What are casino streamers?


Have you also come across YouTube videos showing people hitting big wins when playing casino slots and other games, followed by erratic behaviours and loud screams? Well, you are not alone, as these have become a phenomenon in the online casino industry.

This page will examine how casino streaming works, where it is done, its effect on the industry, why it is popular, and much more.

How does it work?


Online streaming is not unique to online casinos but is available in all industries and niches. However, in recent years, many people have been streaming themselves while playing online casino slots.

For online casino streaming, all you need is a device or program to film yourself while showing your screen and an agreement with one or several casinos, and you are pretty much good to go.

The norm is that the streamer receives deposit bonuses from the casinos they represent, so the streamer plays online slots using their own funds combined with bonus money.

The streamer then decides which platform to use, and then the difficult task of trying to gain followers begins while playing these casino games online.

People can then follow these casino streams on different platforms, monitor the activities, or even socialize with the streamer through the chat functions available.

Platforms for casino streaming


The most used platform for casino streaming is Amazon-owned Twitch.tv. While the online gambling niche on Twitch is huge, slots streaming only generated around 3% of Twitch’s total hours watched in 2022. However, this number has grown by 2% since 2021 and is estimated to keep growing.

Another popular platform for gambling streams is Kick.com.

YouTube is often used to show full-stream sessions or compilations of the biggest wins. Due to YouTube’s short formats and other fast-paced media, people nowadays have short attention spans, so quick inputs of big wins work well for this platform.

Why do slot streamers have a large following?

It can seem strange for outsiders to understand why anyone would decide to watch someone stream their gambling activities online instead of playing the games themselves. Especially since there are no skills involved in online gambling, it is just about luck if you win or not.

So why do people watch people gamble online?

There are several reasons for this:

  • It can be entertaining.
  • Streamers can play with massive bets, leading to enormous wins.
  • There is a social aspect.
  • People don’t have funds to gamble or don’t want to risk their own money.
  • Check how new or popular games work.
  • The streamer educates the audience about the games.

The initial signs of online casino streaming becoming popular happened around 2015 when the first early adopters started trying out this new concept. Streaming video games were already popular and widely used worldwide, but using the medium for slot streaming was a new thing.

This quickly became a phenomenon as more people started following these streamers. Online casinos gained more new customers, and game studios now had a new marketing tool to showcase their games.

Some streamers quickly became semi-celebrities as they streamed their online gambling activities for several hours per day.

Casino streaming has grown in popularity ever since, and today, in 2024, it is a vital part of the whole online gambling industry’s ecosystem.


Casino streamers with the most viewers can change from one month to another, but the most famous ones include names like Roshtein, ClassyBeef, CasinoDaddy, CasinoTest24, Slotspinner, Trainwreckstv, and many more.

There are also gambling streamers who are known only in specific markets, while others are universally famous within the gambling crowd.

Generic traits of successful slot streamers


Playing online slots with big bets can lead to huge wins (or even bigger losses), which, in turn, can transform into excellent marketing material as big wins attract attention. However, this is an expensive strategy that only a few can afford, but remember that most (if not all) streamers combine their deposits with bonus money or, in some cases, might even play with fake money.

More important than big bets is showing your audience something entertaining. This means that the streamer is either funny, crazy, good-looking, educational, or a mix of everything.

One trait that often works well among streamers is to show emotions when big wins happen. This could be straight-out screaming, jumping, dancing, or anything else that gets the viewers’ attention.

However, there are also cases of slot streamers who show little to no emotion and still gain a big audience, but often, craziness and fun lead to a higher follower base.

Fake funds and controversies

Without mentioning any names or pointing fingers (just Google “fake money casino streamers”), there have been many discussions online about some slot streamers using fake money.

Ask yourself, how can some streamers bet up to $/€/£50 per spin and play for hours daily, week after week, without going bust when the online casinos are the only sure winners due to the Return To Player (RTP) percentages? Well, they can’t. Or maybe it would be possible if these streamers were extremely wealthy, but that’s unlikely.

Don’t get us wrong—some casino streamers make big money streaming themselves while gambling online, but their earnings don’t come from casino winnings but from the affiliation partnerships that they have with online casinos.

Fake money setups usually work the following way:

  1. The streamer makes a real deposit to the casino.
  2. If the streamer loses the funds, the casino will reimburse them.
  3. If the streamer wins, he will redeposit the winnings until the balance is back to zero.

Another option is to deposit and play with demo money, which makes it look “real,” but it never was.

