About Lights, Camera, Cash!

Lights, Camera, Cash! is a gameshow-type slot that takes simplicity to a whole new level. Sporting only three paylines and a multiplier feature, this is one of those slots you either love or hate.

NetEnt keeps struggling to find its form and a big part of the problem is that they lack guidance and a clear identity. Their new games lack unique features, distinctive themes, and, well, raison d’etre.

In other words, what does this slot bring to the table in such a competitive business? Not much, if anything.

Lights, Camera, Cash! RTP and variance

Lights, Camera, Cash! is available in two RTP configurations.

Your best option has a Return to Player of 96.06%, while the lower-paying version averages a 94.05% RTP.

The difference might not seem like a big deal, but that 2% win margin can make or break your session when playing Lights, Camera, Cash! as the higher the RTP, the more spins you will get on average.

Variance on Lights, Camera, Cash! is high.

Gameplay and features

You get to participate in a game show called Lights, Camera, Cash! and as a result, the game is based on a mechanism that you may find as part of some glitzy TV show.

There are three reels, that may display numbers or diamonds. Diamonds are blanks, but numbers on all three reels are added together. If you get a 1 on the first reel, a 2+0 (=20) on the second reel, and a 5 on the third reel, your total bet multiplier is 26.

However, that is not all:

  • When an xReel multiplier symbol appears on any of the reels and there is a win showing, you get an extra multiplier.
  • Multipliers are determined by the xReel wheel and are worth between x2 and x50.
  • The whole win is multiplied by the extra multiplier.
  • After every win, you receive a free respin.
  • On the initial spin, only the middle payline is active.
  • For the first respin, the upper row becomes active, and if a second respin is triggered, the bottom row becomes active.
  • No respins occur after the second one.
  • After a non-winning spin, the respin also ends.

What is the maximum win on Lights, Camera, Cash!?

The maximum win on Lights, Camera, Cash! is a hefty 25,000x the bet, which kind of took us by surprise for this type of online slot.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 2 out of 5 stars

Despite the attractive max win, Lights, Camera, Cash! failed to keep us interested for long. The respin feature may seem cool at first, but quickly gets tedious as 9 out of 10 respins are duds.

The same goes for the xReel multiplier feature: getting an x2 multiplier on nearly all spins kind of defeats the whole purpose of a mystery multiplier.

Of course, we fully understand not every spin can be a big, head-turning win, but at least we expect the experience of losing to be a bit more entertaining than this.

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Title: Lights, Camera, Cash!
Provider: NetEnt
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Wealth
RTP: 94.05% | 96.06%
Volatility: High
Paylines: 3
Minimum bet: 0.10
Maximum bet: 10
Max. win: 25,000x