How to spot fake slots

Did you know that fake online slots exist? Well, unfortunately, they are a very real thing.

In this article, we will show you some examples to look out for and how to ensure that you always play on legit and fair slots.

What are fake slots?

Fake slots are copies of the real thing.

The fake version might look and behave like the real thing, but underneath the hood, a different math model is used that often lowers the Return To Player (RTP) percentage and payout rates for the symbols.

Some fake slots advertise progressive jackpots that can never be won or are paid out to casino owners’ family members behind the scenes.

How to spot fake slots

There are a few things to look out for to spot a fake slot.

Look for discontinued slots

One sure telltale sign to spot a fake slot is if you find an online casino offering discontinued slots like, for example, NetEnt’s South Park

While the South Park slot was an excellent game, it had a license agreement attached to it. Once the license expired, the slot was closed down from the servers and removed from all online casino game lobbies. 

After the expiration date, it’s not available at casinos anymore, or that is if real versions were used. If you still find this slot being offered at a casino, it’s a fake version.

Keep an eye out for glitches

A bad internet connection is one thing, but if you notice that the slot behaves weirdly while playing on an unknown online casino, you should pay attention to ensure that fake slots aren’t being used.

Today’s leading game studios create slots using the latest technology and tools, so glitches are uncommon. Keep an eye out for strange and unusual slot behavior during gameplay.

Does the casino operate under a questionable license?

Playing slots on online casinos using a questionable license is preferably avoided.

Instead, choose reputable online casinos that are licensed by some of the most well-known authorities like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or if your country is locally licensed, only play on casinos that have obtained a legal gambling license like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) for the UK slots sites markets.

Novomatic slots in an unlicensed market? That’s a big red flag!

Some big slot studios, such as IGT and Novomatic, will only do business in regulated markets. So, if you live in a country where gambling is not (yet) regulated and you see Novomatic slots (such as Book of Ra) in the casino lobby, chances are high that those are fake slots.

Check the game rules

Always check the game rules and look for the official Return to Player. Fake slots will often not display the RTP, while slots in a reputable, licensed, online casino will always show the payback percentage.

Why do fake slots exist?

Fake slots exist due to shady operators wanting to avoid costly licensing fees to offer real games to their customers. The other reason is that these dishonest companies want to cheat to make a quick buck.

When offering fake slots, they can decide the payout rates and percentages as they please.

Real slots are already in the casinos’ favour because the odds are on their side long-term, but playing on fake slots takes away all your possibilities to win anything.

Why you should never play fake slots

The obvious reason to never play on fake slots is to avoid giving away your hard-earned money to swindlers and criminals.

The cheaters are stealing from the real creators, and you don’t want to contribute to that.

The RTP is unclear and probably in super low settings giving you very small (if any) chances of winning anything.

How to ensure you are playing on real and fair slots

We don’t want to ring the alarm bells and create fear out of nothing, but fake slots do exist and can easily be avoided altogether. 

All you need to do is play on top-rated online casinos that are properly licensed and seen as fair and respected.

At these casinos, your money is safe, and the slots used are real, providing a fair outcome using a Random Number Generator (RNG) where the games have been tested and licensed by approved third-party companies.

Frequently Asked Questions about fake slots

How can you recognize fake slots?

If you see irregularities, or glitches, or can play discontinued slots from big providers, chances are high the slot you are playing is fake.

Do fake slots pay out less than real online slots?

Well, that is the big question. As fake slots are not tested by independent auditors, there is no way to know what the real return to player is. It is highly probable that fake slots will pay out less than real slots.

Which providers’ slots have been copied?

Although this list is by no means complete, we have seen fake NetEnt, Aristocrat, Novomatic, Wazdan, and Quickspin slots.

Can you win on fake slots?

Yes, you can win on fake slots, but it will probably be harder than winning on real slots. There is another risk involved, though. If the online casino is willing to cheat its players by offering fake slots, do you think they will let you withdraw your winnings easily? We think not.

Why do online casinos use fake slots instead of the real thing?

Fake slots exist to allow rogue online casinos to cheat on their players and offer “big name” slots from reputable providers without paying said providers their rightful fees. As a result, these casinos win more and pay less, which makes it a double score.

Is a cloned slot the same as a fake slot?

No. A cloned slot uses the same mathematical models and gameplay features as another slot but with a different theme and graphics. Cloning slots is a popular strategy for slot providers, allowing them to release low-cost new versions of their creations. A fake slot has copied all elements of an entire slot, without permission from the creator.

Old fake slots versus new fake slots

Because it takes time and money to copy a slot, fake slots are often copies of older slots, with a proven success rate. Fake versions of new online slots are seldom seen.

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