About Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is one of the most popular NetEnt slots of all time, released in 2009, that brought vampires into the slot game mainstream. It remains a firm fan favourite due to its mouth-watering payouts, fun theme, and the overall ease with which you’ll play Blood Suckers. Do sink your teeth into this one.

Blood Suckers is a standard NetEnt game for the pay lines, as it’s a 3×5 slot with 25 pay lines, a familiar setting for all NetEnt fans, so the transition to this particular slot is seamless for most. What attracts players to Blood Suckers is not just a great theme but the fantastic RTP of 97.99% and the fact that this slot is easy to play.

Variance is low, so the game can be played for a long time without winning or losing a significant amount of money.

Wins aren’t that common in Blood Suckers, but when they do come, they’ll cover for those previous losing spins, and you break even.

Blood Suckers RTP

Until recently, there was only one RTP version of Blood Suckers, but since it has become a trend to release new slots with variable payout versions, even some older popular slots have been affected by these changes.

Blood Suckers can today be played on 6 different payout versions ranging from the lowest of 90.04% to the highest RTP of 97.99%.

What is the best Blood Suckers casino?

Unfortunately, most online casinos prefer to offer their players one of the lower-paying versions of Blood Suckers to increase the casinos’ win margins.

However, there is no need to spend your hard-earned money on versions where your winning chances are lowered as the CasinoWizard has found three excellent online casinos that offer its players the 97.99% RTP version of Blood Suckers.

Blood Suckers Gameplay and Pay Table

There are eight symbols in the game, all with artwork, and all pay well.

From best- to worst-paying, there are three Male Vampires, Female Vampire, Holy Water, Bible, Crossbow, and Garlic. All the symbols have beautiful artwork that will appeal to all vampire fans, mostly young adults, who are the target audience of this slot.

The playing experience is the standard 25-line experience where wins don’t come around that often, and NetEnt made sure to strike a balance between frequency and size of wins, so overall, you’ll continuously be around the same amount of money in turn, allowing bigger bet size.

The maximum is €50, and the minimum to cover all paylines is €0.25, though you can play one payline only for €0.01.

Blood Suckers NetEent slot

Bonus Features

There are two bonus features in Blood Suckers.

You’ll get 10, 20, or 30 free spins for three, four, or five Scatters, respectively.

The free spins bonus game triples all wins during the free spins game, which may sound exciting, but it is not, as wins are rare in this game, so you won’t get to triple many wins.

The free spins game is a bit of a disappointment as it doesn’t deliver much.

There is a potential for a big success hidden here as if you manage to hit an excellent winning combination, it will be tripled, and you’ll make a nice sum.

There is also a bonus pick-a-coffin game in which you’ll drive stakes through vampires’ hearts until you open an empty coffin. This feature, unlike the free spins, can deliver some excellent returns.

NetEnt - Blood Suckers bonus

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

Blood Suckers is a unique slot game that has a place in the heart of many players, and it’s meant to be enjoyed casually, having fun and not caring if you win or lose. The game, however, won’t give any mega wins, and that’s the downside. But as a casual slot game, it delivers, and the 97.99% Return to Player (on the best-paying versions) ensures you’re getting an honest game.

Since Blood Suckers is ruling this niche of high-paying slots on which you can’t lose much but won’t win a jackpot, it remains one of the most popular titles in any NetEnt casino.

Blood Suckers is a more popular slot than its sequel, Blood Suckers II.

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Low RTP casinos for Blood Suckers
Title: Blood Suckers
Provider: NetEnt
Genre: Video slot
Theme: Scary
RTP: 90.04% | 92.04% l 93.05% l 94.07% l 95.07% l 97.99%
Volatility: Low
Paylines: 25
Minimum bet: € 0.25
Maximum bet: € 50
Max. win: 300,000
Jackpot: No