About Cygnus 3

Cygnus 3 is the third installment of Elk Studios’ range of strange, weird, and captivating Cygnus slots.

The unique game mechanism of rolling symbols, seemingly drawn by gravity, is something that only Elk Studios can pull off. On paper, it is something that would be brushed off the table immediately at any other game studio’s creative meeting, but that special Elk magic somehow makes it work.

Even better, the almost hypnotic movement of the symbols combined with an avalanche mechanism keeps players captivated, always wanting more.

In a way, the success of the Cygnus series was as unexpected as it was to be expected if that makes any sense.

Cygnus 3 RTP

Before we delve further into the gameplay mechanics, let’s talk Return to Player.

As we have talked about before, Elk Studios has made the strategic decision to lower the RTPs on all of their new slots.

Their new releases are all offered in a single RTP configuration and not ones we would label as great or even reasonable.

Cygnus 3 offers players a payback percentage of no more than 94%. Disappointing, but what can you do?

Cygnus 3 gameplay and features

Cygnus 3 is set in a wonderful, mysterious cross between science-fiction and ancient Rome, with the action taking place in some sort of Colloseum.

The game is played on a grid that starts out in a 4 x 6 setup, with 4,096 ways to win. Winning symbols disappear, activating a gravity-infused mechanism, causing the remaining symbols to roll into the gaps. Thereafter, a new row of symbols is added, increasing the number of ways to win, up to a maximum of 262,144 ways (8 rows high).

Other features include:

  • Betting starts at 0.20 and goes up to 100 per drop (spin).
  • The variance is high.
  • Multiplier Wilds are activated when they reach the bottom of the grid.
  • When more than one multiplier wild is part of a winning combination, the values are added together.
  • The Cygnus Wheel activates a spin on the big Cygnus Wheel, awarding free spins, cash wins, or one of the jackpots.
  • There are three Jackpots: Sky (1,000x), Star (10,000x), and Cygnus (100,000x).
  • During free drops, wild multipliers do not reset or disappear.

Cygnus 3 Bonus Buy: X-iter

Jurisdiction permitting, players can choose to buy 5 different enhanced spins or bonus buys from the X-iter menu:

  • Bonus Hunt – 2x the stake for 1 drop that doubles the chance of triggering the Cygnus Wheel.
  • Multiplier Wild – 10x the stake for 1 drop with a guaranteed multiplier wild of at least x5.
  • Rising Multiplier Wild symbols – 25x the bet for 1 drop with increasing multiplier symbols after each win.
  • Cygnus Wheel – 100x the bet for a turn on the Cygnus Wheel.
  • Super Cygnus Wheel – 500x the bet for one turn on the Cygnus Wheel with a chance of triggering the Super Bonus game, with increasing multipliers.

What is the max win on Cygnus 3?

Strangely, Elk Studios have not released an official max win for Cygnus 3, so it is anyone’s guess. Considering the high variance setup and Cygnus 2’s max win of 50,000x, we would be surprised if Cygnus 3’s non-jackpot max win is anything less than 50,000x. However, we must also take into account the inclusion of three non-progressive jackpots, the highest of which (Cygnus Jackpot) pays 100,000 the bet.

That big jackpot also eats away at the RTP, however small the odds of winning it are.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Unsatisfactory RTP aside, Cygnus 3 is an excellent online slot, with features and mechanics you won’t find in another slot.

High potential and engaging gameplay make for great entertainment. The Wizard approves.

Low RTP casinos for Cygnus 3
Title: Cygnus 3
Provider: Elk Studios
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Science Fiction
RTP: 94%
Volatility: High
Paylines: 4,096-262,144 ways to win
Minimum bet: 0.20
Maximum bet: 100
Max. win: Not available. Max jackpot win is 100,000x stake
Jackpot: Three non-progressive jackpots