Top 10 Best-Paying PopWins slots

PopRocks slot best paying popwins slot

PopWins slots from Avatar UX (in cooperation with Yggdrasil Gaming) have become very popular lately as many slots using the PopWins mechanic have been released.

Many of these slots use similar features, which can be difficult to differentiate as they also sound alike.

On this page, we will list the best-paying PopWins slots or, in other words, the slots where you get the best long-term returns.

Top 10 PopWins slots with the highest RTPs

The following ten slots will pay back players the most long-term. The higher the Return To Player (RTP), the lower the casino’s edge on the players.

Note that some PopWins slots have been released with different RTP versions, but to help you out, the CasinoWizard has scanned the internet to find you the online casinos that offer its players the best RTP version of each PopWins slot.

If you are looking for the PopWins slots with the highest max wins, check our Highest-paying PopWins list.

10. PiggyPop – 95.50% RTP

We start this list with PiggyPop from 2021, as this game returns an average RTP of 95.50%.

Most slots nowadays average a return of around 96% (when playing at the right casinos), so the RTP in PiggyPop is a bit on the lower side of things, but the entertainment factor compensates for this.

You find traditional PopWins features like Free Spins with increasing multipliers and a Gamble Wheel in PiggyPop.

9. LolliPop – 95.82% RTP

LolliPop from 2022 averages a long-term RTP of 95.82%.

In this slot, you want to land three or more Scatters to trigger the Free Spins where you can achieve the most significant wins.

A Gamble Wheel is available for players prepared to take more risks.

8. PapayaPop – 96.00% RTP

On position 8, we have PapayaPop from 2021, which averages a 96% long-term payout to the players.

In this game, we are taken back to the luxurious, party-heavy, swinging times of the 1920s.

You start playing with the Free Spins when all the reels in the base game have expanded to 6 symbols high.

The Gamble Wheel is available in this slot as well.

7. TikiPop – 96.10% RTP

TikiPop from 2021 averages a 96.10% RTP.

Bets start from $/€0.20, and the Free Spins are reached when three or more Scatters land on the reels in the base game.

The Free Spins are played with an increasing Multiplier that grows by +1 with each PopWin.

You can earn more spins when all reels expand to 7 symbols high.

The Gamble Wheel is present, but be aware that you lose all your Free Spins if you gamble and miss.

6. HippoPop – 96.10% RTP

HippoPop from 2021 averages a long-term payout of 96.10%

HippoPop is the highest-paying PopWins slot, as the biggest win on this slot so far was a win of 107,573x the bet.

You want to expand all the reels to 6 rows high to trigger the Free Spins where the Golden Hippos can increase in value as they can grow to x2, x3, or x4 Multipliers.

5. BountyPop – 96.20% RTP

BountyPop from 2020 averages a 96.20% RTP.

On top of the PopWins mechanic, you can find features like Free Spins, a Mystery Wheel, Gamble Wheel, and a Multiplier Wheel in this slot.

4. CherryPop – 96.20% RTP

CherryPop from 2020 is the most popular PopWins slot released so far.

It averages a 96.20% RTP and bets start from $/€0.20 to $/€40 per spin.

In this retro fruit machine theme, you want to reach the Free Spins by increasing the reels to 6 rows high.

Each PopWin within the Free Spins will increase the multiplier by +1, giving you more chances to win big.

3. WildPops – 96.30% RTP

We have reached the third position, and here we find WildPops from 2020.

This slot averages a 96.30% RTP.

On top of the usual familiar features, you find Random Wilds in this game that is activated each time you hit a win three times in a row.

2. MonkeyPop – 96.33% RTP

The gorgeous-looking MonkeyPop from 2022 averages a 96.33% RTP.

However, Avatar UX has also released a 94% and a 90.5% RTP version of this slot.

Choose your casino wisely to ensure you play MonkeyPop on the best RTP version.

Three or more bonus symbols will trigger the Free Spins. The number of spins, ways to win, multipliers, and multiplier growth is determined by a Reward Wheel.

1. PopRocks – 96.40% RTP

PopRocks from 2020 was the first-ever slot released with the PopWins feature and is the best-paying PopWins slot.

This slot averages a 96.40% RTP, and we can only assume that online casinos prefer to have lower RTP levels in future PopWins slots as no higher RTP versions have been released since then.

In PopRocks, you play with increasing multipliers both in the base game and Bonus Mode.

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