The 15 most annoying types of people at the casino

You mainly head to the casino for fun, the atmosphere, and a chance to win a nice amount of money.

CasinoWizard doesn’t get annoyed by people quickly, but there are always players at the casino who are a bit too much.

Some players don’t realise how annoying they are, while others seem to be doing it on purpose. The best thing is not to let it ruin your evening. Is someone going too far? You can always move to a different table.

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15. Grubby and unhygienic visitors

It doesn’t matter whether they’re next to you on a plane, bus or blackjack table. Unclean people are a source of irritation. You don’t head out to the casino to take in the stench of someone who smells like they’ve been stamping through the damp jungle all day.

And you don’t come to enjoy the germs of other people either. CasinoWizard doesn’t suffer from germophobia. Picking your nose and subsequently touching the knobs on the slot machine is not particularly hygienic. Nor is playing craps and blowing so hard on the dice that your luck is supplemented with saliva.

14. Excessively superstitious visitors

Everyone is at least a little superstitious. Especially at the casino. However, things get annoying when a superstitious player slows the game down too much. Craps players who take more than a minute to align their dice, tap the dice, blow on the dice, or any other nonsense that’s supposed to be lucky. Or players are asking for new dice nearly every throw.

And what about the annoying player next to you who is continuously tapping the spin button because he thinks it increases his odds of winning?

drunk players in the casino

13. Drunk casino visitors

A fun night at the casino is not complete without a drink. However, some people don’t handle their alcohol very well and have a hard time determining when it would be better to switch to a soda. Drunk visitors most often harm themselves and their wallets with their drunkenness. It’s well known that drunk players make poorer decisions in the casino and subsequently lose more. That is why casinos are often not too hesitant to offer another drink.

Things get annoying when the drunkard at the blackjack table needs a good minute to determine it would be best to double up if he has 11 points at blackjack. Or if he keeps throwing the dice over the edge during a game of craps. Even more unpleasant are drunk players who knock over their drinks at the table. Or drunks acting like you’ve been shooting marbles with them for the past 42 years.

12. Players who don’t know the rules

The best tip is still to make sure you understand the rules of all the different casino games. You increase your odds of winning by knowing the rules. That means the rules of the game, but it also includes the rules of the table you’re going to be playing at.

It’s annoying when dealers continuously have to get players back in line because they don’t know the rules of the game or the table. For example, people try to placer lower bets than the minimum bet at the table. Or people who want to double up when they have an 8 in blackjack when that’s not always allowed.

Blackjack-Party in casino

11. Excessively loud players

Some people don’t even need alcohol to be obnoxious. They’re just really loud by nature. Happiness after a win and disappointment after a loss is part of the game. Cheering and high-fiving is pretty much an unwritten rule for craps.

However, screaming like you just won the state lottery jackpot after winning a couple of bucks at the roulette table is pretty sad. Yelling and screaming so that everyone at the bar knows you are rooting for a “5” in your blackjack game is equally sad. And that group of people around a slot machine yelling after winning 4 x their stake is pretty obnoxious as well.

10. Slot machine hogger

The slot machine hogger is especially annoying when they’re at your favourite slot machine  – or any slot machine if the casino is crowded. Slot machine hoggers sit at a slot machine, but they don’t play.

If they run out of money at the slot machine, you can ask them to sit somewhere else for a bit. The more experienced slot machine hogger always ensures there are at least a few credits on the slot machine, however. That’s why nobody can ask them to move over for them. If someone involves the casino staff, they’ll have to admit – something the slot machine hogger will visibly enjoy – that there’s not much they can do.

Why do slot machine hoggers do this? They’re often at the casino with their partner or friends, don’t care much about slot machines themselves, but do want to sit near their partner or friends. Sometimes they’ll try to look very active to score some free drinks.

9. Button pounders

It’s every slots player’s nightmare: you’re enjoying your favourite slot, getting some bonus features and you’re entirely ‘in the zone’ – but lo and behold, a button smasher joins you.

This player doesn’t just push the button, he pounds it, with maximum force. Again and again, forcefully. Moreover, every losing spin is accompanied by a deep sigh or four-letter word.

