Slot Tournaments – How & where to play the best ones

Playing online slots can be a lonely activity, but there is a way to add some extra spice to it all and simultaneously increase your chances of winning more – Slot tournaments.

In this article, we will dig into the details of how slot tournaments work and what they cost and guide you toward the best slot tournaments online.

This and much more about slot tournaments coming right up!


How do slots tournaments work?

Slot tournaments are time-scheduled events where participants play in a dedicated slot or, in other cases, a slot of their choice.

The tournaments have a prize pool that is shared among a certain percentage of the participants or a fixed number of players.

The higher your position in the leaderboard, the better your prize will be.

Some slot tournaments can last for a week, while others are over in 20 minutes.

While you play the slot, you earn points. These points can be based on wagering, wins, or sometimes a mix.

Nowadays, all good slot tournaments show an updated leaderboard in real-time, making it easy to follow your progress.

Always check the terms and conditions before playing to understand the full rules of the tournament you are interested in.

How much do slot tournaments cost?

The final cost to play a slot tournament can vary depending on the setup.

Example 1:

Some slot tournaments allow all players to spin a beforehand number of spins with a required minimum bet amount.

To ensure you can complete all the spins, ensure you have enough funds on your balance before the tournament begins.

For example, 100 spins with a minimum bet of 0.40 = 40 is needed to guarantee that you have enough funds to complete all spins.

However, you can, of course, start playing with a smaller balance and hope for some wins while you play. Succeeding with this would increase your balance during the tournament, enabling you to complete all the spins for a higher chance of ending high up in the leaderboard and winning some additional prizes.

Example 2:

Other slot tournaments are based on the biggest win.

In those tournaments, you only need to play one single spin to participate in the event and have a chance to win a prize or even end up first on the leaderboard.

Example 3:

The third option is a slot tournament that is based on wagering.

The more you play and wager, the more points you earn.

These kinds of slot tournaments are less about luck and more about having fat wallets to have a shot at the prizes seen on the leaderboard.

Example 4:

The last option is a slot tournament that is based on a fixed buy-in fee.

These slot tournaments have a prize pool dependent on the number of participants, similar to a Poker sit & go, or they might have a fixed added prize pool no matter how many players play the tournament. 

How much can you win from a slot tournament?

The prize pools can vary from small to huge amounts depending on your choice of slot tournament.

While some slot tournaments have weekly prize pools of €/£/$250,000 with a 1st prize of €/£/$25,000 others hand out Free Spins or much smaller cash prizes.

This article will give you detailed information on where to play the best slot tournaments that fit your requirements, budgets, and prize pools, so keep reading.

Best slot tournaments

We have researched and used our experience as slot players to pick out the slot tournaments we rate as the best.

These slot tournaments use different criteria and fit a range of players and budgets, so you can find one that matches your demands.

Reel Races 


We start with one of our all-time slot tournament favourites.

Reel Races are an invention of the creative minds at Casumo Casino.

These slot tournaments began as a December campaign for the holidays.

However, they turned out to be so popular that the casino dedicated a smaller team to focus only on Reel Races to improve them further and later released them as a constant feature on the Casumo website.

The Reel Races are very popular today and pay out an average of €145,000 worth of prizes yearly to 62,000 players.

How do Reel Races work?

Casumo chooses a dedicated slot for each slot tournament.

For example, Gonzo´s Quest Megaways.

The Reel Race is available the whole day, and each player can spin 100 times with a minimum bet of €/£/$0.40. It’s possible to re-enter the tournament up to 10 times.

The prize pools can vary in size, but in this example, it was €/£/$2,000.

The Top 30 players shown in the leaderboard will win a prize starting from €/£/$20 to €/£/$400 for the winner.

To participate, register an account at Casumo and click the green “Opt-in” button.

There are no added costs involved in playing Reel Races apart from your normal bets.

The reel Races leaderboard ranking is based on the following criteria:

  • 2 points = Each win
  • 5 points = Every 3 wins in a row
  • 20 points = Big wins (15x the bet size or more)
  • 35 points = 2 Big wins
  • 100 points = Mega wins (30x the bet size or more)

Play, hit wins, and win extra prizes.

