How do Crash Games work?

Do you feel like gambling but want a quicker-paced experience than what traditional slots offer?

Then, Crash Games might be just what you are looking for.

Instead of spins with different outcomes, you simply choose your bet amount and decide when to cash out before the multiple crashes or stops.

You lose your bet if you fail to cash out before the round ends.

That’s how Crash Games Work.

How do you win on Crash Games?

Each round starts with a 1.00x multiple that increases in size with a constant speed.

Sometimes, the round might end immediately or close to the start value, and other times, the multiple can increase to hundreds or even thousands in size.

You win when you cash out your bet before the round ends.

The amount you win is the multiple value stated when you cashed out, no matter how much the multiple grows after your individual bet ended.


Risks with Crash Games

Crash Games uses one of the most simple game mechanics available for gambling, so the knowledge threshold to play these games is very low.

In other words, anyone can learn to play Crash Games within seconds as they are easy to comprehend.

While playing Crash Games can be entertaining, they also come with some risks.

There is an interesting psychological element happening when playing Crash Games as you want to hit wins, but you also don’t want to be on the “losing” end by cashing out too early.

This creates a situation sometimes seen in game shows on TV where the participant gets to decide if they should cash out or risk it all for higher wins.

You might be happy with your win at first. Still, after seeing the multiple growing to massive amounts, that winning feeling can turn into disappointment as you no longer appreciate what you won but instead focus on the amount you could have won if you had resisted the urge to cash out.

There are also patterns involved where a player starts playing with a low-risk strategy and eventually starts taking more risks after several successful attempts and wins with small bets.

Be aware of these factors beforehand and have a clear strategy before playing to stay within your budgets and limits.

Playing Crash Games can be risky, so always play responsibly.


What is the max win, and where can you find the info?

All Crash Games got a beforehand decided max win cap on the games.

This max win varies per game as the studio that created the game decides the maximum win potential.

Some examples:

  • Jet X: 100x the bet max win or up to 10,000 when playing with the max bet.
  • Aviator: 250x or up to 25,000.
  • Spaceman: 5,000x or up to 500,000.
  • Big Bass Crash: 5,000x or up to 500,000.

The max win information can be found in the game rules after loading a Crash Game on your device. 

Best Crash Games strategies

Similar to when playing slots and other casino games, the only long-term winner when playing Crash Games is always the casino.

This is because the odds are in their favour in the long run.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t win when playing; you just need to get lucky. But some best practices can increase your chances of winning.

  • Never play for more than you can afford to lose.
  • Decide beforehand how much you want to win.
  • You decide the volatility, as it’s up to you to determine if you aim at cashing out early or aim for the more unlikely big wins.
  • Don’t get emotional and change your strategies depending on how the game is performing.
  • All outcomes are random, and no patterns exist to discover and exploit.
  • Stick to your beforehand decided strategies no matter what.

The CasinoWizard’s personal strategy involves using the tools for 50% cashouts and the automatic full cashout once the multiple reaches a decided amount.

As mentioned, Crash Games are super simple to play, and to make things even easier, game studios have added a set of tools you can use when playing.

These include 50% auto cashouts, where half of your bet is placed on a certain threshold, and if the multiple is reached, you automatically win on that bet.

Another tool is the Auto Cashout, where the remaining bet (or full bet) is placed against a beforehand decided multiple. If the value is reached, you automatically secure that successful bet.

Although previous outcomes in near-time won’t affect the next round’s results (as all rounds are random), many players enjoy looking through these stats before deciding how to place their next bets.

But as in Roulette, 20 reds in a row won’t increase the chances of the next round ending on a black number; the same principle applies to Crash Games, so use this data for entertainment purposes only.

Some Crash Games also allow players to discuss with each other through a live chat, making the gambling experience more social.

It’s often also possible to follow other players’ wins through a live feed near the game.

It mainly comes down to the simplicity and the kind of entertainment that Crash Games offers. 

You don’t need any previous knowledge of how casino games or slots work to play games like Aviator. 

It pretty much comes down to the following steps:

  1. Find an online casino that offers Crash Games.
  2. Register a player account.
  3. Deposit real funds.
  4. Load a Crash Game of your choice.
  5. Choose your stake limit.
  6. Choose when to cash out and hope to get lucky.

The popularity of Crash Games is perfectly explained by Todd Haushalter, the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Evolution Gaming:

“It’s a bunch of things. It creates this wonderful negative/positive tension at the exact same time, and it happens at lightning speed. The plane takes off, and you get that wonderful excitement of I am literally getting richer by the milli-second. That is fun – to get richer by the milli-second, and you know, at any milli-second, it can all end, and so you have the negative attention. That wonderful tension between the two is beautifully balanced and fast. It came at a time when TikTok was shortening all our attention spans”.

While Crash Games can be played in most regulated (and unregulated) online casinos, they have become particularly popular in so-called Crypto Casinos. These casinos allow players to deposit and withdraw funds in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The simple answer to why Crash Games are popular in Crypto Casinos is that they interest many players who don’t normally play traditional slots.

You deposit, choose your bet amount, and off you go without any need to understand the game beforehand, as it is all very simple and straightforward.

What are the most played Crash Games?

The first Crash Games were launched and introduced in online casinos in 2019, so this is still quite a new phenomenon.

