Relax Gaming to release a new groundbreaking feature


When deciding which slot to play, we look into a few factors.

  • The slots theme.
  • Volatility level.
  • Max win potential.
  • Available RTPs.
  • Bonus Buys (where allowed).
  • The popularity of a game and more.

Basically, we want to play games that are good, fit our risk appetite, and are fair regarding long-term payouts (RTP).

If we play riskier slots, we want to be able to win a lot while playing less volatile slots, we are ok with a lower max win.

The shame is when we discover a slot that we really enjoy but aren’t too happy with the volatile level on offer as it doesn’t fit what we are looking for – Well, not anymore!

Leading game studio Relax Gaming is aware of this issue and has developed a solution that will be released on their upcoming slot, Lure of Fortune, on 7th November 2023.

Flexible Volatility

What if you could decide the volatility level and potential max win yourself on your favorite slot?

Some days, you might feel like risking a bit more in return for potential bigger wins, and other times, you would like to decrease the risk in return for longer entertainment time and be happy with a lower max win potential.

You may like a certain game but feel it’s too risky or soft for your taste.

Well, all this is now sorted with the release of the Flexible Volatility option by Relax Gaming.

Yes, you decide how risky a slot should be, and not one-rule-that-has-to-fit-all, decided by the slot developer.


How does the Flexible Volatility option work?

Lure of Fortune will be the first Relax Gaming slot to offer this option.

You start by clicking on the “Mode” button.

Here, you are presented with three choices:

  • Medium volatility & 5,000x max win.
  • High volatility & 20,000x max win.
  • Extremely high volatility & 50,0000x max win.

Choose your preferred option and start playing the slot.


What else is affected by the volatility choice?

In Lure of Fortune, the graphics will change depending on your volatility option.

The medium option is played during a clear day while it rains in the highly volatile options and snows in the riskiest mode.

The minimum bet starts from 0.10 on all volatility options, but since the max win potential change, the available max bets do as well.

  • Medium volatility: Max bet of 200.
  • High volatility: Max bet of 50.
  • Extremely high:  Max bet of 20.

It’s possible to win up to 1,000,000 on all three modes.

The cost of buying the bonus games also varies depending on which volatility mode you play Lure of Fortune on – 50x, 100x, or 150x the bet from the lowest to the highest modes.

Another change depending on your volatility choice in Lure of Fortune is the maximum multiplier values on the screen’s right-hand side that vary from 32x, 64x, or 128x.

What about the RTP?

The RTP is unaffected by your volatility choice, as all three modes pay an average of 96.10% on Lure of Fortune.

Future of Flexible Volatility options

New groundbreaking features don’t come along too often on slots, although game developers constantly try new things and features.

Will this Flexible Volatility feature take the industry by storm like the Megaways engine did?

It just might. This new addition makes so much sense for everyone involved, from the game studios to the players.

Why must certain games be restricted to only a particular segment of players? With this new Flexible Volatility feature, it doesn’t have to as you choose how risky the slot should be.

We don’t see any reason why Relax Gaming doesn’t continue using this new feature in most (or all) of their upcoming releases, and why not add it to their older games too? Especially the most popular ones.

This could also set off a trend where other game studios jump aboard this and implement it in their slots.

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