About Serial

Serial is a Nolimit City slot that, once again, stretches the boundaries of what is sociably acceptable in terms of slot entertainment.

Everyone agrees that serial killers are evil and do not belong to society.

At the same time, we are intrigued by fellow humans who are deprived of morals and go on ruthless killing sprees.

Movies such as Natural Born Killers, Seven, and The Silence of The Lambs scare us profoundly and fascinate us to no end.

It is no coincidence that the Netflix show Dahmer, based on one of America’s worst and most-feared serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, was one of the biggest hits of the past years. We will spare you the details of his crimes.

Nolimit City is no stranger to controversy

Before the release of the Serial slot, Nolimit City released a slew of controversial titles, which is putting it mildly.

These slots, filled with dark and heavy themes, over-the-edge humour, and thumping musical scores, not only made the headlines for their provocative subject matter but also because of their superb production values and engaging gameplay.

A quick rundown of some of their most infamous slots:

  • Mental (inside a Mental institution)
  • Remember the Gulag (Russian work/concentration camps)
  • San Quentin (inside America’s most violent prison)
  • Little Bighorn (about the bloody battle named Custer’s Last Stand)
  • Tombstone RIP (300,000x max wins and ruthless hanging of criminals, anyone?)

In Serial, the story revolves around a killer on the loose named the Bodycam Butcher.

The loud, heavy metal soundtrack fits perfectly with the dark, grim subject matter, and the game drags you in and doesn’t let go.

Just like your average serial killer.

Serial RTP

A Serial slot review would not be complete without digging into the different RTP levels.

As you may or may not know, many online casinos have silently begun to downgrade the payout percentages of their slots.

Casumo has lowered the RTPs of their slots, Mr Green has done the same, as have many other online casinos. All in the name of increasing profit margins.

Serial comes in three RTP settings: 92.05%, 94.08%, and 96.07%.

If you want to play this slot in the best payout setting, it might interest you that CasinoWizard has sought out several online casinos that offer Serial at the highest RTP level.

Just choose one of the reliable partners listed on this page.

Gameplay and features

As we have grown to know and love Nolimit City slots, Serial is filled to the brim with features, bonus buy options, and big win potential.

Variance is extremely high, with a 10 out of 10 score on the Nolimit City scale.

The game is played on a 5 x 3 grid with 243 ways to win.

Betting starts at $/€0.20 and goes up to $/€100 per spin.

A rundown of the other main features:

  • Respins: When winning symbols hit, they are held while the rest of the symbols respin. If you improve the win with the respin, you are awarded another free respin.
  • For each respin, one enhancer cell at the top and bottom of the grid is unlocked.
  • xSplit Wild: a 2x wild, which lands only on the fifth reel. When it lands, it splits all symbols on its row into two symbols, including scatters. xNudge and xWays that are split, double in value/size.
  • Enhancer cells may include:
    • xWays – 2 to 4 matching pay symbols are revealed. Should more than one xWays symbol hit, all will show the same symbol. When two scatters hit, they transform into xWays symbols.
    • xNudge Wild – This wild symbol always nudges to cover the entire reel and increases its multiplier by +1 with every nudge.
    • Character symbols – one of the premium pay symbols.
    • Wild – a normal wild symbol.
  • Infectious xWays: These symbols infect all other normal-size symbols in the game area to expand to the same size.

Free spins Bonus Rounds – The Search and The Kill

Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers The Search. Each scatter contains several free spins.

During The Search free spins round, extra Enhancer Cells are added to reels 2, 3, and 4, increasing the grid size to 3-5-5-5-5-3.

If you are lucky enough to land an xSplit Symbol, the bonus round is upgraded to The Kill spins, and +2 free spins are added. This upgrade feature is similar to the Free Spins Bonus in True Grit Redemption.

You can, jurisdiction permitting, buy this bonus round for 78 times the bet.

The Kill free spins bonus is triggered when 3 scatters plus 1 xSplit symbol hit in the base game.

During The Kill you are guaranteed an xSplit Wild on the last reel with every spin.

Bonus Buy

This bonus round can be purchased for 480 times the bet.

There is also a lucky draw option, where paying 279 times the bet gives you a 70% chance of getting The Search and a 30% chance of hitting The Kill.

xBizarre: a new Nolimit City feature

The overall max win on Serial is 74,800 times the bet.

However, to reach that max win, you must reach the regular max win of 18,700x the bet, which can be won on the base game or one of the bonus rounds.

When you reach this level, you are taken to the xBizarre feature, which is something totally new and innovative.

There are three stages, and with each stage, you can either progress or end the feature with 50/50 odds.

If you progress through all three stages, you are awarded the 74,800x max win.

If you get your choice wrong, you still get to keep all previous winnings.

The odds of reaching the max win are 1 in 12 million rounds.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Serial is a discomforting, unnerving, exciting, and brilliant experience, all at the same time.

It also manages to showcase yet another unique Nolimit City feature, in the form of the xBizarre feature.

Although, in all fairness, only a select few will get to enjoy it, as you must get the max win to trigger it.

A huge 4 out of stars.

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Title: Serial
Provider: Nolimit City
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Crime
RTP: 92.05% | 94.08% | 96.07%
Volatility: Extremely high
Paylines: 243+ ways to win
Minimum bet: $/€0.20
Maximum bet: $/€100
Max. win: 74,800x