Nolimit City’s Infectious xWays feature explained

Nolimit City slots’ gameplay has gained so much depth and potential thanks to its eccentric and appealing features, including the Infectious xWays feature.

Centered around the 90’s feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers, East Coast vs West Coast was the first Nolimit City slot with the powerful Infectious xWays feature.

This feature expands on the xWays mechanic.

The CasinoWizard explains how it works.

Nolimit City’s Infectious xWays are often the key to some massive wins

Nolimit City has become a top slot provider, and it is no coincidence that they topped the Bigwinboard 2021 slot awards.

Their fascinating and ingenious trademark features have brought them where they are today.

Up to now (end of 2021), we have the following NolimitCity mechanics:  xNudge, xWays, Infectious Infectious xWays, xBomb, xSplit and xPays.

These features give a slot much more win potential, as most of these features help you land more ways to win (with win-all-ways slots) and land more identical symbols.

In this article, the CasinoWizard elaborates on the Infectious xWays feature.

Infectious xWays feature – like the xWays feature, but even more powerful

xWays symbols transform into 2, 3, or 4 (or more) other identical symbols, thereby expanding the reel. Similar symbols on any other reel will expand to the same size.

As a result, this feature has even more potential than the xWays feature, as you get more expanded reels with more identical symbols.

The illustrations show how powerful the feature is, for Legion X, another stunning 2021 Nolimit City slot.

In the first picture, two Infectious xWays symbols appear on reels 1 and 5.

infectious xways explained 1

The second picture shows that both Infectious xWays symbols are replaced by three Jacks.

The good news is that the middle reels 2, 3, and 4 have a Jack symbol.

As a result, these all split into three Jacks.

As a result, you have three Jacks on all the reels, resulting in 243 wins of a 5-of-a-kind Jacks, as shown in Picture 3.

On which Nolimit City slots can you find the Infectious xWays feature?

Examples of Nolimit City slots, where more reels become “infected” thanks to the Infectious xWays mechanic, are:

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