Exclusive interview with Relax Gaming

One of the joys we have here at CasinoWizard.com is being able to get direct access to the best game studios and to hear directly from them about their latest slot games and discuss their specific features, products, and plans.

Today, we have the huge pleasure of presenting you with an exclusive interview with the award-winning Relax Gaming team.

We discuss the innovative new feature in today’s release, Lure of Fortune, where you can choose the volatility level yourself. Not only for the bonus round but for the entire game!

Will this be a successful and game-changing release? Let’s find out.

We also discuss the Money Train series, highly volatile slots with enormous max wins, and much more.



CasinoWizard: Lure of Fortune is an exciting upcoming release from Relax Gaming planned to launch today, 7th November. It is anticipated to become one of the best fishing-themed slots on the market. However, before we discuss this slot in more detail, can you tell us more about the new volatility mode feature where players can choose their preferred volatility from medium, high, to extremely high variance and the thought process behind releasing such an option? 

Relax Gaming:  We value the perception and opinions of our audience prior to the game launch, and I hope the game lives up to the high expectations! Relax is known for creating games that frequently pay out their stated max wins, and historically, we succeeded in building high-volatility content that is enjoyed by players worldwide. 

With the landscape constantly changing, and players’ likes becoming increasingly more individualized, we wanted to offer a gaming experience that can be tailored to different player wants. Additionally, we also sought to create a slot that stood out within the realm of its popular theme. 


CasinoWizard: Allowing players to choose their preferred volatility level in slot games makes so much sense, and while the option has been available in some slot bonus games, we haven’t seen this feature available for the entire game, including the base game before. Will we see this feature being used in other future releases from Relax Gaming, and could it be an option to use it in older popular titles as well?

Relax Gaming: We are big believers in looking ahead and wouldn’t want to reconstruct titles that have garnered a loyal fanbase. We plan to start by monitoring how the feature is received within Lure of Fortune, and then looking into applying the feature to the right games in the future. As always, it’s all about striking the right balance between fresh and familiar.  


CasinoWizard: Fishing slots are one of the hottest themes at the moment, and we have seen many of these games released in recent months. Can you tell us how Lure of Fortune is different and why you think players will enjoy this slot? 

Relax Gaming: Agree that this is probably one of the most overused themes in the gaming industry, however, so were the old Westerns at the time that we released Money Train – and we can all vouch for the success of that franchise. We see similarities between the two titles in that sense; Most providers are using an existing recipe and making their own interpretations of the mechanic within the fishing theme, whereas Lure of Fortune differentiates by offering a completely new mechanic that hasn’t been seen online yet.

CasinoWizard: Relax Gaming has had quite a journey from the early days of creating slots to the first major hit, Temple Tumble Megaways, followed by countless top-quality games in recent years. Do you have any personal favourites from the Relax Gaming slot catalog? 

Relax Gaming: It has been a fantastic journey and all these games are a success story! In terms of favourites, we would have to narrow it down to two; Top Dawg$ and Hellcatraz. Top Dawg$ has the best slot music we have ever produced and it was an exceptionally fun project to work on, while Hellcatraz allowed us to experiment with a fun art style and tell a story related to an interesting subject. For these reasons, together with the positive reception of the two titles, these slots are all-time favourites.  


CasinoWizard: Relax Gaming is synonymous with innovation and having the guts to try new things. You have, for example, created several slots in cooperation with leading slot streamers, as seen in Beast Mode, Net Gains, and Iron Bank. Have these releases been successful, and can we expect to see more collaborations like this in the future from Relax Gaming?

Relax Gaming: These games have been very successful and it’s always exciting collaborating with people who share the same passion for games. As for our future plans, only time will tell, so watch this space to find out!

CasinoWizard: Relax Gaming just ended the successful Money Train series with Money Train 4 (a slot that received an unusual 5-star rating by the CasinoWizard). Has the last edition matched your expectations after its release?

Relax Gaming: It’s a huge honour to have been rated so highly by CasinoWizard and we’re all very grateful for every positive piece of feedback we receive. We’re thrilled with Money Train 4’s performance so far and the whole franchise has been a true labour of love. 

The challenge of identifying the right time to release the next big idea is crucial to any game and we feel Relax has done a great job on that front as well. If we had to highlight a specific area or development that we’re particularly proud of, Money Train 4’s base game would be high on the list. This was an aspect of the game we always sought to improve and has resonated extremely well with players so far, making all our hours of hard work worthwhile.  


CasinoWizard: Highly volatile slots with high max win potential are popular, and Relax Gaming has released their share of them, too, where Money Train 4 (150,000x), Money Train 3 (100,000x), and Sloth Tumble (100,000x) top your max win lists. What are the probabilities of hitting such huge max wins, and has anyone ever won any of those capped max wins yet on these mentioned slots? 

Relax Gaming: Relax has always taken win caps, and the achievements of them, very seriously. When we advertise a win cap we want players to know that the figure is not some marketing tool but rather an indication of how far this game can take them. It is truly a case of taming the beast rather than clickbait, and we’re passionate about proving this with each title. Testimony to this ethos is Money Train’s 4 climbing record of max wins. We had 3 players hit the 150,000x win cap on launch day and are only a couple of wins away from our 50th max winner; a huge milestone and a feather in our cap! 


CasinoWizard: Successful slot series like the Money Train games don’t come around too often, and now that you have ended that era, what’s next for Relax gaming, and how do you intend to come up with the next big hit? 

Relax Gaming: Agreed, these opportunities do not come around often and the shifting market makes it all the more challenging. We will keep doing our thing, innovating at every turn and continually improving on our successes and we believe the next hit will naturally reveal itself. You never know, it could very well be Lure of Fortune! 

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