About Magic Wheel 4 Player

Magic Wheel 4 Player is a Stakelogic video slot that borrows inspiration from old, land-based, slot machines.

Set in a fancy bar, complete with a gambling table, plenty of drinks, and even a pretty aquarium off to the side, it makes for a perfect den to relax and enjoy a few games.

If you fancy giving it a spin, you will find several bonuses waiting for you: the progressive jackpot, the mystery wheel prize and Magic Wheel, as well as a special overlaid symbol.

Magic Wheel 4 Player introduction, including RTP and variance

The game is played on a large 7×3 playing field with 25 paylines. Depending on how much you bet, not all reels will be active.

  • €0.40 has a 4×3 board with 10 paylines,
  • €0.60 grants you a 5×3 playing field with 15 win lines,
  • €0.80 has a 6×6 board with 20 paylines
  • €1.00 gives you a 7×3 playing field with 25 paylines.

If you double your bet from the €1.00 wager, you gain access to the Magic Wheel feature. Pays are granted by collecting three or more identical symbols from left to right, following one of the active paylines.

The theoretical payout (RTP) for this title is 95.00%, which is below the average. Magic Wheel 4 Player has low variance. It offers a constant stream of small but frequent pays, and big jackpot wins are super rare.

Gameplay and Pay Table

There is no split between higher and lower paying tiers of symbols. Icons include an orange, a plum, a pear, a strawberry, grapes, a watermelon, golden bells, a red lucky seven, and a pretty star.

There are no special symbols like Wilds or Scatters present on the reels.

Magic Wheel 4 Player bonus features

Both the star symbol and the magic wheel appear overlaid on top of oranges, plums, pears, and golden bell symbols. These overlaid icons grant pays or special features. The advantage of this type of symbol is the fact you could gain two wins at once – one from the stars themselves, and the other if the icons beneath the stars also match up. Even if the star win does not go through, it can still be a part of a regular fruit or bell pay, counting as a regular symbol.

With a minimum €2 per spin investment, players can upgrade their standard Mystery wheel cash prize into a proper Magic Wheel. The Mystery wheel grants a flat pay, whereas Magic Wheel awards a guaranteed cash prize, followed up by a multiplier that is applied to your wheel win.

Finally, gamblers get a progressive jackpot ticking up at all times. Each spin increases it by 0.5% of its value, and it will have a minimum guaranteed payout worth €500. The higher your total bet, the better chances you have to fire the progressive jackpot.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

The bonus features are interesting, but ultimately, we feel they were somewhat lacking. The overlay symbols are a neat idea but end up feeling like a weaker version of regular Wilds. The Fortune wheel is also frequent enough, so you never feel too bored, but we expected more than a simple multiplier being added, especially since it asks you to double your stake to even trigger it.

Magic Wheel 4 Player’s RTP is below the average compared to other games by the same developer. We like the background image, but it was copied straight from Nudge Runner. There are no interesting animations, and the symbols are a touch too small for our liking, thanks to the wide playing field.

The low variance makes this a perfect starting point for new players. You will not see any massive jackpots, with an 80x cash prize being the most significant single win you can get, not counting the progressive jackpot.

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Title: Magic Wheel 4 Player
Provider: Stakelogic
Genre: Progressive Jackpot, Video slot
Theme: Fruit
RTP: 95%
Volatility: Low
Paylines: 10, 15, 20, 25
Minimum bet: € 0,40
Maximum bet: € 500
Max. win: € 100.000
Jackpot: € 5.000