About Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp is an innovative Thunderkick slot game without reels and paylines, with nine fruit symbols hovering on your screen, and you need three of the same kind to get a win.

This slot features interesting game mechanics with an enjoyable Fruit Mode bonus game where you can get 20x or better win multiplier!

Fruit Warp has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 97.00%, making it not only an innovative and fun game but a profitable one as well. Variance seems to be quite high, as during the Fruit Mode it’s possible to get a nice win that will bring your balance back to positive.

Wins of a few thousand times the total bet have been reported on Fruit Warp.

fruit warp thunderkick

Fruit Warp gameplay and paytable

In Fruit Warp, there are no traditional reels and paylines. Instead, you will get nine new fruit symbols with every spin. You need to get three of the same symbol anywhere on the screen to get a small win. These small wins will just reduce your risk while you wait for the real thing, and that’s getting four of the same symbol. In that case, you’ll be granted a portal re-spin of the remaining symbols, which will be replaced by new ones and therefore give you a chance to have five-of-a-kind or something even better.

Since there are nine symbols on the screen, a nine-of-a-kind is the maximum possible win, and this will pay well regardless of which symbol you get.

There are nine symbols in the game, and they pay progressively better and better.

You’ll need at least five-of-a-kind to get your money back, and anything above that will be pure profit. Eight symbols are almost evenly matched, only having a 3x difference between the best- and worst-paying, and then there’s the best-paying symbol which pays a nice sum but only for an eight- and nine-of-a-kind.

Bonus feature

If you get five or more symbols of the same kind, you’ll win the Fruit Mode, and that’s when the magic happens. During Fruit Mode, you have to keep spinning at least one of the same symbols that triggered the Fruit Mode.

For example, if five Grapes triggered the game, then you need Grapes on your reels, at least one in every spin.

Every time you land the desired symbol, you’ll advance 1 step in the Warp Meter, and you get another spin. There are milestones in the Meter that contain dynamic multipliers and extra lives. When you get an extra life, that means the game will continue if you don’t get your desired symbol in one spin.

Dynamic multipliers increase in value for each win until they are activated (you reached them on the Warp Meter), and then their value is locked. The number of symbols in a win determines the multiplier increment and the final milestone may be 20x win multiplier or even better than that, and it’s possible you’ll reach this often.

This is one of the best and most exciting bonus features in Thunderkick games and in online slots in general.

Fruit Warp review

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Fruit Warp is an excellent, innovative slot, and there’s no other slot quite like it. Thunderkick has outdone itself with this one, and it’s recommended you try Fruit Warp at least once!

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Title: Fruit Warp
Provider: Thunderkick
Theme: Fruit
RTP: 97.0%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: Scatter pays
Minimum bet: 0,10
Maximum bet: 100