About Cash Defense

Are you in for trying new types of casino slots?

No, we don’t mean a copy-paste of something previously done with one newly added feature BUT something really new and different.

What about if we add a 20,000x the bet max win potential on top of it?

In Cash Defense from upcoming game developer Print Studios, everything starts out as normal slots would do.

But between the reels, you see numbers shifting around, and the bonus game reminds us of something seen in a computer game rather than on a traditional slot.

It’s all-new, fresh, and very bold from this exciting game studio that doesn’t seem to be afraid of trying new things.

Cash Defense RTP

The highest Return To Player (RTP) version of Cash Defense average a 96.29% payout.

Print Studios have mentioned that they would prefer not to release variable RTP versions of their slots,

However, since these games are being released on the Relax Gaming platform, they have no choice, as many online casinos demand this option.

Therefore, you aren’t automatically guaranteed to play on the best-paying version of Cash Defense when choosing any casino, but you must choose wisely.

What is the best Cash Defense casino?

To qualify as the best Cash Defense casino, the online casino must first offer Print Studios slots in your country.

Since the game developer still is relatively new, their games are not visible on all casinos yet.

The second requirement is that the casino is safe, reliable, and trustworthy.

Lastly, they need to offer their players the highest RTP version of Cash Defense.

These online casinos can be tricky to find, but Bitstarz is one of them and is an excellent choice if they accept players from your country.

Gameplay and features

Cash Defense is a highly volatile slot played on a 5 reels and 4 rows game panel with 26 fixed pay lines. 

Bets start from $/€0.10 and go up to $/€20 per spin.

The base game in Cash Defense is quite standard, apart from the numbers between the reels.

These are called SuperSpinners and appear randomly, and the numbers are multipliers. When a win passes through one of these numbers, the multiplier is added to your win.

That is an innovative way of adding multipliers into the gameplay, but now we will take innovation to the next level.

Bonus Games explained:

There are two bonus games available in Cash Defense. In these bonus games, aliens are going along a path while you are trying to stop them.

You are not actively shooting against the aliens, but your task is to choose between two options of weapons used to stop these enemies in the Grand TD feature.

Arrow Towers are good for stopping single enemies, while Cannon Towers are more robust against groups of aliens.

  • Mini Tower Defense (TD):  This feature is triggered when you land the Mini TD symbol on the 5th reel. The first phase consists of two random towers trying to eliminate 10 enemies and a bonus enemy. When the bonus enemy is caught, the second phase is triggered, where you play a spin with a Jumbo symbol covering reels 2 and 3 and benefit from any enemies destroyed in phase 1.
  • Grand Tower Defense (TD): The main feature can be won from the Mini TD bonus or by landing 3 or more scatters on the reels. This feature also consists of two similar phases, with the difference that you can choose the kind of volatility you want to play the bonus game with. You can aim to “win often” or to “win big.”

Cash Defense Bonus Buy

In countries where allowed, you can skip the wait for scatters to land and go straight for the bonus buy option. There are three options that you can pay extra for:

  • Spins with an increased chance of landing scatters: 1.5x the bet
  • Mini TD Bonus: 28.9x the bet
  • Grand TD Bonus: 94x the bet

Just remember that buying bonuses is risky, so play responsibly.

For example, the risk of winning nothing from the bonus is over 40% when playing the Grand TD Bonus on the most volatile option.

What is the maximum win on Cash Defense?

Cash Defense is a risky slot, but on the upside, it is possible to win huge wins up to 20,000x your bet size.

When playing with the max bet, you can win up to 400,000.

However, the max win probability is 1 in 11.4 million, and you trigger a bonus game on average 1 in 289 spins.

The Wizard thinks…

We can conclude that Cash Defense isn’t for everyone, but this is a must to try for players looking for something different and new kind of features.

The highlights of Cash Defense are the two bonus games, and the addition of giving players the option to choose their preferred volatility level on the Grand TD Bonus is appreciated.

The slot is highly volatile as it is, but while some players are happy to decrease their risk in return for having the chance to hit some decent wins, other players are prepared to risk it all for the most significant wins or even a go-at-the-max win.

Print Studios is a super exciting new slots creator who is clearly prepared to take some risks when creating slots, as Cash Defense was not cheap to develop, and their innovative approach is a gamble in itself compared to going for proven concepts.

But hey, no risk, no reward, as the saying goes, right?

One thing is for certain; if Print Studios have the guts (and finances) to keep innovating like this, it’s just a matter of time until they come up with a smash hit.

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Title: Cash Defense
Provider: Print Studios
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Adventure
RTP: 94.27% | 96.29%
Volatility: High
Paylines: 26
Minimum bet: 0.10
Maximum bet: 20
Max. win: 20,000x