About Astronaut

Astronaut is an online slot from Red Tiger and puts you in the shoes of the happy few that have dared step foot into space. It must be the mightiest and most humbling feeling when you are tens of thousands of miles away, looking down on a tiny, fragile mother earth.

Following the craze of cash-or-crash games such as Aviator and Spaceman, Red Tiger has decided they want a piece of the action and have come up with a similar concept in the form of Astronaut.

Rocking high-variance, straightforward gameplay, an RTP range of 92.70% – 95.70%, and a max win of 48,000x the bet, Astronaut is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

Astronaut review red tiger

Astronaut RTP

Red Tiger has released four RTP versions of Astronaut: 92.70%, 93.10%, 94.70%, and 95.70%. Make sure to choose a casino that offers the best payout setting of 95.70%.

Gameplay and features

Calling Astronaut an online slot machine may be a bit of a stretch.

The game has no paylines or reels and there are only three symbols. These symbols can land in just one position, in the centre of the screen. The goal is to reach as high as possible on the pay schedule, before cashing out.

Every spin you choose to wager (0.20 to 2 per spin) can have three possible outcomes:

Green Crystal: you win the game round and progress to the next prize on the ladder.

Red Crystal: you lose all your winnings and the game is finished.

Golden Shield: awards one life and triggers automatic spins until a Red Crystal lands. Once that happens, to the game goes into Advanced Mode, with higher future payouts.

After each spin, you are given three options:

  • Continue spinning, with the risk of losing everything.
  • Collect the current value.
  • Collect 50% and continue spinning.

As you spin more Green Crystals, the odds of hitting a Red Crystal increase, so choose wisely.

Possible RTP values are 92.70%, 93.10%, 94.70%, and 95.70%, making it in your best interest to choose a Red Tiger casino that offers the highest RTP setting.

Astronaut slot review red tiger

What is the max win on Astronaut?

The max win is 18,000x the bet on regular play and 48,000x the bet when Advanced Mode is active. It would take some ballsy moves to get that high on the payout ladder, though. Don’t forget, unless your shield is active, every new spin could end up with an outcome of zero.

CasinoWizard’s verdict: 3 out of 5 stars

Astronaut is a bit of an odd one, a hybrid of a slot machine and a crash crash game.

If that type of game floats your boat, Astronaut is certainly worth trying out.

The high max win, polished gameplay, and simple, yet engaging gameplay are the main strong points.

For seasoned slot players, Astronaut may be a little too one-dimensional to provide long-lasting appeal.

If you are into the whole Rocket Man thing, another title to check out is Hacksaw Gaming’s Rocket Reels.

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Title: Astronaut
Provider: Red Tiger
Genre: Cash or Crash
Theme: Science Fiction
RTP: 92.70% | 93.10% | 94.70% | 95.70%
Volatility: High
Paylines: N/A
Minimum bet: 0.10
Maximum bet: 2
Max. win: 48,000x