Top 17 slots with the best soundtracks

Many factors decide if a slot becomes popular.

These elements include the graphics, the theme, the maths, hit frequencies, and more.

Another critical factor is the soundtrack.

Some slots require a simple soundtrack, while others need something more advanced or complicated.

The soundtrack ideally fits the theme well and enhances the gaming experience.

In this top list, we focus solely on the soundtracks of the games.

You will find different genres like rock, rap, rave, classical, and horror.

Some of these soundtracks have become so popular that you even find them in leading streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

slots with best soundtrack

Slots with the best soundtracks – Top 17

Put on your best headphones and increase the volume as here we go!

17. Hugo Legacy (Play’n GO)

Hugo Legacy slot play n go

The Hugo Legacy slot grabs this position due to pure effort.

Or what else can we say when Play’n GO gathers the Czech National Symphony Orchestra after about 7 months of planning to record the whole soundtrack for this slot to celebrate the Hugo character’s 30th anniversary?

A+ for effort!

16. Bonanza Megaways (Big Time Gaming)

Bonanza-Big-Time-Gaming-best rtp

“Wait what? But this soundtrack is so annoying” – We could hear from across the room when evaluating this top list with a group of experienced players.

Ok, the CasinoWizard agrees to some point that Bonanza Megaways soundtrack isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s ORIGINAL.

Can you honestly point out any other slot with this kind of soundtrack…. still waiting..… you got nothing?…… times up, and neither can we.

Did you know the banjo part of this soundtrack was composed and played by Nik Robinson, founder and CEO of Big Time Gaming.

15. Nitropolis (ELK Studios)


The CasinoWizard enjoys innovations and new concepts, and another one that stands out is the popular Nitropolis series from ELK Studios.

This unusual slot took the online casino by surprise when it launched in 2020, and with its strange concept, they also added a fitting soundtrack to it.

These slots have continued to evolve, as seen in Nitropolis 3 and 4, and with them, the soundtracks as well, but the first one still stands out.

14. Punk Toilet (Nolimit City)

punk toilet slot soundtrack

Game studio Nolimit City has skyrocketed to become one of the best slot developers in recent years by creating awesome slots, often using unusual themes, features, and concepts.

Another thing they have mastered is the soundtracks. Yes, you will find several NLC slots in this list.

On position 14, we have a soundtrack for the punk fans, as in Punk Toilet, you get exactly that.

The soundtrack is brilliantly muffled during the base game, as you would hear it from the toilets, but then comes to life during the bonus game, especially during big wins.

13. Immortal Romance 2 (Games Global)


Here is something for experienced slot players and old-time fans of the original legacy slot, Immortal Romance, from 2012.

Prepare to be captivated, as the brilliant sequel, Immortal Romance 2, was unveiled in May 2024.

The best part? The game’s soundtrack is fantastic!

In a time where game studios release slots faster than we have time to change socks, Games Global took its time and gave this slot the dedication and effort that it deserves.

The soundtrack in Immortal Romance 2 is mysterious and shifts between the four different bonus games.

12. Cleopatra (IGT)

cleopatra slot soundtrack

On position 12, we find the original Cleopatra slot that many seasoned players have been spinning away on at some point in land-based casinos.

It’s not as easily found on online casinos nowadays, but the Cleopatra bonus round soundtrack, which is simple but effective, earns a position in this list.

This very simple, yet exhilarating soundtrack makes a super normal bonus round (free spins with an x3 multiplier) somehow very exciting.

It’s worth testing if you manage to find the game online.

11. Top Dawg$ (Relax Gaming)

top dawg$ slot soundtrack

This one is for all fans of real old-school West Coast beats.

The base game in Top Dawg$ starts with a soundtrack that could have been used in the Boyz in the Hood movie.

We can see Ice Cube and the guys rolling down the street in their convertible, bouncing to this tune.

But forget all that, as the slot’s theme centers around… dogs. A brilliant slot and soundtrack though.

10. The Bowery Boys (Hacksaw Gaming)


The soundtrack in The Bowery Boys fits this slot’s theme so well.

