follow the CasinoWizard’s guidance as he has pulled out the most trusted online casinos that offer the best RTP percentages to their players.

Lastly, you will notice that all the Nolimit City slots in this top ten list offer a Feature Buy option, which means you can buy Bonus Game/Free Spins instead of waiting for it to be rewarded from the regular gameplay.

However, these Feature Buy options are not available in all jurisdictions. They tend to be very expensive, particularly the features with the biggest chance of landing the maximum win.

If you are looking for the ten slots with best RTPs instead, check our Top 10 Nolimit City best-paying slots list.

10. Das xBoot – Max win: 55,200x stake

We start this Top 10 list with Das xBoot from 2021 can bring you wins of up to 55,200x your stake per spin.

The Top RTP version is 96.05%, increasing to 96.58% in the Feature Buy option, where allowed.

You can start playing Das xBoot from $/€0.20 up to $/€100 per spin. The max win amount is then capped at $/€5.5 million when playing with the max bet.

The Wolf Pack Spins Bonus Game is the most valuable feature that can be activated through regular gameplay, or you can buy it for 350x your bet, where allowed.

9. Infectious 5 xWays – Max win: 55,555x stake

Infectious 5 xWays from 2021 qualifies as the fifth-highest paying Nolimit City slot, as it can pay wins up to 55,555x your bet per spin.

The best RTP version pays the players back an average of 96.02%.

Bet options start from $/€0.20 up to $/€50, and you can then win up to $/€2,777,750 when playing with the max bet.

Infectious 5 xWays have up to five different Bonus Games, where the Lock´n Load Mayhem Free Spins are the most valuable ones.

You can either win them in the slot or buy them for 555x your stake in jurisdictions where allowed.

8. Fire in The Hole xBomb – Max win: 60,000x stake

Fire in The Hole xBomb from 2021 can deliver wins up to 60,000x your bet per spin.

The Top RTP version clocks in at 96.06% but increases to 96.96% in the most expensive Feature Buy option, where allowed.

Bets start from $/€0.20 up to $/€50, which caps the max win amount to $/€3 million when playing with the max bet.

The Bonus Game with the highest potential is called Lucky Wagons Spins.

This potentially lucrative feature can either be activated in the game or bought by paying 60x, 157x, or 500x the stake in jurisdictions where allowed.

7. Dead Canary – Max win: 65,000x stake

Dead Canary from 2022 follows the popular mining theme found in other Nolimit City slots like the previously mentioned Fire in The Hole xBomb.

Dead Canary can deliver wins of 65,000x stake, and the max win probability is 1 in 7 million spins.

The Canary Free Spins are triggered on average 1 in 197 spins.

6. Mental – Max win: 66,666x stake

Mental from 2021 has a max win cap of 66,666x your bet per spin.

The top RTP version averages a potential payback of 96.08%.

Bets start from $/€0.20 up to $/€70 and can therefore bring you wins up to $/€4,666,620 when playing with the max bet option.

This unusual slot offers players loads of different features where the Mental Free Spins have the highest win potential.

These can be won during regular gameplay or purchased by paying 80x, 200x, or 1,000x your bet level depending on how many spins you want to buy.

5. Misery Mining – Max win: 70,000x stake

Misery Mining from 2022 uses the Nolimit City xBomb mechanic and can deliver wins of up to 70,000x your bet per spin.

Bets start from $/€0.20 to $/€70, and when using the max bet, you can win up to $/€7 million!

The best RTP versions average 96.09%, but be aware that there are lower RTP versions out there. Choose your casino wisely through the CasinoWizard to ensure that you play with the best possible odds.

3 Scatters trigger the Misery Free Spins, where some of the biggest wins can be won.

4. Serial – Max win: 74,800x stake

In November 2022, Nolimit City entered unknown territory as they launched Serial which is based on a serial murderer.

Serial can deliver wins of 74,800x your bet and if the theme doesn’t bother you, the game is actually brilliant and full of action potential.

There are three different RTP versions available where the best-paying version average an RTP of 96.07%.

Your bet options start from $/€0.20 to $/€ per spin.

Due to its provocative theme, some of the biggest online casinos have chosen to not offer Serial in their game portfolio.

The max win probability is 1 in 12 million rounds while the Free Spins can be triggered on average 1 in 240 spins.

3. Folsom Prison – Max win: 75,000x stake

Folsom Prison from 2022 is a prison-themed Nolimit City slot that received praise from the casino community and players when it was released.

The max win potential of 75,000x stake helped to increase the hype with prominent mechanics like xWays, xSplit, and other unique Nolimit features.

You can choose between bets from $/€0.20 to $/€120 per spin while the preferred RTP version average a 96.07% payout, and any other versions should be avoided.

2. San Quentin xWays – Max win: 150,000x stake

Now that we have reached the second position in this list of Highest Wins Nolimit City Slots, we enter a whole new level as San Quentin xWays from 2021 can pay out wins up to a mind-blowing 150,000x your bet level.

San Quentin xWays offers an eclectic array of features, including xWays. Stacked Wilds, Jumping Wilds, and premium symbols with extra multipliers.

The top RTP version averages 96.03%, while the Feature Buy option can bring the RTP up to 96.95%. So you can start playing San Quentin xWays from $/€0.20 up to $/€32 per spin, making the highest win possible $/€4.8 million.

This is one of Nolimit City’s best casino slots ever created, and as you can imagine, it comes with loads of different features.

1. Tombstone RIP – Max Win: 300,000x stake

The Nolimit City slot that can bring you the biggest wins is Tombstone RIP from 2022, as it can bring you wins of up to 300,000x stake.

In addition, Tombstone RIP is not only Nolimit City’s biggest max win slot. It is also the highest max win slot, period (jackpots excluded).

The top RTP version pays back an average of 96.08% to the players, while the most expensive Feature Buy option reaches an RTP of 97.03%.

Bets start from $/€0.10 up to $/€50 per spin, making the max win potential $/€15 million when playing with the max bet.

The Boothill Free Spins, which includes mystery multipliers up to x999 and the powerful xNudge feature, has the highest win potential and can be activated during normal gameplay or by paying 3,000x your bet where allowed.

Remember that Tombstone RIP includes graphics that can be found offensive and disturbing to some people, so if you are sensitive, the CasinoWizard recommends you stay away from this slot.

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