About Thunderkick

Thunderkick is a newer online casino software provider.

It is based in Sweden and was established in 2012.

Nonetheless, in the past +10 years, it has shown a lot of quality and ability to persist in this industry.

Although Thunderkick still has a significantly smaller list of games than other providers, it has a great reputation, and a great future awaits it. This is mainly because they appreciate quality over quantity, and their games prove it.

After all, loyal slot players are overwhelmed by the game choice that is constantly increasing and are looking for more quality games that can offer something different, something new, something unseen.

This is where Thunderkick kicks in. They develop the most strategically different games, and together with the real-life 3D animations, they make up a great combo, perfect for any player, beginner or experienced.

After all, these entertaining and attractive games are far more valuable than all the copycatted others.

New Thunderkick slots 2024

As mentioned, Thunderkick doesn’t keep the same pace of releasing new slots as some of its competitors, but one thing you can count on is that the quality of the graphics will be high.

Thunderkick mixes some masterpieces with average games, but the entertainment level is always of a good caliber.

You can check our full slot reviews to find all the most important info you need, like our rating, game features, max win, RTP version on offer, and most importantly, where to play with the best odds.

These are the latest Thunderkick releases for 2024:



Wait up! – Thunderkick slots have multiple RTP versions

Well, not all of them, but all Thunderkick slots created at the end of 2021 and after are made with various Return To Player (RTP) versions.

This means that while one casino might offer you the highest RTP version, another might not.

What are we talking about here? Well, let’s look at a few Thunderkick slots and the available RTP versions.

  • Pink Elephants 2 – possible RTPs: 90.10% l 94.15% l 96.13%
  • Shifting Seas – possible RTPs: 90% | 92% | 94.18% | 96.15%
  • Rex The Hunt! – possible RTPs: 90.14% | 92.16% | 94.19% | 96.16%

As you can see above, game studios like Thunderkick create slots with various payout versions.

The higher the RTP, the more spins you will get from your deposit on average. The lower the RTP, the faster you will burn through your bankroll.

Since most players aren’t aware of this setup, most casinos have started to offer their players lower-paying versions of slots including Thunderkick games.

Why would online casinos offer players a lower RTP version of a Thunderkick slot?

In most cases, the casinos want to increase their win margins and profits due to increased competition and marketing costs. Or, in some cases, it’s just about greed.

The main reason we created CasinoWizard.com was that we grew tired of playing on lower odds when better options were available. We decided to find the best options and simultaneously help and guide our fellow players so that they could make better decisions as well.

To find the best RTP versions of Thunderkick slots, you can look through our slot reviews, where we give you options of highly rated casinos that offer players the highest RTP configuration of each game.

Or you can keep reading as we will serve all this to you on a silver platter right now.

What are the best Thunderkick casinos?

This is the question that many players are asking themselves, so let’s clear this once and for all.

The following premium online casinos have passed our tests and are casinos we enjoy playing on and fully trust. They also offer players the highest RTP versions of Thunderkick slots.



What Are Thunderkick’s Best-Known Games?

Pink Elephants – The original Pink Elephants is one of the slots that put Thunderkick on the map and took everything to a new level. The slot offers a max win of up to 8,200x the bet. This, together with Free Spins, where you collect Elephant orbs to increase your chances of landing more Pink Elephants on the screen, has entertained players in online casinos worldwide since the game launched in 2017.

Flame Busters – Flame Busters is a fantastic hybrid of an online slot and an old-fashioned 16-bit video game. It features some lovable firefighters, 243 ways to win, and a free spins bonus feature where you can unlock levels. Each level offers players better chances of landing those big pays!

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 – Esqueleto Explosivo was one of Thunderkick´s first released slots and gave the game studio instant success as the slot was a hit. In 2020 they released the sequel with a 5,000x stake max win based on the same Mexican festival where we meet the singing skeleton heads again.

thunderkick slots reviews


What are CasinoWizard’s Top 10 Favourite Thunderkick Slots?

Thunderkick releases fewer slots than most other game studios. They prefer to take their time and focus to ensure that each new game is of the highest quality possible. They don’t always get it right, but their portfolio of slots contains many hidden jewels.

Here are the 10 Thunderkick slots that CasinoWizard enjoys the most:

1. Flame Busters

Flame Busters is a gem for players who like retro-themed slots. This game resembles video games from the 1980s.

This slot might have been forgotten as it was first released in 2017, but it’s one of CasinoWizard’s all-time favorites and the Thunderkick slot he plays the most.

Landing 3 scatters triggers the progressive bonus game, in which you need to collect more scatters to reach higher levels and increase your chances of winning bigger wins.

2. Esqueleto Explosivo 2

The first version of the Mariachi singing Skeleton Heads was one of Thunderkick’s first releases and a hit that caught the attention of the online casino industry. 

A lot has happened since then, and in 2020, they released the sequel Esqueleto Explosivo 2.

This is like an enhanced version of the original slot but upgraded to a crowd that prefers playing highly volatile slots with big max win potential.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 features multipliers and a bonus game triggered by landing at least 3 scatters.

One thing is for certain: you will notice yourself smiling when playing Esqueleto Explosivo 2.

3. Shifting Seas

Shifting Seas is a pirate-themed slot played on an unusual-looking game panel where the reels expand after each win.

Other features include shift wins, special wilds, different modifiers, a bonus game, and a 15,000x max win potential.

This slot is different but really fun to play.

4. Pink Elephants 2

Thunderkick played it safe when creating the sequel Pink Elephants 2, as it’s more or less the same game as the original release.

