About Twin Spin

Twin Spin is a unique and straightforward NetEnt game from 2013 (was it really that long ago? CasinoWizard is getting old!).

It features 243 ways to win and a superbly executed classic retro-style theme.

Every spin, at least two and up to five reels are synchronised, which can lead to full screens of identical symbols and big wins.

Since its release, Twin Spin has grown in popularity and is now considered to be one of the online slot classics. The synchronised reels, frantic gameplay, and significant win potential have often been copied by other online slots providers but never equaled.

It’s possible to win up to 270,000 coins in Twin Spin.

The game has a medium to high variance, and it won’t issue big wins often.

Twin Spin RTP

For many years there was only one RTP version of Twin Spin averaging a 96.56% payout.

However, with recent trends, when game studios release new slots with variable RTP versions, they have also reached back to older classic slots that are still popular.

Therefore, some of these games have also been re-released with lower-paying versions.

This has also affected Twin Spin as there are now versions available, averaging a 91.05%, 92.02%, 93.09%, 94.04%, or 95.05% payout.

Playing on a lower RTP version can significantly affect your chances of winning.

To show you what the effect of a higher or lower Return to Player really is, we have done some calculations.

Based on a starting balance of €/£/$/100 and a stake of €/£/$/1 per spin, we can determine per RTP configuration how many spins it will theoretically take (excluding variance) before you run out of funds.

How many spins does it take before your balance goes below €/£/$/1?

RTPNumber of spins
96.56%2,877 spins
95.05%2,000 spins
94.04%1,661 spins
93.09%1,432 spins
92.02%1,240 spins
91.05%1,106 spins

Now, it is a good thing to realize that these calculations are based on theoretical losses per spin. In practice, due to the slot’s variance, results will differ significantly as you will have many losing and some winning spins. But taking the variance out of the equation, you can see enormous differences between the RTP settings.

What is the best Twin Spin casino?

During CasinoWizard’s research, he discovered that most online casinos prefer to offer their players one of the lower-paying versions of Twin Spin as these increase their long-term win margins.

But there is no need to settle for one of those options as you can now choose one of the casinos listed here that offer the 96.56% RTP version of the slot.

twin spin super big win

Twin Spin introduction, and variance

Twin Spin has 243 ways to win, so the best possible scenario regarding Twin Reels is when they happen to be the first two reels, as then you at least know you got the first two reels covered and can look forward to symbols coming up on the third reel.

The variance is medium to high, so it’s challenging to make this slot pay up.

A lot of things have to go your way – such as landing two identical symbols on at least twin reels to get many winning paylines and a big win.

Twin Spin gameplay and paytable

Although the card symbols are low paying, they can still land you some fantastic wins. For example, a screen full of Aces will net you just over 388 times your total stake.

The high-paying symbols are the Diamond, red 7, BAR, bell, and cherry.

There is also a Wild symbol, which will be a particularly pleasant sight if it lands on the Twin Reels as then you’ll get at least two.

This is a fast-play game that doesn’t bore you with animations and celebrations of small wins. It just shows you what the winning payline was and quietly moves on. It’s possible to play up to 15 spins in a minute on Autoplay, and this is the best way to play the game, as the player’s contribution is minimal anyway. Just let the reels spin, and watch what happens.

Twin Reel Feature which is active all the time during the base game is the only feature of this game, and Twin Spin doesn’t have any free spins or anything similar.

It’s a base game slot, and therefore all the theoretical payout is right here, not hidden behind some Scatters.

twin spin netent

Bonus Features

On every spin, at least two adjacent reels will be identical to each other, they’ll be twins.

But there’s also the exciting possibility of having twins expand to become triplets, quadruplets or even quintuplets!

This unique feature with replicating and synchronising reels ensures the maximum level of excitement for every spin in Twin Spin.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

This is a simple game that relies on a single feature, and that feature is powerful enough to be able to produce a 270,000 coin win.

You need to wait it out, and the game will eventually pay up.

But beware, this slot can eat through your bankroll quickly, so set your bet per spin low.

And then have fun with these twin reels and the big wins that come from having three, four, or five identical reels!

Despite Twin Spin’s simplicity, it is one of our favourite slots and a genuine online slot classic.

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Low RTP casinos for Twin Spin
Title: Twin Spin
Provider: NetEnt
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Fruit, Retro
RTP: 91.05% | 92.02% | 93.09% | 94.04% | 95.05% | 96.56%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 243 ways to win
Minimum bet: €0.25
Maximum bet: €125
Max. win: 270,000 coins
Jackpot: No