About Nolimit City

Some music bands and artists manage to release one or two hits during their careers (one-hit wonders). Then other sensational superpowers tend to release hit after hit with no apparent expiration date. 

The same could be said about slot game studios.

While some companies rely on a few monster hits, rare exceptions deliver world-class releases time after time – This is Nolimit City

Swedish game supplier Nolimit City was founded in 2016, and they spent their first few years releasing some decent slots while trying to find their real identity and company mission.

From 2020 onwards, Nolimit City has transformed from a small unknown company to a leading game supplier of slots to online casinos worldwide. As a result, it is today a superstar in the casino industry.

Today their games reek of an exciting Nolimit allure based on highly volatile, aggressive, and often provoking themes mixed with innovative features like xWays, xSplit, and xBombs.

Nolimit City approaches the slots industry the same way; for example, horror movie directors approach the movie industry – these are games for +18 adults and might not suit everyone.

In June 2022, it was announced that gaming giant Evolution Gaming would acquire Nolimit City and pay around €340 million for the company.

While there were some questions about whether Evolution was going to change the direction of Nolimit City after the acquisition, those thoughts were quickly put to rest after Nolimit released the slot Serial in November 2022.

This was once again proven with Kiss My Chainsaw’s release on April 11, 2023.

New Nolimit City slots 2024

Nolimit City releases new exciting slots every month.

You can check our full slot reviews to find all the most important info you need, like our rating, game features, max win, RTP version on offer, and most importantly, where to play with the best odds.

These are the latest Nolimit City releases for 2024:


Hold on! – Nolimit City slots have multiple RTP versions

Players worldwide enjoy Nolimit City slots today due to their entertainment level and highly volatile settings, which can provide a few lucky players with huge wins.

However, most players might not be aware that Nolimit City slots are released with different Return To Player (RTP) versions.

This is not a unique trait for Nolimit City slots but nowadays, a trend among slot studios like Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, Hacksaw Gaming, and many more.

Let’s have a look at some examples to explain what this means.

These are three of the most popular Nolimit City slots and the different RTP versions available:

  • San Quention xWays: 94.11% | 96.03%
  • East Coast vs West Coast: 94.00% | 96.04%
  • Pearl Harbor: 92.14% | 94.10% | 96.21%

Online casinos can then choose which RTP version to offer their players.

For example, you might play San Quentin xWays at one casino on the 96.03% RTP option, while another would offer the 94.11% version.

The tricky part is that it’s challenging to find the online casinos that offer the highest RTP version, but this is where the CasinoWizard comes to the rescue, as we have done the research for you.

Why is the RTP important?

The higher the RTP, the more spins you will get from your balance on average. Or the lower the RTP, the faster you burn through your bankroll.

When playing slots, you would ideally want as many spins as possible to have more chances of hitting wins and triggering Free Spins where the most significant wins can be won.

Another example; The Free Spins on San Quention xWays trigger, on average, 1 in 230 spins, so you want as many spins as possible to increase your chances of reaching the bonus game.

To find the best-paying versions of Nolimit City slots, you can check our slot reviews, as there we guide you towards popular online casinos that offer the best RTP version of the game you are interested in.

You can also keep reading as we will share the juicy information with you right here and right now.

What are the best Nolimit City casinos?

Below you will find examples of trusted and safe high-paying online casinos that offer the highest RTP configurations of Nolimit City slots in different markets:

As you can see, plenty of quality online casinos in several markets let you play Nolimit City slots with the best odds.

What Are Nolimit City’s Best-Known Games?

San Quentin xWays – One of the most played Nolimit City slots ever released and highly rated among the casino community and players. The prison-themed slot is based on the dangerous penitentiary with the same name found in the USA. This extremely highly volatile slot offers a max win cap of 150,000x your bet and Lockdown spins with Jumping Wilds.

Fire In The Hole xBomb – Maybe the best mining-themed slot ever released from any game studio with a max win potential of 60,000x your bet. The slot is packed with features, potential, increasing rows, and ways to win. The first game to feature the xBomb mechanic.

