Looking for best casinos? Then AVOID these 7 false claims


On this page, we will provide you with unique information that can’t be found anywhere else. We will give you inside secrets of how the online casino industry works, specifically how “casino information” sites share their information and what tricks to look out for when searching for a premium online casino to play at.

Why are we sharing this information with you?

Since the almighty Google itself doesn’t understand how online casinos work and does not have the capabilities to sort real information from made-up things, we at CasinoWizard.com see it as our duty to give you the proper guidelines so that you can make better decisions on where to play online casino games.

How can you trust our information?

The author of this piece, Sami Kurvinen, has been working in the online casino industry since 2010 and specializes in the affiliation segment. He has deep knowledge of how both online casinos and affiliates/information sites operate.

However, Google might not let you find this information easily, though, as their rankings are based on complex factors that favour established and big sites. So feel free to share this with your fellow players.

Top 7 things to take with a pinch of salt (or even completely ignore) on casino information sites:

All businesses have a purpose of generating money. Ideally, this can be combined with giving customers some kind of value. However, this is not always prioritized, as the money-making part comes before anything else.

Below, you will find 7 things that you often find on casino information sites, and we will explain in detail what to look out for and what to not trust.

Complete RTP figures per casino

Have you ever come across lists where casinos are listed based on their overall RTP percentage or best payout?

It can look something like this:

RankCasinoRTPWelcome Offer
1.Casino A96.67%100% Bonus up to x
2.Casino B96.22%100% Bonus up to y
3.Casino C96.09%100% Bonus + 100 FS
4.Casino D95.66%150 Free Spins

When you see these tables, think B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.


No casino information site in the world has information on every single game RTP that a casino offers to its players. In fact, they don’t even know what RTP version they offer on any of the most popular slots like Book of Dead, so how on earth can they know what the total is?

This is a made-up percentage or a very wild estimate that is more a guess than a fact. Not even the casinos themselves share this overall information with their players.

How do we know that this RTP percentage is inaccurate?

We at CasinoWizard are the only site on the internet specializing in slot RTPs, and we cannot even tell you the total RTP offered at a given casino.

Instead, we cover the most popular game studios and their slots in online casinos. Then, we exclusively guide players toward premium online casinos that offer the highest RTP versions of Starburst, Sweet Bonanza, and other popular and new slots. But we can never tell you the total RTP found in a casino, and neither can anyone else.

The only exception would be the casinos themselves but they don’t share this info.

Average Top Lists


We all love top lists, whether they cover the best movies, PC games, shoes, makeup, or casinos.

However, when you find average top lists on casino portals and information sites, you often need to take the information with a pinch of salt.


Because these top lists are often based on who pays the most.

If Casino A pays the casino portal the most, it’s likely that this casino will be listed as number 1, and so on.

The exception to this would be if the casinos are listed based on some more advanced point system based on algorithms where casinos get scores depending on their offerings, RTP versions, payment methods, withdrawal times, and more. This is not usually the case, though, so invest some time when comparing the casinos and offerings instead of blindly trusting the top lists.  

In cases where top lists aren’t compiled on facts, they are instead based on someone’s opinions. This isn’t always a bad thing, as highly qualified professionals might have made the list. However, it’s good to keep the mentioned reasons in mind when making a decision on where to play.

Top lists from big media sites


The online casino industry is big business, and where there is money to be made, it will attract attention from all sorts of companies.

This, combined with Google’s recent algorithm changes, which prioritize results from big media sites and other established sites in their search results, has opened up opportunities for them to monetize their authority in the gambling industry even if they have no specific expertise in the area.

Stay away from these lists.


Using experts to list and rate things is an ideal way to guide customers toward better choices, as the experts should know what they are talking about.

However, something labeled as “Recommended by experts” doesn’t always necessarily mean that a real expert has rated the list you are looking at.

The same goes for online casinos and casino portals, as this can be thrown around sometimes loosely without much meaning. Always double-check who the expert in reality is and what kind of experience this person has. The site in question should offer a link to the expert’s page where you can find more information and background. If there aren’t any links to the expert’s page, ignore the whole “expert” part and do the research yourself before deciding where to play.


