Why does Play’n GO sponsor the Haas Formula 1 team?


Honestly, how many of us followed Formula 1 or had as much knowledge about the team, the drivers, and the whole circus around it before Netflix’s successful series Drive to Survive?

The first episode of Drive to Survive was released in March 2019 and has skyrocketed the popularity of F1 to what it is today.

Would game studio Play’n GO have sponsored a Formula 1 team if it wasn’t for Drive to Survive? -Most probably not.

So why has Play’n GO committed to such a major marketing investment, and what are they paying the Haas F1 team?

What else does Play’n GO have in the pipeline? Let’s have a closer look.

The Play’n GO and MoneyGram Haas F1 team sponsorship


Play’n GO is one of the best slot developers in the online casino industry, with popular games like Book of Dead, Reactoonz, Moon Princess, and many more. They have released more than 300 titles and aim to launch about 50 new slots in 2024.

The MoneyGram Haas F1 is an American-licensed Formula One racing team co-owned by Gene Haas and entered F1 in 2016. Their current drivers are Kevin Magnussen and Nico Nico Hülkenberg. Their team principal is Ayao Komatsu, who recently replaced the charismatic and popular Guenther Steiner, widely known from the Drive to Survive series.

Play’n GO has entered a multiyear deal to become one of Haas F1 team’s main sponsors, and the contract will run at least until the end of 2028.

Starting from the 2024 season, we will see the Play’n GO logo on the Haas F1 car and on the driver’s suits, among other places. 

How much is Play’n GO paying the Haas F1 team?

The exact cost of the partnership hasn’t been revealed, but when Magnus Olsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Play’n Go, was asked by host Pierre Lindh in the Next.io podcast if the cost was around €50 – €100 million, Magnus answered that this is in the “ballpark correct.”

So we can assume that this Play’n GO marketing partnership with the MoneyGram Haas F1 team will cost PnG around €10 – €20 million per year.

Why is Play’n GO sponsoring a Formula 1 team?

According to C-level employees at Play’n GO, the company has underinvested in marketing after the COVID-19 pandemic and has, until recently, been looking for larger marketing investment opportunities.

We believe that there are several reasons why Play’n Go has decided to make such a significant marketing investment into the Haas Formula One team:

  • The popularity of Formula 1: Each race has a global TV audience of around 70 million viewers.
  • Branding: Play’n GO aims to become a household name for players and can use the branding as an acquisition tool to hire people and grow the company.
  • Create trust: A huge marketing sponsorship of this magnitude creates trust with partners and operators.
  • Exclusive events: This partnership allows Play’n GO to invite partners and players to F1-related events that money just can’t buy.
  • Reach outside the industry: This kind of marketing activity enables Play’n GO to reach audiences outside the gambling industry.
  • Access to Haas F1 drivers: This partnership opens up opportunities for Play’n GO to invite the Haas Formula 1 drivers and other key members to exclusive customer or industry events.
  • Increased USA focus: The regulated USA online casino (or iGaming/iCasino as some call it) market is rapidly growing and is expected to become the biggest market for online slots and live casinos in the future. Play’n GO intends to become one of the biggest online slot developers for the US market.

Play’n GO’s USA focus

The US Online Gambling Market size is estimated at USD 5.12 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 10.98 billion by 2029, according to Mordorintelligence.com.   

Game studio Play’n GO is one of the largest slot developers in the world and one of the most popular ones in Europe. They also plan to become one of the key players in the USA online casino market.

Apart from this Haas Formula One partnership, an American-owned F1 team, we have seen Play’n GO create a few US-focused slots, including Detroit Red Wings Winged Reelers and USA Flip.


Play’n GO is also in the process of releasing slots from their popular game catalog to the US market. Still, there are no guarantees that a popular PnG slot from the European market, like Legacy of Dead, will experience the same success in the US.

Slot players in the American market are mainly used to playing casino games in land-based casinos and enjoy a different type of slot game compared to the more mature European market. Therefore, we can expect Play’n GO to release several US-focused slots to cater to this market better and grow their market share.

One thing is for certain: Play’n GO wants to become a popular slot developer in the US online casino market in states that have regulated and allowed online casino gambling, and this partnership with the Haas Formula One team is part of that process.

Is Play’n GO’s MoneyGram Haas F1 partnership a good investment?

Play’n GO is a privately owned company that doesn’t have the pressure from outside owners to do certain activities or moves in the markets.

The owners of Play’n GO, together with their key C-level staff, have been looking around for big marketing investments, and they have surely done their research and predictions properly before going for this Haas F1 partnership.

Or to quote the words of Magnus Olsson, Chief Commercial Officer: “F1, at the heart of it, is entertainment in a highly regulated environment – it’s a perfect match for Play’n GO.”

Haas F1 online casino slot powered by Play’n GO


So, to the most obvious question – When can we play the Haas F1 slot game?

Play’n GO is not working on a Haas Formula One slot yet, but there is no doubt that this game (or an overall F1 slot) should be in the pipeline soon.

Maybe Play’n GO is waiting for their Haas F1 partnership to kick in properly first by letting the upcoming 2024 Formula One season start and gain that brand recognition with a global audience.

Could this be one of the aims of this expensive marketing activity before they release an F1 online casino slot? -Only time will tell, but once it’s about to be released, you will be able to find all the info on our new slots page.

Status update – May 9, 2024

On May 9, 2024, we have already gone through 6 of the 24 races, and unfortunately for the sport, Max Verstappen and Red Bull have already taken away some of the excitement as they are leading the drivers and constructors championships in big style with no sign of slowing down. However, there is still a lot left of the season, so anything can, in theory, still happen.

What about Haas and the Play’n GO sponsorship?

The team has not started the new season amazingly, but it’s not too bad either. The drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen have gained 6 and 1 points so far. It might not sound like much, but they are currently placed in 13th and 16th place, while the team is 7th in the constructor championships.

The Haas team would probably see it as a decent season if they finish 7th once all the races are completed.

So what about Play’n GO? Have they received any value from this cooperation yet?

Well, there are certainly millions of F1 fans who previously never heard of Play’n GO but now have seen the logo multiple times as PnG is shown in a favorable position in the Haas car.


Each time the Haas cars are involved in overtake situations (and those happen a lot back in the grid), the TV broadcasts shift to an angle where we can follow the Haas cars’ path, and bang in the middle, we see the Play’n GO logo.

How much is that worth? Certainly a lot.

What else?

There is a huge upcoming iGaming event happening on the island of Malta in its capital, Valletta, between 15-16 May, 2024. Both Haas drivers are scheduled to appear at an exclusive Play’n GO event, where the game studios’ partners and invited guests get a chance to meet the drivers in person and chat with them.

All in all it seems like Play’n GO has gotten its moneys worth so far but there is still a lot to come as the partnership has just begun.

To be continued.

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