Speed and convenience are vital pillars when playing slots and other games at online casinos.

The speed refers to the fast pace of deposits, the time it takes to load and play games, and the overall convenience comes from the fact that you can do this from the comfort of your own home or anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Another crucial element to why online casinos have become so popular is the safety when playing at properly licensed casinos and that you always know that any winnings will be handled accordingly and paid to your preferred payment method when you complete a withdrawal.

With today’s intense competition among online casinos, offering players fast or instant withdrawals is a crucial selling point.

This page guides you towards Fast Paying Casinos, where withdrawals are handled exceptionally quickly.

What is an instant-paying casino?

Instant-paying online casinos have made it their mission to handle withdrawal requests ultra-fast.

Due to manual processes and workload, many casinos prioritize cash-out requests from high-value customers before handling other withdrawal requests. However, other online casinos specialize in paying all players their winnings faster than others.

A Fast Withdrawal Casino handles cash-out requests within hours, and then it will depend on your payment method of how long it will take before the funds are in your account.

How to speed up the withdrawal process


Instant withdrawal casinos handle payment requests as quickly as possible, but there are ways you can help out this process and speed up the overall procedure.

This is especially relevant when you are a new customer at an online casino, as they have little to no info about you as a customer.

Messing about with sending documents is not something that people generally enjoy doing or find amusing, but if you prioritize fast payments, then make sure to go through the casino’s Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure after registering your account.

To verify your account and go through the KYC procedure, you must send the casino a few documents, including an ID, Proof of Address, and a copy of a recent bill.

Some casinos request additional or other documents, but this usually covers the basics.

A fully verified and KYC’d account will help the casino’s payment department handle your withdrawal request faster, especially when your winnings exceed £/€/$2,000.

Why casinos hate payment transactions

Running an online casino is challenging, and one of the main pain points is the costs involved in payment transactions.

Since online casinos rarely add this cost to you, they cover it all themselves.

So, what’s the big deal?

Some payment providers are more expensive than others, but on average, an online casino can estimate a 1-2% cost on all transactions, including deposits and withdrawals.

These costs quickly pile up if your players deposit and withdraw minimum amounts often. This is why you sometimes see casinos implementing higher deposit and withdrawal caps.

Same-day withdrawal online casinos

Ideally, you receive your winnings on the same day as the withdrawal request was made, as no one enjoys hanging around for days or even weeks before their funds arrive in their accounts.

Same-day withdrawal online casinos handle cash-outs within hours after the request was made.

However, there are some payment methods that handle withdrawals faster than others, and if you value quick withdrawals more than anything else, you should probably prioritise those options.


An issue with depositing funds through e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill is that they are often restricted to use for activating bonuses. The reason is that online casinos have seen patterns after collecting years of data where bonus abusers prefer these payment methods.

But, if you prefer to play with real money without playing with casino bonuses, then e-wallets can be an excellent option if you prefer fast withdrawals.

Other payment methods for faster withdrawals are PayPal and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Some countries like Sweden have also implemented a direct registration process through Bank-ID, where your account is immediately fully verified after a successful deposit through Trustly, and all withdrawals are instant.

After a successful withdrawal request through Bank-ID/Trustly, the funds can be found in your bank account within 15 minutes. 

Payment methods with longer withdrawal times

Using credit and debit cards for deposits and withdrawals is another popular payment method used when playing online casino games as it is safe and easily accessible, but it’s not recommended for fast withdrawals.

The reason is that although fast withdrawal casinos might handle your cash-out requests quickly, the time your bank handles payment can extend the overall withdrawal time to several days. 

What online casinos have the fastest withdrawals?

The CasinoWizard loves playing slots and finding the highest RTP versions of the games, but he also prefers to get his winnings as quickly as possible after a withdrawal request has been made.

After testing hundreds of online casinos, he has hand-picked the best ones that pass his thorough tests, including trustworthiness, slot selection, payout percentages, support, and payment methods.

On this page, you find online casinos that handle payments exceptionally fast so that you can focus on the entertainment factor while knowing that your funds are safe and reach your account in a timely manner when you win.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fast Withdrawal Casinos

Why don’t all casinos handle payments quickly?

Some online casinos purposefully delay withdrawal requests to discourage you from making too many cash-out requests, as a withdrawal is a loss for the casino and an added transaction cost.

What are the fastest payment methods for withdrawals?

E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller and cryptocurrency are considered the best payment method options when playing in online casinos if you prioritize fast withdrawals. Withdrawals through Trustly are also processed instantly in some markets.

Can withdrawals be processed immediately?

Yes, some payment methods like Trustly in selected markets handle withdrawal requests automatically with no manual processes involved.

Are there any withdrawal limits when playing online casinos?

Some casinos have implemented daily, weekly, or monthly withdrawal caps. Check the online casino’s terms and conditions or the casino reviews available on CasinoWizard.com for more information.

Do VIPs get faster payouts?

High-value customers and VIPs can benefit from various perks and loyalty programs when playing in online casinos. One of those advantages includes faster withdrawal processing times. If you consider yourself one of these customers and don’t already benefit from instant withdrawals, contact the casino for more information.