Trustpilot is one of the world’s most trusted review sites and an excellent forum for finding real customer feedback on a product or service.

However, as we have explained in depth in our Trustpilot article, this isn’t always the best place to find the correct information about online casinos.

The reason is that Trustpilot and some other similar sites are sometimes used by bonus abusers (who aren’t necessarily acting as real customers) who use these platforms to pressure casinos to speed up their withdrawal requests while the casinos investigate their player patterns.

Trustpilot is great for many things, but check our article to be aware of the signs to look out for and detect fake reviews when looking for great online casinos.  

Best casino per category


Casino review sites often fill their pages with a lot of content for several reasons. The main reason is that long content has historically been shown to rank better on Google, so don’t be surprised to find endless content once you scroll past the top lists.

Some of the (often) made-up categories include:

  • Best PayPal Casino
  • Best Live Casino
  • Best Casino for Beginners
  • Best Mobile Casino
  • Best Casino for Fast Withdrawals, and so on

What’s wrong with these categories?

Most online casinos are today more or less the same. They offer the same games as they cooperate with the same game studios, and the best casinos offer the same payment methods to their customers, although these can differ a bit per casino.

The main differences between casinos are:

  • The RTPs offered per game
  • Some functionalities on the site, like game categories or slot filtering tools
  • The theme and colours
  • Gambling licenses

The rest is more or less the same. All top-rated casinos want to offer customers good customer support, fast withdrawals, and a great mobile experience, and apart from the points given here, you won’t find much difference between one casino and the other.

Some online casinos might offer players exclusive games or early releases, but these are usually few and far between.

“Our Top Pick”

To boost a certain online casino further, it can be labeled as “Our Top Pick,” Casino of the Month, and similar.

These casinos have more often than not paid for this extra exposure and aren’t necessarily better than any of the others listed on the site you are visiting.

So, what can you trust then?

Ok, so what information should you look for when searching for the best online casinos?

An issue for online casinos is that they are generally the same, with similar (or the same) game offerings, payment methods, functionalities, and service levels.

If we filter out all this fluff that we have listed here that you usually find when looking for the best online casinos, we are left with two main factors that you should focus on where to play:

  • Ensure that the online casino is licensed in your country (if a localised license is required to offer games legally).
  • Play online slots on the best-paying versions by choosing an online casino that offers its players the highest RTP option.

Almost all online casino slots are released in several Return To Player (RTP) configurations, and it’s up to the casinos to decide which to offer their players.

A high RTP gives players more chances of winning on average, while a low RTP version increases the casino’s profits.

Book of Dead, for example, is available in five payout versions, and you might be surprised to know that most online casinos offer players one of the lower RTP options.


Let’s have a look at an example to understand what the different RTP versions mean.

In the following table, we show how many spins you will theoretically get to play before your money runs out, based on a starting balance of €/£/$/100 and a stake of €/£/$/1 per spin.

Book of Dead RTP Number of spins
96.21%2,612 spins
94.25%1,721 spins
91.25%1,131 spins
87.25%776 spins
84.18%625 spins

Variance and luck factors will also affect the number of spins you eventually get from your deposited amount, but you get an idea.

Why doesn’t anyone else give this information?

Currently, we at CasinoWizard.com are the only ones on the internet that give players this RTP information per slot and where to play on the best-paying version. You can find the info by checking out our slot reviews.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • It’s technically challenging to find the information and to update it regularly as casinos sometimes change their RTP versions on offer.
  • Other casino portals and information sites have no incentive to educate players about the RTP factors and the implications of playing on low-paying versions, as the casinos paying these companies the highest commission fees often offer players some of the lowest RTP versions on slots.

Note that although we exclusively provide our visitors with real value by guiding players to the highest RTP versions of slots, we also get paid by the casinos once players choose an online casino through our links. This is the fee we require from the casinos to continue providing this service and operating this website and company. Players are not affected by this in any way, but it is a cost solely paid by the casinos to us at CasinoWizard.com.

Well, there you have it – true facts with no sugar coating.

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