About Xterminate

Xterminate is an interesting Thunderkick slot with a cool “Terminator” post-apocalyptic theme and some very unique game mechanics.

Its volatility level is extremely high, which is further reassured by a warning when you start up the game: “High volatility! Brace yourself, this game is not for the faint of heart.”

The slot revolves around an interesting mechanic called the Xterminate Multiplier Feature. In essence, you need to land winning combinations to build final multipliers, somewhat akin to Yggdrasil’s beloved Doublemax format.

It is a ruthless maths model: you can win big, but your account can be drained right before your eyes, just as well.

Xterminate RTP

Thunderkick has released Xterminate in two disappointing RTP settings: 87.14% and 94.12%.

Elk Studios has lowered the RTP of their new online slot releases to 94% and sadly, it looks like Thunderkick has gone the same route.

Xterminate slot thunderkick review

Gameplay and features

Xterminate is a cluster pays slot that is played on a 6×5 grid. Bets start at 0.10 and go up to 100 per spin.

Volatility is high, even higher than the maths models on high variance slots such as Thunderkick’s infamous Beat the Beast series.

This beast of a slot takes a whole new level of beatin’ if you want to succeed.

Winning combinations are formed when 8 or more identical symbols appear anywhere on the grid. Winning symbols are then exterminated, making room for other symbols to drop in.

Xterminate Multiplier Feature

Xterminate has a unique payout system, where every winning combination results in a higher total win multiplier. More valuable symbols award higher multipliers, as do bigger scatter pays.

Every successive win increases the total multiplier, first by multiplying the total multiplier with the winning combo multiplier and adding this multiplier to the total. It may sound hopelessly difficult, but you will get the gist of it soon enough.

Basically, you just need a few strong wins in a row to build up the total multiplier quickly. At the end of a run, the multiplier is reset.

There is no free spins bonus, but there are a couple of boosters that help you get results:

  • Charged Wild Symbol: substituting for any symbol except the bomb, Wilds may have 1 to 3 lives.
  • Bomb: when no more winning combinations can be formed. All symbols explode except the symbol that is most present on the grid.


The Bet+ feature is an extra bet that allows players three different ways to increase their odds of winning, although they come at a hefty price:

  • Win Boost – for 2x the bet, your odds of winning are 2 times higher on each spin.
  • Win Boost Plus – you pay 5x the bet and get 5 times better odds of winning.
  • Guaranteed Win – you are guaranteed a winning spin, for 10x the bet.

Note that the Return to Player on these bets is higher than the default. RTP-wise, the Guaranteed Win bet is your best option, with a 95.45% payback.

Xterminate slot thunderkick huge win

What is the maximum win on Xterminate?

It is possible to land a win of 25,000 times the stake on Xterminate, and it may take you just a small series of subsequent winning spins to achieve that milestone.

Thunderkick has not released any info regarding the official max win probability.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

There is a whole lot to love about Xterminate:

  • The cool and well-executed science fiction theme.
  • An attractive max win of 25,000x the bet.
  • Unique gameplay that is unlike any other slot.
  • Progressive multipliers that can go sky-high within a few spins.

So, why has CasinoWizard only rated Xterminate 3 out of 5 stars? We just can’t ignore the slot’s low RTP. Even at the default level, an RTP of just over 94% doesn’t cut it for us.

While some may argue that, due to Xterminate’s high volatility, players might probably not even feel the effects of such a low RTP during gameplay, this a hill we are prepared to die on. The Return to Player of an online slot should not dip below 96%.

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Title: Xterminate
Provider: Thunderkick
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Post-Apocalypse
RTP: 87.14% | 94.12%
Volatility: High
Paylines: Scatter Pays
Minimum bet: 0.10
Maximum bet: 100
Max. win: 25,000x