About When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is a fun Netent slot based on the proven Reel Rush engine with revealing reel positions, and the game initially starts with 13 symbols, but with re-spins, you can reveal up to 25 to play the free spins game with 3125 ways to win!

When Pigs Fly introduction, including RTP and variance

When Pigs Fly uses a 5×5 board, almost half of it is initially hidden and gradually revealed over six re-spins.

The game initially starts with a cross pattern that has 13 symbols, and eventually, it can reach the full 5×5 board which has a whopping 3,125 ways to win.

The number of winning paylines rises with each position revealed. The theoretical payout of the game is 97.00%, above the NetEnt average — the maximum win on When Pigs Fly is 480,000 coins.

Gameplay and paytable

There are six main symbols in the game and five card symbols. The two main symbols, the game Logo and the Pig, are by far the best-paying symbols and you may think you’ll want to see these as often as possible. But actually, your favourite sight will be the card symbols as they’re more common and therefore more likely to advance you through the main feature.

A wild symbol can’t appear on reel 1, only on the other four reels, and it may just land when you need it the most.

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly bonus features

Your progress in the game begins when you land a win on that first 13-symbol board. When that happens, two more positions will be revealed, and you get a re-spin. If you win again, more positions are shown and you get another re-spin.

You need to connect six consecutive wins – the first three being the hardest to land – to complete the Free Spin Countdown and to launch the Rocket sitting by your reels.

After the full 5×5 board is revealed, you won the game, and your reward is 8 free spins with that board fully revealed and the 3125 ways to win that go with it. Needless to say, this can be a gratifying experience with possible mega wins.

It’s important to note that even if you don’t manage to reach the free spins game, you will still have had several winning re-spins for the price of one spin, which is excellent for the player.

When Pigs Fly

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

When Pigs Fly is a game with simple mechanics, but it creates a world of fun for the player.

Every spin is exciting in this online slot game that awards re-spins regularly, and if you manage to connect six wins and therefore enter the free spins game with 3125 ways to win, you’ll definitely make money on this slot game!

It’s a fun theme and an enjoyable slot experience for all types of slot players.

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Title: When Pigs Fly
Provider: NetEnt
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Animals, Cartoon
RTP: 97.00%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 45 - 3.125 ways to win
Minimum bet: € 0.50
Maximum bet: € 100
Max. win: € 175,000