About Crab Trap

Ah, the joy of eating fresh, delicious crab legs with butter, or a delectable crab cake. CasinoWizard is drooling, just thinking about these deep sea critters.

The problem is, in order to enjoy the delicacy that is crab, you need to catch those pesky clawed creatures first.

NetEnt has made a slot about this concept, although, in this case, catching a crab leads to cash prizes, instead of a steaming pile of hot seafood on your plate.

Crab Trap is an online slot that is geared towards the recreational gambler, with playful graphics, medium variance, and a high bonus hit ratio.

Crab Trap RTP

CasinoWizard only plays the highest-paying versions of online slots. Not because he is cheap, but because he is smart. A higher RTP increases your chances of winning, it’s as simple as that.

Crab Trap has been released in two RTP settings: 94.06% and 96.07%. That 2% difference between the lowest- and highest-paying version of Crab Trap may not seem much, but it makes a huge difference in the long run. Do yourself (and your balance) a huge favour and only play this slot at a high-RTP casino.

What is the best Crab Trap casino?

The best Crab Trap casino is a NetEnt casino that offers the slot in the 96.07% payout configuration. We have searched and found several of these online casinos which you will find at the top of this review.

Gameplay and features

Crab Trap is played on a 5 x 4 grid and the scatter pays mechanism is active. Winning combinations occur when 5 or more scattered identical symbols appear on the screen.

The aim of the game is to trap as many crabs as possible, and each crab is worth a prize between 1x and 1,000x the bet.

Blue fishing vessels set the traps and red fishing vessels collect the crabs. The more traps are set before the red ship sails in, the higher your chances of landing big wins.

Other features include:

  • Premium symbols pay between 8x – 10x for a 9+ symbol win.
  • There are no wilds in the game.
  • Blue Boats add 1-5 traps to positions without Trap frames.
  • Trap Frames stay on the screen until a crab is caught in the position.
  • Red Boats trigger a Respin when there are 5 or more Trap Frames on the screen.
  • Crabs that are caught in the Trap Frames during a respin award a cash prize.
  • Three or more bonus scatters trigger the free spins bonus, for 5 – 15 free spins.
    • During free spins, Respins can be awarded.
    • Crab Trap positions remain in place for the whole duration of the free spins.
    • Extra free spins can be earned by collecting bonus scatters.

What is the max win on Crab Trap?

The max win on Crab Trap is 1,191x the stake, which goes to show this slot is not designed for risk-taking heavy hitters.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

While Crab Trap clearly misses the old magic NetEnt swagger and real innovative gameplay, it’s a neat little pescetarian-friendly slot with some interesting features.

The Crab Trap collection feature may be a bit too intricate for first-time gamblers but should be right up more seasoned recreational players’ alleys.

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Title: Crab Trap
Provider: NetEnt
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Food and Drink
RTP: 94.06% | 96.07%
Volatility: Medium
Paylines: Scatter Pays
Minimum bet: 0.10
Maximum bet: 400
Max. win: 1,191x