How to find a slot’s RTP?

It´s more important now than ever to know which Return To Player (RTP) version you are playing on when playing slots.

The reason is that most leading slot developers create their newest slots with various RTP configurations, and then the casinos can freely choose their preferred version to offer their players.

For example, one online casino might offer you the best RTP version of Book of Dead averaging a 96.21% payout, while another offers their players the 87.25% option.

The worst part? You probably have no idea which version you are playing on.

This applies to most popular slots, and by playing on the lower-paying version, you get fewer spins on average, decreasing your chances of winning.

In this article, we will guide you on how to find the slots RTP and give you some other useful information about the subject.


Where is the RTP on a slot machine?

Finding slots RTPs is easy on a case-by-case basis but challenging when you want to find the best RTP versions as it’s a time-consuming and manual process to check hundreds of slots on multiple online casinos.

So, how do you find out the RTP on a slot machine?

The RTP info is located in slightly different places depending on which game and studio the slot comes from.

Let’s look at some of the most popular slots from leading game studios to get an idea.

We use the popular online casino LeoVegas to showcase where to find the RTPs on slot machines.

Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play:

First, you need to find the requested slot on the online casino where you are playing.

The game can be located on the casinos’ top lists or by searching for it using the casinos’ search bar.

sweet bonanza rtp

Once Sweet Bonanza is loaded, click on the information icon labeled “i”.

sweet bonanza information icon

Click the green play button until you reach the info where the RTP information is revealed.

sweet bonanza rtp info

Legacy of Dead from Play’n GO:

When playing Play’n GO slots like Legacy of Dead, you find the RTP information by clicking on the question mark (?) next to the menu button.

legacy of dead game info

Next, scroll down until you see the “Game Rules” visible. Here, you will see the RTP version you currently are playing on your chosen online casino.

legacy of dead game rules

Wanted Dead or a Wild from Hacksaw Gaming:

Hacksaw Gaming slots have gained in popularity in recent years due to their games’ impressive quality and entertainment value.

One of their hit games is Wanted Dead or Alive. Let’s look at how to find the RTP info in Hacksaw Gaming slots.

Start by clicking on the menu button.

wanted dead or a wild slot

Choose the “INFO” option.

wanted dead or a wild info button

Within the game info, you need to scroll down until you find the RTP information listed underneath the symbol payouts.

wanted dead or a wild rtp info

San Quentin xWays from Nolimit City:

The last example that we will look into is a Nolimit City slot. This game studio is nowadays among the most popular game developers and always releases their slots with various RTP versions.

To find the RTP info in Nolimit City slots, you first start by clicking on the menu button.

san quentin slot

Scroll down to the part that says “Game rules,” within this info, you will find the RTP information of which version you are currently playing on.

san quentin xways rtp info

Bonus Buys and RTP

If you are playing to play Feature Buy slots and buy direct access to the bonus round, be advised that often a Bonus Buy offers a different Return to Player than the base game. Usually, the RTP on a Bonus Buy is a bit higher than on regular spins, but we have also seen some cases where the opposite is true. In any case, the RTP on Bonus Buys should be listed in the game rules.

What about how to find slots RTP on mobile versions?

More people play online slots through mobile devices nowadays than on desktops or other devices.

The good news is that finding RTP information on slots on mobile phones follows the same principles as on desktops.

For example, start by clicking on the information icon to find the RTP information on Sweet Bonanza on mobile versions.

sweet bonanza slot mobile information

On mobile, you don’t click on any play buttons; instead, you just scroll down until the “Game rules” are visible, and within that information, you find the RTP information for the version you are playing on.

sweet bonanza mobile version rtp info

How CasinoWizard guides you toward the best RTP slots for free

Now that you understand where the Slot RTP information is being stored in different slots from various game providers, you should look at the RTPs offered in your chosen online casino before playing.


Because playing on lower-paying versions decreases your chances of winning.

Let’s look at an example. The slot Reactoonz is available in 5 different RTP configurations.

reactoonz slot high rtp

To illustrate the effect of a lower RTP on your chances of winning, we have made some calculations. In the following table, we show how many spins you will theoretically get to play before your money runs out, based on a starting balance of €/£/$/100 and a stake of €/£/$/1 per spin.

RTPNumber of spins
96.51%2,863 spins
94.51%1,803 spins
91.49%1,163 spins
87.50%792 spins
85.51%639 spins

As you can see, playing the 96.51% version gets you 1,033 more spins than the 94.51% version and lower RTP percentages perform even worse.

Now you can clearly see why playing on low RTP slots is just plain silly.

How can you ensure that you always play the highest RTP slot?

One option is to manually check the RTP version offered in your favourite casino.

If you notice that you aren´t being offered the best version, you start registering accounts at other casinos and manually check the RTPs offered in each one of those casinos, as well.

Note that you should always check the real money version and not the free-to-play option to ensure you are checking the correct RTP info.

However, if you want to skip this time-consuming and challenging task, you can follow the CasinoWizard’s guidance, as he has already done all the research for you.

best book of dead rtp version

All you need to do is to check our slot reviews, where we give you all the available RTP info and options of where to play the best-paying version.

In our slot catalog, you will find over +1,000 slots to check RTPs on.

What is slot RTP?

In case you are still asking yourself, what is an RTP? Please keep reading.

The Return To Player (RTP) is the average percentage that will be paid back to players from all wagering.

If, for example, a slot pays out 96% long-term, it means that for every 100 wagered on this game, 96 is paid back to the players while the casinos’ margin is 4.

The exact RTP percentage is calculated over billions of spins.

For more detailed info of how RTP is calculated and how it works, check the How is the payout rate of a slot calculated article.

What is a good slot RTP?

There was a time before various RTP configurations were introduced when slots were released with one RTP version around 96.50%.

Things have changed; today, the best RTP options usually circulate just above the 96% mark.

But as you have seen, most slots are now also offered in lower RTP versions; therefore, a good slot RTP is the best-paying version of a game.

Why do casinos have different RTP versions?

The different RTP versions of slots exist due to online casinos demands on the game developers.

Some markets require a lower RTP option to compensate for higher taxes or/and increased competition.

With higher costs, the margins must be found elsewhere to maintain a functioning and profitable business. Yes, in this case, from your pockets in terms of lower chances of winning.

In other cases, some online casinos want to offer their players a lower RTP version to increase their profits. Yes, pure greed.

Offering various RTP configurations is also quite a new thing, so most players have no clue that these even exist and keep playing at their favorite casinos without knowing that they are being given lower odds than necessary as better options are available.

The CasinoWizard team got tired of this practice and invented this site to help ourselves and fellow players find the best-paying versions of slots instead of giving away unnecessary margins to casinos.

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