All prizes won from Reel Races are wager-free and can instantly be withdrawn.

Slot Wars


Slot Wars are Bitstarz take on slot tournaments.

These weekly slot tournaments have a €5,000 and 5,000 free spins prize pool split among 150 players that finish the highest in the leaderboard once the promotion ends.

The player finishing in position 150 will win 25 free spins, and the winner walks away with a sweet €1,500.

Another positive thing about Slot Wars tournaments is that you can play any slot of your choice.

Here´s how it works:

You must make at least one real money deposit to participate, and only real money wagering counts.

Choose a slot of your liking and start playing – That’s it!

However, the leaderboard points are not gained from wins (like in the above-mentioned Reel Races) but instead based on wagering.

In other words: the one who plays the most wins – This doesn’t fit some players but is an ideal slot tournament for others.

All cash prizes are awarded as real money and wager-free, while any free spins winnings need to be wagered 40x before a withdrawal is possible.

Drops & Wins


Pragmatic Play is one of the world’s biggest and most popular slot developers for online casinos.

Some of their most played slots include titles like Big Bass Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, and Sweet Bonanza.

They also release new slots every week that we review and list on our Pragmatic Play slots page.

So, what´s better than playing your favourite slots while having a chance to win some extra prizes?

This is how Drops & Wins work:

Selected online casinos like Wheelz have opted to offer their players the possibility to participate and win prizes from Pragmatic Plays Drops & Wins campaigns.

To participate, you only need to load a Pragmatic Play slot of your choice and start spinning with bets of a minimum €/£/$0.50 stake.

These slot tournaments are arranged on a weekly basis and include a prize pool of €/£/$255,000 with a 1st prize of €/£/$25,000 in cash.

You can follow your progress through a leaderboard that is updated in real-time and accessible through the icon on the game’s top left corner.

Your score is based on the highest single spin win amount (adjusted to bet value).

Prizes will be distributed to players based on the highest value of the amount won in one single spin relative to the player’s bet amount.

On top of this, you automatically also participate in the Daily Prize Drops promotion, where random cash prizes are handed to players every week.

All winnings from Drops & Wins campaigns are wager-free.

Can you play slot tournaments with a bonus?

In most cases, you must participate with real money as bonus funds through welcome bonuses (and such) are not allowed. 

Is the RTP affected when playing slot tournaments?

Yes and no. The Return To Player (RTP) percentage is not directly affected when playing slot tournaments. Still, in some cases, the online casino might lower the RTP on a specific game to compensate for the prize pools given. Check the slot reviews before playing to ensure that you always play on the highest possible RTP version.

Are slot tournaments worth it?

Apart from the social aspect when playing slots with other players, the added benefit is that you can win extra prizes from games you would have played anyway. As long as you play responsibly and within your time and budget restrictions, playing slot tournaments can be worth it as it adds an extra layer of entertainment and excitement. However, from a financial point of view, playing slot tournaments is never worth it, as the odds are always in the casino’s favour in the long run.

Are slot tournaments just luck?

Slot tournaments based on getting the most and big wins are just about pure luck. Slot tournaments based on wagering have some luck involved, too, but are mainly about the player’s determination to play a lot and require a big budget for a chance to win the top prizes. 

Where can I play slot tournaments?

Some premium online casinos that offer players slot tournaments include Casumo, Wheelz, and Bitstarz.

How long is a slot tournament?

The length depends on the type of slot tournament that you decide to participate in. For example, Reel Races lets you spin 100 spins before the tournament ends, while others can last for a week.

What is the best slot tournament strategy?

There are no winning strategies that guarantee you success when playing slots or slot tournaments. The most important thing is to keep within your time and budget limits and to play responsibly. You must get lucky when playing if the tournament points are based on wins. If the tournament winners are based on wagering, you need to play a lot. A mix between a high RTP slot and a high hit frequency rate with the possibility to hit big wins can be helpful, but the difference is marginal.

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