The excitement is constantly in the air, and it feels like something big will happen at any moment.

Continuing with the movie comparisons, this soundtrack is something that Martin Scorcese could have chosen for Gangs of New York.

The uplifting soundtrack in the bonus game might not be as enticing, but hey, it’s uplifting and gets you in a good mood, especially when landing some big wins.

9. Kiss – Reels of Rock (Play’n GO)


Lets rock!

We can’t have the best soundtrack top list without including some legendary bands, and who is more iconic than the band Kiss?

Follow the band on their world tour while listening to their hits.

The one downside with this soundtrack in this slot is that you can’t switch among the songs as you please, but instead, you get to listen to Detroit Rock City repeatedly in the base game until you trigger the Free Spins, where other options reveal themselves.

Luckily, they chose a superb song, though.

8. Pimped (Play’n GO)


Pimped represents some more West Coast action.

We can see Snoop Dog and 50 Cent cruising down the streets in LA during sunset with this beat pumping out of the stereo.

Or wait.. isn’t that Snoop and 50 Cent… nice work Play’n GO.

7. Serial (Nolimit City)


Look away, sensitive people, as it’s horror time.

The base game soundtrack in Serial, while spinning away and expecting something crazy to happen at any point, fits the theme of the slot like a glow. Spooky in an unpleasant way.

When you reach the bonus game, your fears come into play, where the soundtrack takes another turn and speeds up to fit the action happening on your screen.

A warning for the graphical images seen in this slot.

6. Rasputin Megaways (Big Time Gaming)


Your back? Ah, great, as it’s disco time!

The song Rasputin from the band Boney M plays along in the background in typical BTG fashion without you really hearing it properly while building up the vibe.

The complete explosion then comes into full blast, with the bass booming away once you enter the bonus game as you play along to the super hit from 1978.

Again, it won’t float everyone’s boat, but Rasputin Megaways is a great example of how a soundtrack can seamlessly be implemented into a slot, enhancing the whole gaming experience.

5. Guns N’ Roses (NetEnt)


The intro riff to “Welcome to the Jungle” sets the tune perfectly in the Guns NRoses slot.

In this slot, you also get to choose the song you want to listen to during the game.

The songs available are Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O’ Mine, Paradise City, November Rain, and Chinese Democracy.

So, choose among 4 of their biggest hits and one otherwise mediocre song that was added to this mix for some unknown reason.

It’s an awesome slot with an equally great soundtrack if you enjoy this type of music.

4. El Paso Gunfight xNudge (Nolimit City)

el paso gunfight xnudge slot best soundtrack list

El Paso Gunfight xNudge gives players a calm base game soundtrack that really speeds up to another level in the bonus game.

Especially the big-win celebration music gets the excitement going.

Great for fans of Western flicks.

3. Deadwood RIP (Nolimit City)


    An even better wild western soundtrack can be found in Deadwood RIP.

    The soundtrack used in the base game is not just pleasant, it’s exceptional. So much so that you might find yourself loading the game just to have it playing in the background while you’re doing something else.

    Ah, no, wait. It’s available on Spotify, so if you don’t want to test this splendid online slot, just search for Deadwood RIP and have a listen.

    2. Chaos Crew (Hacksaw Gaming)

    chaos crew slot soundtrack

    There is an excellent electronic / house soundtrack in Chaos Crew that would do justice in a cool club in Ibiza.

    It all starts gently but speeds up nicely once you start spinning.

    A must hear, especially for fans of the genre.

    1. The Rave (Nolimit City)

    the rave slot best soundtrack list

    The Rave delivers an awesome beat in the base game.

    This is like entering a club in the early hours while looking around to see what’s going on.

    However, the soundtrack during the bonus games takes everything to another level.

    These beats take you to the party in full blast in the late hours when everyone is in a proper dance mode and let their guard down completely.

    To mix things up, big wins take you to a chillin’ moment briefly that escalates to some special fantasies and then quickly takes you back to the main action again.

    The Rave and other Nolimit City soundtracks can be found on Spotify, where they have thousands of monthly listeners at the moment.

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