This type of player is distracting and irritating to other players. Very unpleasant.

8. Professional complainers

Live dealer games at the casino are games that often have an attractively low house advantage for the casino, as well as a pleasant atmosphere at the table. However, some people are good at quickly ruining that atmosphere.

These people complain about everything at the table. About the cards, they’re getting, about the dealer, about the roulette ball, about always being unlucky, about their life, etc.… The jackpot they just missed 11 years ago, a monologue about all kinds of personal problems… you’ll be hearing all of it.

How do you get rid of them? By not engaging them with their stories and complaints.

7. Watching, but not playing!

Annoying: people looking over your shoulder while you’re playing at a slot machine. It’s unpleasant when someone designates the space behind your chair as their personal hangout, where they then proceed to watch how you’re doing on the machine continually. Even worse is when they pull up a chair. The chair next to you.

You can give them a hint by just not playing for a little while. 99 out of 100 people will get the hint.

6. Busybodies

Busybodies are among the most annoying casino visitors. They stick their noses in other people’s games. For example, the blackjack strategy of another player at the table. The biggest busybodies are often found at the table with the lowest minimum bet, where they play for slightly higher stakes than the average player at the table. However, that does not give them the right to involve themselves in how other players play.

It may be well-intended, but it’s often very annoying if someone else starts meddling in your game. Your money, your choice. Even if you’re not the smartest casino player on the planet.

sore losers in the casino

5. Sore losers

If you go to the casino, you better make sure you can deal with losing. Casino games involve gambling, which means you may end up losing. Most casino visitors do. Still, there are sore losers out there.

One of the tell-tale signs of not being in control at the casino is blaming everyone and everything but yourself — for example, other players. At the blackjack table, the player in the last position often becomes the target. Losing players think the player should have stopped drawing or hit. It’s even more annoying if people genuinely believe that weak blackjack players affect their odds of winning.

Or the dealers. For these players, it’s always the croupier’s fault that their number didn’t land or the dealer’s responsibility that they’re not getting the right cards. There’s no end to their complaints about the dealer giving himself a blackjack for the umpteenth time.

4. Aggressive losers

Sore losers are even worse when they become aggressive as well. They’re often frustrated, gambling addicts. They lash out at the slot machines after a near-miss or when they run out of credits. You’ll hear these machine-punching players yelling about the machines being rigged from far away.

Some will even throw around ashtrays, casino chips, or empty glasses – and sometimes even the casino staff will become a target. Sometimes they’re downright threatening toward dealers, other players, and casino staff. There’s no need for any of that because none of that will affect anyone else’s odds of winning.

Good luck trying to make a toddler like that understand that, though.

3. Beggars

Some players at the casino are constantly trying to get chips from other players. Very annoying. For example, someone points out to you that a slot machine is about to burst. Do you engage and, against the odds, actually win? Then the tip giver will ‘demand’ part of the winnings. The same goes for people giving you tips about series and numbers about to land at the roulette table.

And the attractive lady next to you at the blackjack table who’s just a chip short for doubling? That’s a beggar in a beautiful package.

slot machine hogger

2. Silver miners

Even more unwanted are the ‘silver miners’. They used to dig through the money trays on slot machines, looking for forgotten coins. That earned them the name ‘silver miners’. Nowadays, most slot machines work with a ticket system. You put in a ticket or banknote, and the prize money is printed onto your ticket.

Did that put the silver miners out of business?

No. They’re still around. Nowadays, they scavenge the floor for lost coins and chips. Left something on the slot machine? They’ll print out the ticket and cash all those small prizes. Many small prizes mean that silver mining is still worthwhile for some people lacking in decency.

1. Scammers at the casino

Many scammers are realistic enough to realize they will not win against the house. Casinos are careful and have an entire army of security staff keeping an eye on things. That is why they move their attention to people who don’t and who might be less careful. In other words: casino players.

They’ll try to get their hands on your chips without you noticing. Another well-known trick used by scammers at the casino is to distract you while you’re playing a slot machine. While you’re not paying attention, they secretly hit ‘collect’ and make off with a freshly printed ticket with your game balance on it.

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