Mental – Not for the weak-hearted or easily provoked players, as this slot is based on a mental hospital with all kinds of disturbing graphical elements. Three different Free Spins games can deliver big wins while the max win cap reaches up to 66,666x your bet.

What are CasinoWizard’s Top 10 Favourite Nolimit City Slots?

Nolimit City enjoys breaking barriers and releasing slots with an eyebrow-raising max win potential. Some of their slots can seem messy with so many packed features, while others are more straightforward.

These are CasinoWizards favourite Nolimit City Slots:

1. San Quentin xWays

San Quentin xWays from 2021 is the Nolimit Slot CasinoWizard enjoys playing the most.

Like many of the other games in this list, San Quentin x Ways is a volatile beast. Its max win potential is 150,000x the bet, so don’t expect many smaller to medium-sized wins when playing this slot, which has a “go big or go home” attitude.

The game takes place in the infamous maximum-security correctional facility for men in California, USA. This slot has features like xWays, free spins with jumping wilds, progressive multipliers, stacked wilds, and special high-pay convict symbols.

To increase your chances of winning, choose the 96.03% RTP version of the game while avoiding the lower 94.11% option by following the CasinoWizards guidance on the review page of the slot.

2. East Coast vs West Coast

2021 was a good year for Nolimit City as they also released their version of the 1990s feud between the American East Coast vs West Coast rap scene.

This is a brilliant slot with great graphics, a fitting soundtrack, 30,000x max win potential, and entertaining features.

East Coast vs West Coast is a fun and different type of slot to try.

3. El Paso Gunfight xNudge

El Paso Gunfight xNudge is a brilliant Wild West-themed slot with three different bonus games in play.

You need a minimum of 3 scatters to access one of the free spins, but by adding requested symbols to the reels, you elevate your free spins game to an even (potentially) better one with a higher max win potential.

This is a good-looking and entertaining slot for players looking for high-risk action.

4. True Grit Redemption

True Grit Redemption is another CasinoWizard Nolimit City favourite visiting the Wild West.

In this win-all-ways slot, you unlock unavailable positions and trigger the free spins with scatter symbols.

True Grit Redemption is played with xWays, xNudge, multipliers, stacked wilds, and more features.

5. Deadwood

This is becoming a top list of best Wild Western slots, as Deadwood uses the same theme.

Deadwood is another one of Nolimit City’s earlier successes and is playable at all times (when your wallet agrees).

Although Deadwood’s max win potential is lower than some of the extreme options in this list, it is still highly volatile, so play it carefully.

6. Fire in the Hole 2

Fire in the Hole is one of Nolimit City’s flagship slots, and in 2024, they released the sequel.

The good news is that Fire in the Hole 2 is superb, as most of the original slot features and looks have been reused in this version.

The new stuff has been saved for the bonus game, which is reached by landing 3 or more scatters or buying the free spins if the bonus buy option is available in your country.

7. The Rave

Ready for a soundtrack like no other?

The beats heard in The Rave made their way to 1st position in CasinoWizards slots with the best soundtrack list.

You can also find these tracks on Spotify and other services.

What about the actual game? -Yes, it’s great too.

In the Rave, you play with Enhancer Cells, Double xWays Wilds, Murder on the Dance Floor Free Spins, and God is a DJ Free Spins.

The CasinoWizard doubts that we will see a better DJ-themed slot from any game studio for a long time.

8. Serial

Ok, what is all this fuss about Nolimit City breaking barriers and releasing slots with provocative themes? Serial is an excellent example of precisely that.

Online slots are created for an audience of 18+ and Serial is a game for adults looking for darker themes seen in horror movies.

Serial killers are no joke, but the slot Serial by Nolimit City captures the details that interest people in series, movies, or books about them.

This is not for everyone, but it’s worth a go if the theme interests you or makes you curious.

9. Gluttony

Gluttony is another example of a theme that other game studios might not approach. This is not a scary slot though but humorous although also controversial.

CasinoWizard recommends trying this slot, as you won’t see anything like it elsewhere.