Some of these fake money streamers are the most entertaining and skillful in front of the camera, and they provide a lot of fun, but if a streamer constantly plays with abnormally big bets, you need to take the whole act with a pinch of salt.

Another method to grow your audience quickly is to boost your follower base by paying for fake users.

It is easier to grow a streaming account once you have reached a large following than when everything is new and only a few watch your streams.

Due to all these controversies, Twitch.com decided to ban several online gambling sites and streaming accounts from the platform in 2022 to clean up the situation. 

Where there is money to be made, there will always be scammers who take advantage of the situation, but in the end, you need to look at casino streaming from an entertainment point of view, no matter what stakes the streamer is using while playing. When something seems too good to be true, you might often be right.

Slot streamers’ effect on the industry

There is no doubt that casino and slot streamers have changed and shaped the industry into what it is today.

For example, do you think people want to watch a stream where the player often wins small amounts, or is it more interesting to follow a streamer who plays on a risky slot where huge wins occasionally appear?

This has contributed to the slot trend, in which game developers release mainly highly volatile and risky slots with enormous max win potential.

These games are perfect tools for slot streamers to showcase big wins and excitement and create great content for streaming platforms and YouTube.

Meanwhile, streamers are important marketing partners for game studios, as they advertise their games to large audiences interested in online gambling.

Casino streamers are also essential acquisition tools for online casinos as they refer many new customers to the casinos.

Can anyone become a slot streamer?

In theory, anyone can become a casino streamer. However, many online casinos require a minimum number of followers before they can become marketing partners.

It is also difficult to negotiate with online casinos about extra deposit bonuses if the streamer doesn’t refer a certain number of new players to the casino.

It might not be too late to become a slot streamer, but it is definitely more difficult nowadays than it was 4 to 5 years ago.

Only attempt this if you have a specific new angle that might work or a genuine focus on a new emerging market that others might not be able to target due to language barriers.

How do casino streamers earn money?

Casino streamers usually earn revenue by referring new players to online casinos or advertising deals with game studios. Casino streamers with many views on YouTube can also earn ad revenue from that platform.

Making money as a slot streamer without a significant user base that follows your streams is very difficult.

Importance of Casino Streamers

Casino streamers not only influence the type of slots that game studios create, but they can also act as influencers and become celebrities within the land-based casino space.

For example, the YouTube channel “Brian Christopher Slots” or BCSlots has gained such a big following on YouTube that each new video gets thousands of views that the Las Vegas brick-and-mortar casino Plaza has installed his own section in the casino’s new smoke-free gaming area.

Social Gambling


The social aspect is the factor that has made casino streaming so popular in recent years.

Most entertainers (streamers) are fun to watch, no matter the outcome. Then, you have the peaks during big wins that the streamer makes sure to enhance in every possible way.

But what if you could join the streamers and not only watch them win but also bet behind them and share the results? It is now possible to do exactly this through platforms like Live Spins.

Live Spins enables players to Place a bet to team up and “bet behind” the streamer for a chance to win together. If the streamer wins, the players win.

Todd Haushalter, Evolution Gaming’s CPO, believes this will become a huge thing in the near future, so Evolution decided to buy the whole company, as revealed during the recent Next.io podcast.

This feature will soon be available on selected online casinos and games from Nolimit City, NetEnt, Red Tiger, and Big Time gaming.

Future of casino streaming

The future of casino streaming is looking bright. It is today a vital part of the industry’s way of growing its user base, especially when it comes to the younger demographic of legal age to gamble online.

Adding the social aspect where viewers can bet behind the streamer and share the experience will only increase the popularity of casino streamers as the overall experience becomes even better.

The one thing that can hinder the growth of casino streaming is different regulations that can and will happen in various jurisdictions. We will just have to wait and see how these restrictions will affect the medium.


Are casino streamers fake?

Some casino streamers who constantly bet unusually big amounts have been accused of playing with fake (demo) money.

Can I bet with the slot streamer?

Yes, it is today possible to bet behind a streamer through tools like Live Spins, which are available in selected online casinos.

How do slot streamers earn money?

Slot streamers earn revenue through views on YouTube, marketing partnerships with online casinos, and fixed-fee deals with game studios. 

Are slot streamers’ big wins real?

The wins are real, but in some cases, fake or demo funds have been used to showcase the winnings.

How to become an online casino streamer?

Contact an online casinos affiliate program to discuss your options and possibilities of becoming a marketing partner through casino streaming.  

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