Play’n GO adds a soundtrack created by a live orchestra

Many factors make or break a slot game. A fun theme, entertaining features, and a well-working math model are some of the essential elements that need to click for an online slot to become popular.

Another crucial component is the soundtrack used in a game.

A soft theme often has a calm soundtrack, while an action-packed concept needs a different kind of music to make sense and fit into the game.

This time the top-rated game studio Play’n GO has taken things to another level as the soundtrack used in their new Hugo Legacy slot is, for the very first time, created by a live orchestra.

Who created the soundtrack to the Hugo Legacy slot?

The Play’n GO team did not settle for anything half-hearted for this soundtrack as they collaborated with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, which has some of the best musicians in the world, for the Hugo Legacy soundtrack.

Walter Scharold – Head of Audio at Play’n GO, had the following to say about this cooperation:

“I’m most excited about working with this world-class orchestra and taking our game soundtracks to the absolute highest level that we have ever at Play’n GO, given that we already take our soundtracks very seriously, but this is really something unique and special.”

This was a challenging process, though, as it took about 7 months to organize everything from idea to recording.

Where can you listen to the Hugo Legacy soundtrack?

Naturally, you can experience the whole soundtrack by playing the Hugo Legacy slot.

However, you can also find the soundtrack in popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.

Just search for the “Hugo Legacy Soundtrack” on your preferred option and enjoy the 13 songs (total of 13 min and 36 seconds).

You can also look at the full behind-the-scenes orchestra video here to get an idea of how this collaboration was organized.

Which is the Best Hugo Legacy Online Casino?

The Hugo Legacy slot is available in five Return To Player (RTP) configurations averaging a payout from 84.20% to 96.20% long-term.

Playing on the best vs a lower RTP version of Hugo Legacy can significantly affect your chances of winning.

Hugo Legacy slot play n go

This is the reason why CasinoWizard exclusively has researched and found some High-RTP online casinos where you can play the game on the best-paying version.

Some casinos where you play Hugo Legacy on the 96.20% RTP version include Spinia, Maneki, and Bitstarz.

Why did Play’n GO make such an effort with the Hugo Legacy slot?

Game studio Play’n GO has taken a liking to the Hugo character as they have created several Hugo slots through the years.

These include titles like Hugo Goal, Hugo’s Adventure, and Hugo Carts.

Since it is the Hugo character’s 30th anniversary, PnG decided it was worth taking the extra mile on this release and speeding up efforts from great to extraordinary with the soundtrack for the Hugo Legacy slot.

Who is the Hugo character?

The Hugo Troll was created in the early 1990s by the Danish company SilverRock Productions.

Hugo was originally used in Danish and Swedish TV shows where viewers could call into the production team and participate in a Hugo game using their landline telephone devices to direct the Troll.

Apart from being the star in Play’n GO  slots, the cartoonish character has been featured in game shows, video games, books, comics, and magazines and starred in a television series.

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