New stake limits for UK players on online slots

The UK government announced on the 23rd of February 2024 that new maximum stake limits for UK players on online slots will come into effect from September 2024 when playing real money games on UKGC-licensed online casinos.

The new stake limits on UK slot sites:

  • Aged 18-24: Maximum stake of £2 per spin.
  • Aged +25: Maximum stake of £5 per spin.

Why are the limits deducted?


The upcoming decrease in bet limits on online slots for UK players is all part of the UK government Gambling Act white paper, released in April 2023, where several new measurements and changes are proposed to make the UK gambling market safer and more sustainable for the long term.

As online slots can be considered to be “very high-risk products,” the new stake limits will be introduced to protect players from harmful gambling activities.

Especially the younger demographic of society can be negatively influenced by online slots and increase their stake limits to volumes that they can’t afford or can be directly harmful. It has, therefore, been decided that younger players should be protected by introducing even lower stake limits per spin for them.

The Gambling Act white paper also suggested that an introduction of stake limits of between £2 – £15 per spin should be implemented to the general public, and it has now been decided that the limit for players aged +25 will be £5 per spin on online slots.

Industry reactions to decreased limits on online slots

The overall reactions from the industry to these new stake limits for UK players on online slots have been positive, as all parties want a safe, regulated, and sustainable gambling market in the United Kingdom.

GambleAware, the leading independent charity and strategic commissioner of gambling harm education, welcomes the new stake limits and sees these measures as a positive step toward reducing the risk of players falling into gambling problems.

Meanwhile, The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), representing the major UKGC-licensed operators, welcomed these new changes as they provide enhanced protections for young people. However, they also urged the UK government and regulators to avoid applying regulations that are too strict to prevent customers from drifting to the unsafe, unregulated online black market.

Effects on new UK stake limits on online slots


These new stake limit changes are clearly for the greater good and should contribute to a safer and more sustainable regulated UK gambling market.

While millions of players in the United Kingdom enjoy playing slots online, the industry and regulators have to do their utmost to create systems where, ideally, close to no players experience harmful effects from playing casino games.

Meanwhile, any new restrictions need to be created and introduced in a way that the UKGC-licensed market remains attractive to players instead of contributing to players looking for other options on offshore casinos that operate in an unregulated black market where players aren’t protected in the same way.

This is a delicate balance that, hopefully, the UK government and regulators will continue to aim for.

How to increase your chances of winning when playing UK online slots

With decreased stake limits, you can extend your entertainment time by playing more rounds with lower limits than a few spins with bigger bets.

There is no magic formula or strategy to win when playing online slots as it’s all based on Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithms, and it’s all based on luck whether you win or not.

However, one way to increase your chances of winning is to choose a UKGC-licensed UK slot site that allows you to play slots on the best-paying versions.

Slots are released with various Return To Player (RTP) versions, and online casinos choose whichever version they want for their players.

For example, Starburst is available in six payout versions averaging a 90.05%, 92.05%, 93.05%, 94.05%, 95.05%, or 96.09% RTP.


What does this really mean?

Let’s give you an example.

In the following table, we show how many spins you will theoretically get to play before your money runs out, based on a starting balance of £100 and a stake of £1 per spin.

Starburst RTPNumber of spins
96.09%2,531 spins
95.05%2,000 spins
94.05%1,663 spins
93.05%1,424 spins
92.05%1,245 spins
90.05%994 spins

The CasinoWizard can exclusively guide you toward the best-paying version of Starburst and other UK slots. Just check our slot reviews to find the highest RTP versions.

The future of UK online slots and gambling market

We have already seen other measures being introduced to the UK-licensed online casino gambling market, like bonus buy options being prohibited on slots.

These new stake limits will come into place from September 2024, but there are other proposed measures in the pipeline, as suggested in the Gambling Act white paper.

These include more affordability checks, advertising measures, updated design rules for online games to prevent risks, and more.

The UK government is also trying to ease land-based casino restrictions to save that industry as more players choose to play online casino games online.

This could be a fight against the current, though, as we recently saw in Sweden, where the government recently announced that they would close two of their remaining three state-owned land-based casinos where they have a monopoly in place.

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