About Eldritch Dungeon

Print Studios is a new game studio to watch closely as they release high-quality slots at their own calm pace. They are also no strangers to releasing unusual types of online slots, as seen in Darkness, Tarasque, and Reapers.

Eldritch Dungeon is not your typical slot, either. It uses the Cluster Pays mechanic but with an adventure vibe that resembles situations seen in classic video games. It’s not to the extent of Pirots 2 in the base game, though, but it’s more low-key. However, once you reach the bonus game, the game transforms into something else that eventually leads to a Hold & Win game.

Eldritch Dungeon is a new type of online slot mainly targeted towards a new audience looking for a different kind of experience and something they are more familiar with.


Eldritch Dungeon RTP

Print Studios will release Eldritch Dungeon in three different payout versions.

These average a 86.10%, 94.07%, or 96.10% RTP.

The lowest payout version is usually only used in some regulated markets with high taxes and strict regulations, while the middle option is used by online casinos that want to increase their profits further.

The highest-paying option is rare but still available at some casinos that are prepared to offer players the best odds.

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Gameplay and features

Eldritch Dungeon is a highly volatile slot played on an 8×8 game area using the Cluster Pays mechanic.

The wins happen when 5 matching symbols appear in a cluster horizontally or vertically. The winning symbols are removed and replaced by new ones in a tumble effect, which continues until the wins stop.

There is more to Eldritch Dungeon, but let’s go through the different main features individually.

Bets are available from 0.10 to 50 per spin.

Main features:

  • The Wild Warrior = The warrior appears on the leftmost reel, and the aim is to reach the exit visible on the rightmost reel by creating wins that clear the path for the warrior.
  • Battles = During the warrior’s path towards the exit, it can encounter enemies it needs to battle. Winning a fight grants a Spectral Effect & a Power Relic.
  • Spectral Effects = The spectral effects trigger when there are no more wins and either transform several symbols into matching ones or add wilds to the grid.
  • Power Relics = The power relics help you win battles by increasing health, power of attacks, or blocking enemy attacks.
  • Companions = Three companions can come into play and help you transform and remove symbols and beat enemies.
  • Bonus Game = The bonus game is triggered when the wild warrior reaches the exit. Here, you combat enemies in a video game style of play.
  • Hold & Win = You get 3 attempts that reset each time a coin or a spectral key lands on the available positions. 1×1-sized coins carry 0.5x 2x values while 8×8 coins are worth 1,000x – 10,000x the bet.

Eldritch Dungeon Bonus Buy

When playing from a jurisdiction that allows bonus buy options, you can choose among the following:

  • 1 Companion Strike: 17.3x the bet
  • 1 Companion Strike + 1 Defeated Enemy: 43.5x the bet
  • 1 Companion Strike + 2 Defeated Enemy: 83.6x the bet
  • 1 Companion Strike + 3 Defeated Enemy: 143.7x the bet
  • 1 Companion Strike + 4 Defeated Enemy: 218x the bet

What’s special about Eldritch Dungeon?

Eldritch Dungeon is not your typical online slot. While there are some traditional mechanics involved, it offers a new way of playing casino games that will mainly appeal to a younger audience that is used to different types of games.


What is the maximum win on Eldritch Dungeon?

Although Eldritch Dungeon is different, Print Studios did not hold back in its maximum win potential, as you can win up to 20,000x the bet.

The slot’s hit frequency is 29.45%.

Eldritch Dungeon is another great attempt from Print Studios (3 stars out of 5)

It’s refreshing and impressive to see that Print Studios has the guts to continue creating unique stand-alone online slots instead of releasing yet another fishing-themed slot with the same tired features. This strategy is risky, though, as the audience that is attracted to these games might be limited.

Will Eldritch Dungeon become a super hit?

No, it won’t. Mainly because of two reasons:

  • Print Studios are not known among the wider public, yet
  • Eldritch Dungeon is a bit too niched

It is a shame as it is clear that Print Studios has given Eldritch Dungeon a lot of time, effort, and resources.

It’s an interesting slot, though, and worth trying to experience and see how Print Studios is trying to evolve the online casino industry towards a new type of player, one slot at a time.

Have you tried?

If Eldritch Dungeon is your type of game and you are on the lookout for something different from traditional online slots, then Rogue Rats of Nitropolis is a must-try as well. We can guarantee that you have never tried anything like it before.

Overall verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

Eldritch Dungeon will be available on all Print Studios casinos from July 31, 2024.

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Title: Eldritch Dungeon
Provider: Print Studios
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Adventure, Heroes and villains
RTP: 86.10% | 94.07% | 96.10%
Volatility: High
Paylines: Cluster Pays
Minimum bet: 0.10
Maximum bet: 50
Max. win: 20,000x