Exclusive AvatarUX interview with Hannah Farrugia – Head of Product & Product Strategy

AvatarUX is one of the most exciting new game studios to enter the online casino market.

They have gotten premium exposure on casino game lobbies and impacted the whole industry due to their entertaining slots and ground-breaking innovative game mechanics like the PopWins feature in games like CherryPop.

We sat down exclusively with Hannah Farrugia, the Head of Product & Product Strategy at AvatarUX, and got some inside information on the thought process behind their creative innovations.

What is AvatarUXs recipe for continued success in a competitive market, and how does AvatarUX view the flooding of new slots being introduced to the market every week?

To our surprise, we also discovered that AvatarUX is a fully remote company with no physical offices.

We dig into this and much more in this AvatarUX interview.


CasinoWizard: Inventing new game mechanics that stick is rare, but AvatarUX developed one of the most exciting new mechanics in recent years, the PopWins feature. What was the thought process behind this innovation, and were you surprised about its instant success?

Hannah Farrugia, Head of Product & Product Strategy, AvatarUX: The thought process behind the invention of our PopWins™ feature was rooted in our commitment to delivering innovative and captivating gameplay experiences. We recognized the need to create something fresh that would resonate with players. The PopWins™ feature was born out of a collaborative effort to reimagine traditional slot mechanics, enhancing the excitement of each spin. Its instant success was indeed a pleasant surprise, and it reaffirmed our belief in the power of quality innovation.

CasinoWizard: After PopWins, we have seen other mechanics like MultiPop and StickyPop being released by AvatarUX. How does your innovation process look like internally to be able to come up with these new ways to play slots?

Hannah Farrugia: The innovation at AvatarUX is a dynamic and collaborative endeavor. We foster an environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creativity. Regular brainstorming sessions and cross-functional collaboration allow us to explore various concepts. The MultiPop™ and StickyPop™ mechanics, for instance, emerged from this process. Our focus on quality over quantity ensures that each new way to play slots is meticulously crafted to deliver a remarkable player experience.

CasinoWizard: Releasing sequels is a current trend that we see in many game studios. Apart from CherryPop Deluxe, we have not seen AvatarUX move in this direction. Can we expect any sequels from AvatarUX in the near future?

Hannah Farrugia: While many studios are diving into sequels, our approach at AvatarUX centers around delivering fresh and unique experiences. We believe in pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues in gameplay, rather than relying solely on sequels. As of now, we don’t have new sequels planned.

CasinoWizard: Another trend is to release several RTP variations of slots to give online casinos the option to choose their long-term margins in a more structured way. Will we see AvatarUX releasing their future slots with various RTP versions as well?

Hannah Farrugia: The introduction of various RTP versions is necessary for studios to keep ahead of new jurisdiction requirements and changes. Many of our games in fact have multiple RTP versions, that cover 96%, 94%, 90.5%.

CasinoWizard: Some game studios have a strategy that involves releasing as many slots as possible, sometimes 1 or more new slots per week. AvatarUX uses a different approach, as you have only released five slots so far during the first 7 months of 2023. What’s the reasoning behind your approach?

Hannah Farrugia: Our approach is driven by the belief that quality triumphs over quantity. We are deliberate in our game releases, ensuring each one is polished and designed to captivate players. Rather than churning out numerous slots, we concentrate on creating a limited number of outstanding games that players will remember and enjoy.

CasinoWizard: Which of the five new slots released in 2023 is your favourite and why?

Hannah Farrugia: Among the five slots released in 2023, my personal favorite is PixiePop™. Its enchanting theme, combined with the captivating PopWins™ mechanic, and high multiplier values, creates an immersive and exhilarating gameplay experience that resonates with players on multiple levels.


CasinoWizard: Which is your overall favourite AvatarUX slot, and what makes this so playable according to you?

Hannah Farrugia: My overall favorite AvatarUX slot is Zombie aPOPalypse™. Apart from the edgy and fun theme that stands out from the portfolio, it embodies the essence of what we strive to achieve – a balanced blend of math and audiovisuals. The Multipop™ feature truly shines in this slot, taking players on an engaging journey with every spin.

Zombie Carnival slot high rtp version

CasinoWizard: What can we expect from AvatarUX during the rest of 2023 and the coming years?

Hannah Farrugia: The future holds exciting prospects for AvatarUX. We will continue to focus on delivering innovative gameplay experiences that resonate with players. Our commitment to quality over quantity remains unwavering, and players can anticipate more groundbreaking mechanics and captivating themes in the coming months.

CasinoWizard: Talents out there are looking for new and exciting companies to join. What does the AvatarUX hiring process look like, and where are your offices based?

Hannah Farrugia: At AvatarUX, we are a fully remote company, and we embrace talent from around the world. Our hiring process involves thorough assessments of a candidate’s skills, creativity, and alignment with our values. Since we operate remotely, we value clear communication and a proactive approach with our team members. As for our “offices,” we don’t have physical locations; our collaborative work environment is fostered through digital channels and remote communication tools.

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