Casino and slot games have different Return To Player (RTP) percentages that are based on billions of rounds.

The higher the RTP, the higher your chances of winning as you get more spins on average from your balance compared to when playing low RTP games.

At, we like to differentiate between high-RTP and low-RTP casinos.

What is a High-RTP Casino?

A high-RTP casino is an online casino with a high average RTP level across all their slots’ and games’ selections compared to other casinos.

Playing on a high-payout gambling site offers many advantages compared to playing in casinos with a lower RTP offering across the games.

If you want to increase your chances of winning when playing on online casinos, choose one of these trusted high-paying casinos that offer better odds than the competition.

What is the Average RTP for Online Casinos?

The average default RTP on online casinos is around 96%. However, since most online casinos don’t offer their players the default (best) RTP alternative, the real average RTP for casinos is lower today.

For years it has been assumed that the average RTP for casinos is 96%, but this is now changing due to casinos having the option to choose among the different RTP versions on most slot games.

How do we Rate High-RTP Casinos?

How can we know for sure which online casinos are high-paying casinos and which ones we need to avoid?

Well, it’s no easy task, and instead of just guessing and randomly listing a bunch of casinos and assuming that these offer higher RTPs on average, we have actually done all the research for you.

We started by gathering all the RTP data per slot from the leading game studios.

These game developers are the companies that create all your favourite slots. Online casinos then pay the game studios different fees to showcase and offer these games on their respective game lobbies.

These game studios include:

Wait, doesn’t this accumulate to thousands of slots to check the RTPs for from every single online casino?

Yes, it does, and we at have uniquely gathered all this data to determine which online casinos qualify as best-paying casinos. We have all the data in hand and can make the comparisons.

Which Online Slots Have Multiple RTP Versions?

You will be surprised to realize the extended volume of slots created with different RTP levels.

These slots include world-known titles like Big Bass Bonanza, Legacy of Dead, Starburst, Big Bamboo, Sugar Rush, Mental, Wolf Gold, Drop em, Rise of Olympus, and many more. The list goes on and on.

As you can see, these titles include slots from various game studios and both old and new games.

When is an RTP Good, Mediocre, or Poor?

Good RTPs are the default percentages, meaning each game’s top RTP options.

For example, the highest-RTP version of Book of Dead average an RTP of 96.21% – This is a good RTP.

However, there are also lower RTP versions available of the game. Those average a 84.18%, 87.25%,  91.25%, or 94.25% RTP.

We qualify the 94.25% payout version as mediocre, while any lower RTP version is considered poor.

Any online casino that averages at least 90% of its games with good RTP versions qualifies as a high-RTP casino in our segmentation of casinos.

Default (often 96% or higher)Good RTP
94% rangeMediocre RTP
Lower than 94%Poor RTP

Why do Slot RTPs Differ Between Online Casinos?

Since online casinos want to have the choice to determine their short and long time prospects better in terms of revenues, profits, and overall budgets, casinos have asked game studios to create their slots with various RTP versions.

Online casinos can then freely choose which version to offer their players.

Some casinos are fine with having smaller margins and instead prioritize the users’ gaming experience by giving players a higher chance of winning.

Other casinos are somewhere in the middle and prefer higher margins but still offer players a decent RTP.

Then you have another segment of casinos that only focus on their revenues and profits and don’t care about players’ chances of winning or user experiences. Instead, they aim to get the players’ money as fast as possible by offering their user base the lowest RTP versions of online slots.

In other cases, some casinos might be forced to offer lower RTP versions of certain games in newly regulated markets as the local taxes enforced on casinos might be higher than usual. So to remain a functioning business, they need to be compensated for when expenses increase on one end.

What is the Difference Between a High- and a Low-RTP Casino?

The main difference between playing on high vs low RTP casinos is that on the preferable option, your money and entertainment time will last longer on average compared to a low RTP casino, where you will burn through your bankroll faster while having fewer chances of winning.

It all seems like a no-brainer, and it really is now since the CasinoWizard can point you in a direction where you play on higher RTP slots.

ComparisonHigh RTP CasinoLow RTP Casino
Slots RTPDefault (highest)Lower (94% or lower)
Table Games RTPDefaultDefault
Live Casino Games RTPDefaultDefault
Value for moneyNormalLow
Casino Bonus Value*MaximumLow
Playing timeNormalLess
Chances of winningNormalLower when playing slots
Player satisfactionGoodLow
Casino profit marginsNormalToo High

* When comparing identical bonuses regarding bonus %, max bonus and wagering requirements

Does RTP Matter in Online Casinos? (Hint: YES!)

What difference does playing on a lower or higher RTP version of a casino slot make?

Why wouldn’t you want to pay more for an item if the same thing was available for a lower price next door? The same applies to slots; why would you settle to play a slot game where your chances of winning are lower when a better alternative is available?

The trick is that it can be difficult to find and compare the different casinos and slots to find the best RTP options. Well, difficult until now, as the CasinoWizard has taken care of this task for you by guiding you toward the best-paying online slots.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, play on the best RTP version. On the other hand, if you don’t mind giving away valuable margins and seeing your bankroll being slashed through quicker, you can play lower RTP versions of slots.

Does Bet Size Affect RTP?

Some jackpot games, like Mega Moolah, have a mechanic where a larger bet size increases your chances of winning a jackpot.

Does the same apply to RTPs?

The answer is no.

Your bet size does not affect the average RTP setting. All slots have a determined average RTP percentage, and playing with low, medium, or high bets does not affect the RTP.

How to Find High-Payout Casinos

Finding high-paying casinos is challenging, as you need to collect data from thousands of slots at a specific casino to determine the average RTP on offer.

What makes things even more complicated is that while a casino might offer the highest RTP version on games from one game studio, they could be poor on another game studio’s slots.

