About Mighty Munching Melons

Mighty Munching Melons is a Reel Kingdom slot, one of Pragmatic Play’s most productive and successful partners.

Featuring cute munching melons, a hold-and-win style bonus round, and a max win of 3,000x times the stake, one may expect to find a slot that is filled with fun, fast-paced action and surprises.

What we got was a snoozefest unlike any other, with tedious, drawn-out bonus features and seemingly neverending respins.

Maybe CasinoWizard isn’t the target audience for Mighty Munching Melons, but we can’t help but feel we just played one of the worst slots of 2024, and we have only just started the new year.

Mighty Munching Melons RTP

Before we delve into the gameplay mechanics, bonus rounds, and max win, let’s attend to the three Return to Player configurations you may encounter for this game.

Mighty Munching Melons may have a theoretical payback of 94.03%, 95.04%, or 96.05%, depending on where you play.

If you are going to play this slot for real money, make sure to do it in a high-payout casino that offers it in the highest RTP setting of 96.05%.

Gameplay and features

The game is played on a 5 x 3 setup, with 10 fixed paylines.

Betting starts at 0.20 per spin and goes up to 240 per spin. A 50% Ante Bet option can be activated, which increases the chance of triggering the bonus round.

Other features include:

  • High variance.
  • Premium symbols pay between 10 to 1,000x the bet for 5 OAK on an active payline.
  • There are no wild symbols in the game.
  • Landing three or more scatters triggers the bonus round.
  • During the bonus round, you are given three spins to land at least one prize. Doing that resets the spin meter.
  • Prizes can consist of money values (0.1 – 500 x the bet), Melons, or Melon Ghosts.
  • Melons carry progressive multipliers and eat money values or Melon Ghosts.
  • Eaten money values are added to the total win, while eaten Melon Ghosts cause the Melon to grow.
  • Extra lives can also be added at random.
  • When a full screen of money values is collected, a Mega-sized Melon will clear the screen, adding to the total win and resetting the number of spins.

Mighty Munching Melons Bonus Buy

You can buy direct access to the bonus round by paying 100 times the stake, guaranteeing at least three bonus scatters.

What is the maximum win on Mighty Munching Melons?

It is possible to win up to 3,000x the stake on Mighty Munching Melons. Your odds of landing the max win are relatively favourable: it occurs, on average, once every 695,643 spins.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 1 out if 5 stars

Although Mighty Munching Melons has quite a promising bonus round setup, with a hold-and-win type bonus with a chance to win extra multipliers and extra boosters, the tempo is painfully slow. On top of that, 9 times out of 10, everything that happens on screen adds little value or excitement. The bonus round just drags on and on and on, leaving the player even hoping for zero new symbols to hit, just to get it over and one with.

Even with the quick spin option turned on, we were screaming at our monitor, “For the love of everything beautiful, hurry the *@%! up.”

It could have been decent, but the end result falls short of anything we recommend playing.

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Title: Mighty Munching Melons
Provider: Pragmatic Play
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Food and Drink
RTP: 94.03% | 95.04% | 96.05%
Volatility: High
Paylines: 10
Minimum bet: 0.20
Maximum bet: 240
Max. win: 3,000x