About Space Donkey

Nolimit City has, hence the name of this unique provider, never been one to shy away from trying something new.

Their range in gameplay mechanics and subject matter is unparalleled. One day, you may be a hard-hitting Punk in the London Underground (Punk Rocker and Punk Toilet), while on another day, you may be filling the boots of a hardened Wild West criminal (Tombstone Rip). And who can forget Gluttony, a humorous, cynical take on modern times’ Western eating culture (more = more)?

Space Donkey is Nolimit City’s take on reviving (or re-living) the glorious days of 8-bit arcade games. The early 80s saw a boom in cabinet video games such as Bubble Bobble, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Galaga. The youth of then flocked en masse to these machines, their pockets filled to the brim with quarters, 50p coins, or whatever these wonderful machines swallowed in currency.

Space Donkey RTP

Space Donkey has been released in four different RTP configurations: 87.12%, 92.18%, 94.13%, and 96.07%. It pays to play this slot at the right online casino, as lower RTPs severely impact your chances of winning.

What is the best Space Donkey casino?

CasinoWizard has searched for and found several high-paying casinos that offer Space Donkey in the 96.07% RTP setting. Take your pick from any of the casinos listed on top of this review.

Gameplay and features

Space Donkey is a win-all-ways slot that is played on a 6×6 grid, with 46,656 ways to win.

Betting starts at 0.20 per spin and goes up to 200 per spin.

The base game sees you flying over a tropical island landscape, with graphics that undeniably remind us of the 1984 Capcom classic 1942.

A 6 OAK royal win pays 0.25 to 0.75 times the bet, and premium symbols pay 1 to 4 times the bet for hitting 6-of-a-kind.

Abduction wilds, when part of a win, stay on the reels for the next drop and remove normal pay symbols, increasing the multiplier by +1 for every symbol removed.

The Hellfire feature is triggered when 3 or more Chopper symbols appear on reels 2 to 5. All Choppers shoot in various directions, adding multipliers to all wilds and regular symbols in their vicinity.

Other features include:

  • High variance (8/10).
  • Three scatters trigger the Hide N’ Seek feature:
    • The monkey starts with 3 lives.
    • A life is lost when the monkey walks into a trap or when he encounters an alien.
    • When the monkey walks over a position, the value is awarded.
    • Extra boosters may be collected, including upgrades to the Seek N’ Destroy round, extra lives, multipliers, loss of lives, collectors, and much more.
  • Four or more scatters trigger the Seek N’ Destroy feature:
    • Four scatters award one life and each extra scatter awards an extra life.
    • Played on a 6×5 gaming grid, aliens are released from launcher tubes on the right of the grid while the monkey has strategically placed himself at the left of the grid.
    • Each turn, the aliens move 1 step to the left, toward the monkey.
    • The monkey must shoot the aliens before they reach the end of the path or avoid them altogether by exiting at the right level.
    • Each killed alien awards a multiplier that is added to the total win.
    • There are several weapons to help the monkey, each has different strengths and characteristics.
    • Weapons are randomly chosen and include the Link Gun, Laser Gun, Nuke, and Rail Gun.
    • When launchers are destroyed (by killing off enough aliens), extra multipliers are awarded.
    • Destroy 25 launchers to kill the mothership, awarding a multiplier of x5 – x20 that is applied to the total win.
  • Free spins are awarded, on average, once every 298 spins.

Space Donkey Bonus Buy

Jurisdiction permitting, there are three Bonus Buy options:

  • 79x the bet to trigger the Hide N’ Seek feature.
  • 272x the bet to buy the Seek N’ Destroy round.
  • 143x the bet for the Lucky Draw option.

What is the max win on Space Donkey?

It is possible to win up to 14,649x the bet on Space Donkey, which equates to 185 times the Hide N’ Seek Bonus Buy and 53 times the Seek N’ Destroy Bonus Buy if you are into taking the short route toward bonus features.

Your odds of landing the max win are 1 in 10 million spins.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Space Donkey is a wonderful trip down memory lane for 8-bit arcade game enthusiasts. The main game definitely has a Capcom 1942 vibe, while the bonus features ooze charm and give off some cool Elevator Action vibes. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly casual gameplay, though, as volatility is high and Space Donkey can be both ruthless and rewarding, in true Nolimit City style.

So why is this slot called Space Donkey, when the hero in question is undeniably a Monkey? Our guess is it is a nod to to Donkey Kong, one of the most famous arcade games of all time, that was mistakenly called Donkey Kong, instead of the original name Monkey Kong, in a classic case of “Lost in Translation”. Nintendo’s big-shots agreed the “wrong” name had a better ring to it and it was thankfully kept.

CasinoWizard loves it, but younger generations may have trouble getting what the fuss is about.

In any case, we highly suggest trying it out, just make sure you only play the high-RTP version of Space Donkey to avoid giving away more of that precious margin than absolutely needed.

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Title: Space Donkey
Provider: Nolimit City
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Science Fiction
RTP: 87.12% | 92.18% | 94.13% | 96.07%
Volatility: High
Paylines: 46,656 ways to win
Minimum bet: 0.20
Maximum bet: 200
Max. win: 14,649x