CasinoWizard chooses this version of the two because Pink Elephants 2 offers a higher max win potential and sharper graphics.

In the bonus game, you must collect elephant orbs to fill the meters that can trigger additional spins and land more pink elephants.

5. Hot Potato

Hot Potato is pure F-U-N, and maybe it should have deserved an even higher position in this list.

In this cluster pays slot, you need to land 5 or more matching symbols in a cluster to create wins. The winning symbols are removed and replaced by new ones until the wins stop.

After each win, a hot potato appears and explodes, leaving a bunch of multipliers around it. These multipliers reset when a round ends in the base game, but they remain sticky in the Free Spins.

6. Riders of the Storm

Riders of the Storm from 2019 is one of Thunderkick’s best releases.

In this steampunk-themed slot, you step aboard a wooden ship in the clouds and play with features like mystery wild reels, walking wilds, and a bonus game.

When accessing the free spins, you can choose between a low, medium, or high volatile option or take a chance and gamble through the random one, where you can get a mix of all the best (or worst) options.

7. Hellapenos

As the title indicates, Hellapenos is about chili peppers, hot sauce, entertaining features, and a satisfying max win potential.

This is a fast, well-polished, high-variance banger of a slot worth giving a few spins.

8. Bones & Bounty

Bones & Bounty is another excellent pirate-themed slot but this game can pay out exceptionally high wins.

One detail that makes Bones & Bounty great is that the base game has more to offer than just waiting for enough scatters to land as you play the base game with respins wilds that continue to add more respins as long as new wilds land on the reels.

The Hold & Win bonus game also has some interesting twists worth checking out. 

9. 12 Bolts of Thunder

12 Bolts of Thunder uses simple features but is also great fun and offers a max win of 30,000x the bet.

Land 4 or more magic hammers to collect wins and reach the free spins. Climb through the levels in the bonus game for a chance to win the most significant wins.

10. Zap Attack

In Zap Attack, we want to see the aliens zapping away the humans until you are left with as many aliens as possible. Don’t worry; that might sound scarier than it is, as it’s all packaged in cartoonish graphics.

The details that make this slot entertaining are the expanding multipliers in the base game and the bonus game, where you want to see a lot of zapping happening.

thunderkick slots reviews


What do we like about Thunderkick slots?

We admire the fact that Thunderkick focuses on releasing fewer slots with higher quality than spitting out as many games as possible to increase exposure and profits. As Mike Collins, Game Product Owner at Thunderkick, said in our exclusive Thunderkick interview: “We love doing our own thing! By continuing to deliver a kick-ass product and caring about our people and customers and players, we’re staying true to ourselves”.

Thunderkick slots often have something to offer also in the base game which is far from the norm as many other games can only be a long wait for enough scatters to land.

We also like the artwork in their games, whether the theme is based on pirates, pink elephants, hot potatoes, Greek gods, aliens, or anything else in between. There is a great variety offered in their games, too, as each game tries to be different than the one before.

Thunderkick is an amazing online slot provider, and it’s probably just a matter of time before it is acquired by a giant in the casino industry.

What don’t we like about Thunderkick slots?

We would appreciate it if Thunderkick shared stats with players regarding the hit and free spin frequencies and max win probabilities, as these are stats that they don’t share today.

There is also a real threat that Thunderkick is following in the footsteps of ELK Studios decision to lower their RTPs as their latest few releases in 2024 have offered a highest RTP version of around 94% instead of the previous 96%. It would be a real shame if Thunderkick decided to continue down this path, as that would change our view of this otherwise magnificent game studio.

What Makes Thunderkick’s Games Unique?

Thunderkick is already on the trustworthy software providers list because they are always using cutting-edge technology and the most innovative features in their final products.

They place great focus on the games being unique and having never-before-seen features.

The 3D graphics, for example, are in real-time and keep on changing. This feature alone makes Thunderkick exceed many if not all other providers.

These graphics are accompanied by the most realistic sounds and grand one-of-a-kind bonus rounds.

Where Can You Play Thunderkick Slots?

You can enjoy all of Thunderkick’s impressive games at these trusted online casinos.

All the entries on the list are safe and secure so that you can play your favourite games for real money without a doubt in your head.

However, if you want to ensure that you play Thunderkick slots on the best-paying versions, find the best Pink Elephants casino, and so on, always check our slot reviews before playing.

In our Thunderkick slot reviews, you find online casinos that offer their players the chance to play on the highest RTP version instead of playing with unnecessary low odds.

This is the result of the CasinoWizards research, and it’s all served to you on a silver platter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Thunderkick?

Thunderkick is a privately owned game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, that creates slot games for the online casino industry.

Will someone acquire Thunderkick?

A recent trend is that successful smaller to medium-sized slot developers will eventually be acquired by a bigger competitor or even an online casino operator. It remains to be seen if or when someone will acquire Thunderkick.

What’s the RTPs in Thunderkick slots?

Thunderkick slots released before the end of 2021 offer a fixed RTP percentage of around 96%, while newer games are released with various RTP configurations ranging from a 90% to 96% payout. CasinoWizard.com can exclusively guide you towards the highest RTP versions of each game.

Has Thunderkick lowered the RTPs?

Yes, in 2024, Thunderkick started releasing slots where the highest RTP version offered 94% RTP instead of a previous standard of 96%. This decrease gives you fewer chances of winning on average, as your balance will dry out faster.

Can I win big on Thunderkick slots?

Thunderkick slots are generally highly volatile and can offer high max wins ranging from 5,000x to over 25,000x the bet. However, Thunderkick doesn’t reveal their games’ max win probability stats.