10. Nine to Five

Close your eyes for a minute and picture yourself hearing the sound from the internet modem used in the 1990s….

Too young to know what we are talking about? Ok, have a listen to this lovely sound of a dial-up internet.

Yep, that’s how things worked in the 1990s.

In Nine to Five we are back in this era with matching symbols and graphics.

However, apart from all that, what makes this slot really stand out from the crowd is the 1 in 148,000 average chance to hit a max win. This was unheard of until Nine to Five was released, as max win probabilities usually average 1 in millions of spins. 

Even the CasinoWizard hit one of those max wins on Nine to Five.

What do we like about Nolimit City slots?

There was a time when all game studios released a certain accepted type of slots that the mainstream audience enjoyed, and those games didn’t upset or offend anyone.

Then Big Time Gaming came into the scene, launched its Megaways engine, and released slots with unusually high max win caps and somehow odd themes.

Nolimit City monitored the situation while they were experimenting with different things in an attempt to find their true selves, and then they went… WILD!

Crazy max wins, extremely volatile, themes that offend people left, right, and centre, and new exciting features that sometimes are even overwhelming – this is Nolimit City, and that’s what we like about them.

Nolimit City slots are unique and the guys behind the company are not afraid of trying anything. They are not everyone’s favourite choice but they definitely stir the pot and make the online casino entertainment industry more fun and interesting.

What don’t we like about Nolimit City slots?

There is a thin line between excellence and going overboard.

The company is called Nolimit City, after all, and they literally have no limits.

How can we like something and then complain when they go too far? Well, we can’t.

It is part of the art and experimenting process. Some of their games will become huge successes, while other times, they don’t stick, and players look elsewhere. This doesn’t seem to bother Nolimit City, though, as they keep doing what they do no matter the outcome.

One thing that we can say that we don’t like about Nolimit City slots is that sometimes, they can be overwhelming in terms of features.

If you look for simple and straightforward games then you are often better off looking elsewhere as some of their games take quite some time to understand fully and to understand what the heck is happening on the screen.

For the rest of us, lean back and enjoy the ride.

What Makes Nolimit City slots Unique?

There are a few reasons why Nolimit City and its games have become so hugely popular among slot players worldwide.

First, the Nolimit City team is not afraid to upset people and creates games based on provoking themes.

In some cases, Nolimit created slots like Tombstone RIP and Remember Gulag that some A-class operators avoided at first but later added anyway as the games were too successful in excluding.

Not all Nolimit City slot themes are provoking, but it’s a common trait often seen in their games.

Nolimit City slots are often exceptionally good and popular among high-rollers, casino streamers, and players looking for games where you can win really big while being entertained. 

Check our Highest-max wins Nolimit City Slots list for other slots with high max wins.

These games are also played with in-house created features like xWays, xSplit, xNudge, and xBizzare.

Claiming that Nolimit City slots are unique is an understatement, as there really isn’t anything like them out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nolimit City?

Nolimit City is a premium creator and supplier of slot games to the online casino industry.

Who owns Nolimit City?

In 2022, iGaming giant Evolution Gaming acquired the game studio Nolimit City in a deal worth €340 million.

Does Evolution Gaming interfere with Nolimit City’s creative processes?

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Evolution Gaming stated in the Next.io podcast in March 2024 that “Evolution would not interfere with how Nolimit City makes their games or have any influence on their road maps. Nolimit City will continue to make the games that their fans love.”

Which are Nolimit City’s craziest slots?

Some of Nolimit City’s most controversial slots include titles like Serial, Mental, Land of the Free, Kiss My Chainsaw, and Remember Gulag.

Are Nolimit City slots risky?

Yes, several of Nolimit City’s slots are labeled as “extremely volatile” due to their high max win potential of up to 300,000x the bet.

Which Nolimit City slots offer the highest max wins?

Tombstone RIP (300,000x), San Quentin xWays (150,000x), Folsom Prison (75,000x), Serial (74,800x), and Misery Mining (70,000x) are Nolimit City’s 5 highest max win slots.