About Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a classic 3-reel slot machine released in 2016 by Play’n Go, and the game has a powerful re-spin feature and the Wheel of Multipliers, which can multiply your winnings up to 10 times and win you up to 800 times the bet!

This is a classic three-reel slot machine with 5 paylines that pay left to right.

The variance seems to be a bit high as the big wins are elusive, and the small wins are frequent and are often not high enough to keep your balance positive.

The game plays like a standard classic three-reel slot in which nothing can do but hit another spin.

Fire Joker slot big win

Fire Joker RTP

Fire Joker has been released in four versions, offering payback percentages of 87.24%, 91.23%, 94.23%, and 96.15%.

Make sure you are not taken for a joker and only play this slot at the highest RTP level. Check the casinos listed here to find a reliable online casino that offers Fire Joker in the 96.15% configuration.

Advantages of playing Fire Joker with a high RTP

So what difference does a few percentages make anyway? Well, probably a lot more than you could have imagined.

To illustrate the effect of playing Fire Joker with a high RTP versus a lower RTP, we have made some calculations. In the following table, we show how many spins you will theoretically get to play before your money runs out, based on a starting balance of €/£/$/100 and a stake of €/£/$/1 per spin.

Fire Joker RTPNumber of spins
96.15%2,571 spins
94.23%1,715 spins
91.23%1,128 spins
87,24%775 spins

As you can see, playing on a lower-paying version makes no sense when better alternatives are available.

What is the best Fire Joker casino?  

A High-RTP casino that lets you play the best-paying version of Fire Joker (with a 96.15% RTP) is the ideal choice for where to play this slot.

You can choose among these casinos here on this page.

Fire Joker gameplay and features

There are 10 symbols in this game: one Wild and nine traditional paying symbols. The four fruit symbols and the X symbol are low-paying, paying 7, 6, 5, 4, and 2 coins, respectively. The Bar symbol pays 15, the Star pays 20, 7 pays 25, and the Joker, which is also a Wild symbol, pays 80 for each five-of-a-kind.

You’ll get awarded a re-spin on spins where you almost win and have two full stacks of symbols. In that situation, the third reel will re-spin and give you another chance to win!

This feature is called Respin of Fire and will significantly increase the profitability of this slot machine. It might even be why you chose this particular title and not another 3-reel machine.

Fire Joker is a low to medium variance slot.

The minimum bet is 0.10, and the maximum stake is 100 per spin.

Fire Joker slot Play N Go

Bonus Features

The primary goal of the Fire Joker slot game is to fill all nine positions with the same symbol (or Wilds), as that’s when you’ll trigger the Wheel of Multipliers, which has 12 positions with different multipliers for your win that you just got.

There are four positions with a 2x multiplier, three with a 3x multiplier, two with a 4x multiplier, two with a 5x multiplier, and finally, one with a 10x multiplier.

What is the max win on Fire Joker?

If you land a win of nine positions full of Jokers and hit the maximum multiplier, you will win 800x your bet, the maximum win on Fire Joker!

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

Fire Joker is another attempt by some modern game developer to come up with a popular three-reel classic slot machine, and it’s not a bad attempt either.

The game lacks some huge jackpot or a mega win draw, other than the one possible if you get nine Jokers and a 10x multiplier.

This Play’n GO slot will perhaps be enjoyed by the fans of the genre who want to try yet another slot and will probably be avoided by video slot players.

If you are into this slot type, you will probably enjoy 9 Masks of Fire, too.

Fancy some more Joker-themed slots?

Fire Joker is the one that is often found in online casinos most popular sections but Play’n GO has released some more versions of the Joker-themed slot.

These are not as popular as Fire Joker, but they are great options if you are looking for some variety.

Fire Joker Freeze offers a max win potential of 1,000x the bet and is a follow-up to Fire Joker with some added tweaks.

Love Joker is another option offering a max win of 1,000x the bet and is another variant of the same concept.

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Low RTP casinos for Fire Joker
Title: Fire Joker
Provider: Play'n GO
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Fruit, Joker
RTP: 87.24% | 91.23% | 94.23% | 96.15%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: 5
Minimum bet: 0,10
Maximum bet: 100
Max. win: 800x