About Midnight Thirst

Is there anything more frustrating than dead spins, where you win absolutely nothing and just see your balance decrease quickly?

Well, at least in Midnight Thirst from game studio Max Win Gaming (in cooperation with Red Tiger), these dead spins can come to good use. The reason is that they can lead to higher multipliers as each of these spins fills up the progress bar.

Even better, land 9 consecutive dead spins, and you trigger the slots free spins bonus game.

Sounds different and interesting? It is.


Midnight Thirst RTP

Before we aim for as many consecutive dead spins as possible, you want to ensure that you play Midnight Thirst on the best-paying version, as the game has six RTP configurations.

These average a 90.70%, 93.10%, 93.70%, 94.70%, 95.20%, or 96.30% payout.

Advantages of playing Midnight Thirst with a high RTP

So what if you play Midnight Thirst on the 96.30% or a lower RTP version? How much difference can a few percentages here or there really make anyway?

Well, it turns out that the differences can be huge.

To illustrate the effect of a lower RTP, we have made some calculations. In the following table, we show how many spins you will theoretically get to play before your money runs out, based on a starting balance of €/£/$/100 and a stake of €/£/$/1 per spin.

Midnight Thirst RTP  Number of spins
96.30%2,675 spins
95.20%2,062 spins
94.70%1,867 spins
93.70%1,571 spins
93.10%1,434 spins
90.70%1,064 spins

Wonder which RTP version your favourite casino is offering you? Just follow these steps to check a slots RTP.  

Now, let’s find you a premium casino that offers you the highest version of Midnight Thirst.

What is the best Midnight Thirst casino?  

The CasinoWizard team has tested hundreds of casinos to find the best ones.

Out of these, we have hand-picked the ones that offer players the 96.30% RTP version of Midnight Thirst.

In case you do not see one available right now, we are still searching with light and torch for it as, at the moment, the casinos insist on increasing their win margins further than offering you the best odds when playing Midnight Thirst.

Gameplay and features

Midnight Thirst is a highly volatile slot played on a 5-reel and 4-row grid with 1,024 ways to win.

Bets start from 0.20 to 20 per spin.

Since you want to experience as many consecutive dead spins as possible in Midnight Thirst, the slots hit rate has been slammed with a generous rate of 38.49%, which is higher than the norm.

When a win happens, the affected symbols are removed and replaced by new ones until the wins stop.

Other features explained:

  • Consecutive Dead Spins = Each 3 consecutive dead spins progress to a higher multiplier or free spins when you reach level 4.
  • Free Spins = The same concept applies in the free spins with the difference that the reached level doesn’t reset after the wins stop but remains through all the spins. Each new level also adds +3 spins to your total.

Midnight Thirst Bonus Buy

Bonus buys in Midnight Thirst are available in markets that allow feature buy options.

Buying the Free Spins will cost you 80x the bet size used. 


What is the maximum win on Midnight Thirst?

You can win up to 5,000x the bet on Midnight Thirst or up to 100,000 when playing with the max stake.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

It’s definitely an odd but interesting concept to experience as, for once, you want to see as many consecutive dead spins as possible to benefit from the multipliers or to trigger the free spins.

It can get very exciting, especially in the free spins, as each 3 consecutive dead spins trigger more spins and very high multipliers.

This setup makes it feel like each spin is a win, but that’s, of course, not the case.

This entire mechanic mixes things up from the usual stuff that we are used to, and if this were used on a slightly more interesting game (better?), it would have received an even higher score.

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Low RTP casinos for Midnight Thirst
Title: Midnight Thirst
Provider: Red Tiger
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Scary
RTP: 90.70% | 93.10% | 93.70% | 94.70% | 95.20% | 96.30%
Volatility: High
Paylines: 1,024
Minimum bet: 0.20
Maximum bet: 20
Max. win: 5,000x