About Guns n Roses

The Guns N Roses slot by Netent is the first release of the legendary Netent Rocks slots trilogy.

The first of these heavy rocking slots was Guns N Roses, followed by Jimi Hendrix, and the trilogy ended suitably with the Motorhead slot machine.

We were personally present when Netent spectacularly announced the Guns N Roses slot at the casino show ICE in London at the beginning of 2016.  The crowd, including ourselves, were yelling in excitement.

Guns N’ Roses RTP

The default payout percentage is remarkably high: 96.98%.  This means that on an average of every 100 euro bet on this slot machine, almost 97 euros get paid out to the player. We were positively surprised by this high percentage because we often see that licensed slot machines pay out far less.

This compensates for the expensive rights to be paid for using this rock band’s music, brand name, and images.

However, be advised that not all online casinos offer Guns N’ Roses at the best RTP.

Advantages of playing Guns N’ Roses with a high RTP

While there are a few casinos that offer this game at 96.98%, there are also versions out there with (much) lower RTP levels: 95.05%, 94.07%, 93.04%, 92.08%, and even 90.05%!

To show you what the effect of a higher or lower Return to Player really is, we have done some calculations.

Based on a starting balance of €/£/$/100 and a stake of €/£/$/1 per spin, we can determine per RTP configuration how many spins it will theoretically take (excluding variance) before you run out of funds.

How many spins does it take before your balance goes below €/£/$/1?

Guns N’Roses RTPNumber of spins
96.98%3,278 spins
95.05%2,000 spins
94.07%1,669 spins
93.04%1,422 spins
92.08%1,250 spins
90.05%994 spins

Now, it is a good thing to realize that these calculations are based on theoretical losses per spin. In practice, due to the slot’s variance, results will differ significantly as you will have many losing and some winning spins. But taking the variance out of the equation, you can see enormous differences between the RTP settings.

What is the best Guns N’ Roses casino?

Since there is a wide variety of RTP versions of the Guns N’ Roses slot, it is in your best interest to seek out an online casino that offers High RTP Slots.

To ensure that you play the Guns N’ Roses slot with the best possible odds, choose one of the approved online casinos listed here that offers its players the 96.98% RTP version of the game and avoid the other lower-paying versions.

Guns N’ Roses is one of the best slots ever made

A Netent slot with one of the most legendary bands of all time in the leading role?  How cool would that be?

The answer: Very cool!

Even stronger: we find that the Guns N Roses slot machine is one of Netent’s best online slot machines ever!

This video slot has everything: fantastic rock music, no less than seven bonus features, and the dirtiest rock ‘n roll band in the world:  Guns N Roses!

Fans of this supergroup were delighted to see and hear all the original tracks of this band being used – including authentic images of the band’s iconic heroes Slash, Axl, and Duff.

This is the one and only Casino Wizard review of the kick-ass Guns N Roses video slot.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Guns 'n Roses slot NetEnt

The Guns N’ Roses slot is 100% Rock ‘n Roll

Before we start to explain the mechanism of this game, we want to pay attention to the many great details in this slot.  One of these is that you can choose the soundtrack of your favourite Guns N Roses songs, like Paradise C Paradise City, Sweet Child O Mine, and November Rain.

Another cool detail:  The public moves along with the music, and as soon as something exciting happens, they move faster to the beat, and the swing builds up.

Many of the symbols and images have a direct connection with Guns N Roses:  The wild symbol is the GNR logo. The cross with wilds in one of the bonus features is an LP cover; there are guitar picks and Les Paul guitars.

Guzzling fireworks appear when there is a huge payout, like in a live concert where the last number was just played.

In a nutshell, this slot resembles the Rock N Roll spirit – without over-exaggeration.

Well done, Netent!

Guns N’ Roses slot gameplay and features

You play Guns N Roses with five reels and three symbols per reel.  There are 20 fixed pay lines and the minimum bet per spin is 0.20 and the maximum bet is 200 per spin.

Guns N Roses has a suitable bet level for every fan, whether a hobby player or a high roller.

guns 'n roses online slot

The bonus features of the Guns N’ Roses slot

This video slot is filled with bonuses:  no less than 7!  And the fun part of this is they are (almost) all very stable, and the profits are high.  Because of this and the high stakes, this slot machine remains intriguing.

Wild Symbol Bonus

The Guns N Roses log is the wild symbol.  If this lands on a reel, it unfolds and fills the whole reel.

Do you have two or more of these wild symbols on the rolls?  Then this online video slot can really start to thunder!

The Bonus Wheel

Three scattered LP symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 activate the bonus wheel.  This is designed as a record player.  You now spin for three possible bonuses:

  • The Crowd Pleaser bonus game (as far as we are concerned, the best)
  • The Encore Free Spins bonus (the most lucrative)
  • The Coin Win (the least attractive)

The Crowd Pleaser Bonus

The Crowd Pleaser Bonus is a pick-and-click bonus.  You choose at least three rock-related symbols and receive money prizes, extra spins, and extra picks per round.

When you have gathered enough credits, you proceed to the next round.  The further you proceed, the more you win, accompanied by a cheering crowd in the background.

The Encore Free Spins Bonus

Here you win 10 free spins with expandable wilds and extra wild symbols.  These extra wilds exist out of the band members Axl Slash and Duff McAgen.

Guns 'n Roses online slot review

Random bonuses

Three random bonuses get activated as soon as the screen vibrates, and the Spotlights start to shine.

The Solo Multiplier

This is a little dull and long-winding bonus. Slash sings a solo, and the longer he does this, the higher the multiplier gets.  The maximum multiplier is 10 x, so there is a chance to win.  Unfortunately, this bonus takes too long, which causes the pace to slow down.

The Appetite for Destruction Wild bonus

At the Appetite for Destruction bonus, you get extra wilds in the form of a cross – the same cross on the cover of the legendary debut album Appetite for Destruction.  Is this cool or not?

The Legend Spins Bonus

The Legend Spins Bonus gives you three free spins with 1 or 2 full rolls with wilds at each spin.  In combination with a premium symbol of a wild, it can result in a good payout.

Casinowizard’s verdict: 5 out of 5 stars

We hardly ever give a 5 out of 5-star review, but Netent thoroughly deserved this with their Guns N Roses slot machine:  a maximum score!

Everything adds up with this slot machine. It is a visual spectacle; the soundtrack is superb, and the bonus features are intriguing and sensational.  A small masterpiece!

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Title: Guns n Roses
Provider: NetEnt
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Music
RTP: 90.05% | 92.08% | 93.04% | 94.07% | 95.05% | 96.98%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 20
Minimum bet: 0.20
Maximum bet: 200