The RTPs can also vary per studio. A casino might offer the best RTP version of Starburst but a mediocre RTP on Gonzo’s Quest that the same game provider makes.

CasinoWizard has done all the research and work for you so that you can focus on playing high payout slots and being entertained instead of wasting your time on these challenging tasks.

To find high-RTP casinos, you simply need to choose one of the selected online casinos on this page. They have passed all our safety and RTP tests and offer players a minimum of 90% of their game selection with good (default) RTPs.

Can you Trust High-RTP casinos?

High-RTPs are one thing, but an equally important component when choosing where to play is the trust factor.

How can you know if a best-paying casino is trustable and safe?

At CasinoWizard, we consider several points before listing a high-payout casino on this page.

Apart from the obvious part that the casino must offer players high RTP slots, they need to have proper licensing in place and provide slots to players that independent and authorized testing agencies have tested.

Any online casino listed on this high-RTP casinos page has passed all these requirements and is considered among the most popular, safe, and respectable online casinos today.

So, while knowing that you play slots on the best RTP versions, you also can rest assured that you play on tested and fair games while your deposits are safe and withdrawals are handled fast. 

How do you Recognize a High-RTP Casino?

A well-known online casino that does loads of marketing online and on TV and print doesn’t necessarily mean that they offer high RTP slots.

In some cases, it could mean the opposite, as with higher marketing expenses, the costs need to be covered elsewhere, and sometimes that means from your pockets, as the RTPs offered on that casino will be lowered.

So how can you recognize if an online casino is a high-RTP casino?

Well, you can’t just by looking at it. Instead, the research needs to be done to know for sure. All the RTP data must be gathered from each slot and casino to determine if a casino is a high-RTP casino.

Best Payout Online Casinos with the Highest RTP

If you don’t want to do this time-consuming and fiddly data gathering yourself, you can just skip that whole process and follow the CasinoWizard’s guidance, as he has picked the best payout casinos right here on this page.

Beware: Online Casinos can Change the RTPs of Their Slots in an Instant

Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to gather all the RTP data from each slot and casino once and then rely on this data until the end of time.

The reason is that during our data gathering and monitoring of the info, we noticed changes in the RTP files at casinos. This means that casinos can sometimes increase or lower the RTPs on selected games whenever they please. There is no law that prevents them from doing so.

Therefore, our sophisticated data tools gather new data constantly to verify if there have been any changes to the RTPs.

When these changes happen, we update our high RTP casino listings and slot reviews so that everything is up to date and all the information is accurate.

Best Games to Play in a High-Paying Casino

The games with various RTP levels are slot games for now. Therefore, to benefit the most from playing in high-RTP casinos compared to low-RTP casinos is to play slot games. These include slots from most of the leading and popular game studios.

Is there a difference in payouts per game type?

Table and live casino games have yet to be offered with variable RTPs. If you only play table and live casino games, there is no difference in RTPs between different casinos. Of course, that doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future. Any game where the outcome is, fully or in part, determined by a Random Number Generator could, in theory, have its Return to Player lowered.

Still, the CasinoWizard keeps monitoring the RTPs and will report if any changes happen in the future. 

High-RTP Casino Bonuses

One of the perks when playing casino online on new casinos is that you are often welcomed with a casino bonus available only for new players.

You might wonder if you can use a welcome bonus also on High-RTP casinos. Yes, of course, you can.

In a way, you will benefit from a double incentive as you start playing with an added balance and play the slots on the best possible RTP version.

Just remember to always look through any wagering requirements, so you know how much you have to wager before a bonus can be withdrawn.

Can you Take Bonuses on High-RTP Games?

The answer is yes and no.

Using a bonus on high RTP slots is generally fine, but there are a few exceptions to this.

Some slots have an unusually high RTP setting of around 98%-99%, and these games are commonly excluded from being used with a welcome bonus. This is because players can more easily abuse bonuses if a super high RTP slot can be used to wager the bonus. Examples of such excluded games are Blood Suckers and 1429 Uncharted Seas.

However, there are other ways to benefit from a welcome bonus.

Can I trust high RTP casinos?

The RTP offered in casinos does not necessarily indicate if a casino is trustworthy, as many highly trusted and top-rated online casinos also provide players with lower RTP versions of slots. However, the best combination is finding a reliable online casino that offers its players the best-paying versions of slots. To find trusted casinos, ensure the casino has a certified gambling license from a reputable jurisdiction. Follow the guidance from trusted online casino portals like before deciding where to play.

Are high RTP casinos better?

High RTP casinos are better than lower-paying casinos because you have a higher chance of winning when playing high RTP slots. The reason is that a higher RTP version of a slot gives you more spins and entertainment time on average than a lower RTP version of the same game.

How does CasinoWizard determine if a casino offers high RTP slots?

The CasinoWizard exclusively gathers data from thousands of slots from all selected casinos. With this data in hand, we can determine the average RTPs offered per slot, game studio, and overall per online casino. The few casinos that offer players a high RTP are listed as High RTP casinos on

Why does RTP in casinos matter?

The RTP determines what is paid back to players over time. The lower the RTP, the higher the casino’s edge. Since most slots are released with various RTP configurations and casinos freely choose which version to offer their players, the RTP in casinos is more important than ever as they can vary widely per casino, even if they offer players exactly the same games.

Can Casinos change their RTPs in slots?

Yes, and many casinos regularly do. This is why we at monitor all the RTPs per slot and online casino through our advanced tools to adjust all listings and information visible on the website when needed.

Should I care about RTP in casinos?

You should care about the RTP in casinos if you want to increase your chances of winning and would like to increase your entertainment time when playing slots in casinos. If you are okay with giving away extra valuable margins and edge to the casinos, then it doesn’t matter what RTP casinos offer.