Nowadays, we are seeing an increasing number of online casinos offering Crash Games on their sites as the popularity of these games has increased, and more game studios have started creating different variations of the games.

Some of the most played Crash Games include the pioneers Jet X from Smartsoft Gaming and Aviator from game studio Spribe.

However, these classics are now competing with over 100 other Crash Game types of games, and the number is growing monthly.

The most popular and well-known Crash Game is Aviator.

However, as mentioned, with so many new variants to choose from, other Crash Games have also increased in popularity.

This includes titles like Spaceman from Pragmatic Play and SpaceXY from BGaming.

Another Crash Game that the CasinoWizard expects to become popular is Big Bass Crash, which combines the Crash Game mechanic with graphics from the famous Big Bass Bonanza series.

Crash Games providers

The list of game studios that have created one or several Crash Games is constantly growing as these games have become even more popular.

The list of game providers includes Spribe, Pragmatic Play, Reel Kingdom, Red Tiger, Gaming Corps, Betsoft, 1×2 Gaming, BGaming, Kalamba Games, 4ThePlayer, EvoPlay, Funky Games, Spinmatic, and more.

Will more leading game studios join the hype by creating a Crash Game? -Most likely, yes.

Will we, for example, see a Crash Game by Nolimit City using some provoking or humorous theme or a NetEnt Crash Game using the theme from Gonzos Quest or Starburst?

The release of Big Bass Crash, where the Big Bass Bonanza theme is used cleverly, might have opened the floodgates for other game studios to follow the same concept and innovatively use their famous characters when creating a Crash Game.

A Book of Dead Crash Game, anyone?

Best Crash Games Casino

Crash Games are especially popular within the Crypto community, and it is, therefore, no surprise that the Best Crash Game Casino is

Bitstarz offers players a wide range of slots, table games, live casino, and Crash Games from the best game providers.

You can choose to deposit and withdraw funds with different Cryptocurrencies or FIAT through some of the most commonly used payment methods.

What is the biggest max win Crash Games?

If you are the riskier type of player and aim for the big wins, Crash Games can suit your requirements as huge wins are possible.

The max wins vary per game, though, where titles like Big Bass Crash and Spaceman stand out as they can pay up to 5,000x the bet or up to 500,000.

Another game resembling a Crash Game is Astronaut from Red Tiger, and it can pay up to 50,000x the bet, so that’s worth exploring if you look for big wins from Crash Games. 


What are the best-paying (RTP) Crash Games?

So, we have established which games offer the most significant win potential, but what about the overall return or RTP?

The lower the RTP, the less will be paid back to players long-term, and the faster your funds will dry out, so it’s in your interest to look for High RTP Crash Games.

Examples of popular Crash Games and the best RTPs:

  • Aviator (Spribe) – 97%
  • Space XY (BGaming) – 96.88%
  • Jet X (Smartsoft GamingJet)  – 96.70%
  • Spaceman (Pragmatic Play) – 96.50%
  • Astronaut (Red Tiger) – 96%
  • Big Bass Crash (Pragmatic Play) – 95.50%
  • F777 Fighter (Onlyplay) – 95%

Future of Crash Games

The CasinoWizard sees a bright future for Crash Games, and the reasons are as simple as the game mechanic itself.

It’s easy to play and understand the rules. You bet and decide when to cash out. If the round ends/crashes before you act, you lose – That’s it.

For players, especially in countries where slots haven’t gained that much popularity, Crash Games can be a preferred choice for the reasons described in this article.

One thing that can hinder the future progress of Crash Games is increased regulations. Apart from this hurdle, we can see a future where Crash Games continue to evolve, and more game studios jump aboard this trend and start releasing new variations of these games.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Crash Games?

Place your bet before the round begins and cash out before the multiple stop. You lose your bet if you fail to cash out before the round ends. The multiple starts from 1.00x and can sometimes stop at 1.01x to 5,000x.

Can you trust Crash Games?

Yes, playing Crash Games in top-rated online casinos is safe as they only provide games from trusted game studios where each game has been tested by third-party companies and approved by authorities.

Are Crash Games popular?

Crash Games are constantly increasing in popularity, especially in markets like Greece and India, but the trend can be seen worldwide. Crash Games have also become popular among Cryptocurrency gamblers. You can also see famous casino streamers on Twitch and YouTube playing Crash Games, which indicates that these games have become well-liked.

Where can you play Crash Games?

Most premium online casinos have added the best Crash Games to their game portfolio. These casinos include LeoVegas, Bitstarz, and many more.

Can you win real money from Crash Games?

Yes, any wins from Crash Games when depositing and betting with real money are real and can be withdrawn. Most online casinos have a minimum withdrawal cap of €/£/$10.

Are Crash Games risky?

The volatility and variance levels are based on players’ bet strategies. Aiming for big wins equals more risk. However, the nature of Crash Games makes these games risky as it is easy to get carried away since the learning threshold is so tiny (or non-existent), combined with the fear of missing out (FOMO) element when big multiples are seen.

How to find gambling Crash Games?

When accessing an online casino, look for a “Crash Games” section or use the casino’s search bar to find the games of your choice. Some of the most popular Crash Games are Aviator, Spaceman, and Jet X.

What are the bet limits on Crash Games?

Crash Games like Aviator and Jet X can be played with bets from 0.10 to 100 per round, while Spaceman and Big Bass Crash offer minimum bets from 1 to 100.

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