About Lucky Streak 3

You know, for a slot called Lucky Streak, this Endorphina slots series has been nothing but a train-wreck. The original was bland and average, but it showed promise. The ‘sequel’ that came out a month afterwards smeared the developers in our eyes, however.

And now, Lucky Streak 3 continues the family tradition of being a god-awful disappointment. Once again, art assets have been re-used, the playing field was shrunk again, and no significant improvements were made.

Lucky Streak 3 introductions, including RTP and variance

You play this slot on a 3×3 board with 5 adjustable paylines. Wins are awarded when three identical symbols are collected in adjacent position, starting from the leftmost reel. This is a considerable downgrade from the original 5-reel layout the first two games used. If they wanted to shrink the size down, they could have at least made it pay both ways.

The theoretical payout (RTP) for Lucky Streak 3 is 96%, the same as its two ancestors. Considering 96% is the current industry average, we don’t have a lot to say on the topic.

This slot has a medium variance, offering a balanced experience between small pays and huge jackpots.

Lucky Streak 3 Endorphina

Gameplay and Pay Table

Available symbols will look quite familiar to anyone who played the previous two Lucky Streaks. Several icons are the same as before. Lucky sevens and the fruits are the same as they were in Lucky Streak 2, while the bells return from the first game. The stars have lost their red outer ring, and we finally see a new symbol in the form of the Bar.

Again, there are no Wilds or Scatters present on the playing field. However, this time around, we have four 2x multiplier icons, which do exactly what you think they do. The most valuable is the lucky seven symbol, which is worth 750x.

Lucky Streak 3 bonus features

At the very least, we see new special features from this Endorphina release. The four multipliers appear totally at random and double the prize of any winning combination. They are quite simple, but any improvement is welcome in a series where each slot keeps getting worse.

The gamble bonus still plays the same as in the previous two games. The dealer draws five cards and places one face-up. Players pick between the four cards to draw one that has a higher value than the face-up one. If they succeed, they double their win, but a loss means all your prize money is forfeit.

You can only play up to ten times from a single win. If you’ve decided you’ve increased your cash enough, you can back out early by pressing the Take Win button. Drawing a Joker symbol guarantees a win during the gamble.

Lucky Streak 3 Endorphina review

CasinoWizard’s Verdict: 1 out of 5 stars

The addition of multipliers was a good idea, but one that doesn’t pan out well in this slot. They appear randomly, and the paytable is already cluttered with useless icons, making it less likely to appear. Even if they do, they can only enhance a winning combination. And with a 3×3 board and 5 paylines, chances of even winning tend to be quite slim.

Both the visuals and the gameplay feel worse in this game. With a smaller board, there’s only so much you can do. The RTP remains the same, but the medium volatility doesn’t play well with such a small playing field. Credit where it’s due, Endorphina did their best to try and fix Lucky Streak 3. But they made too many mistakes along the way, so the score is still abysmal.

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Title: Lucky Streak 3
Provider: Endorphina
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Fruit
RTP: 96%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 5
Minimum bet: € 0,01
Maximum bet: € 50
Max. win: € 7.500
Jackpot: No