CasinoWizard’s Top 10 Favourite Wild West-themed slots


The Wild West period is considered to have happened between 1865 and 1895, and although it only lasted for 30 years, it has become one of our time’s most iconic eras.

Classic Western movies like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to Unforgiven and more recent masterpieces like Django Unchained have all contributed to its popularity.

We can all picture ourselves thinking of saloons, cowboy boots with spurs, gunfights, horses walking away in sunsets, and spitting villains when thinking of this era.

Wild West-themed casino slots online are also popular, and the one that set the bar was probably the original Dead or Alive from 2009, with sticky wilds and unseen huge max win possibilities (for its time).

As you will see, some game studios have a special talent for creating entertaining Wild West-themed slots with great graphics, brilliant soundtracks, and exciting features to go with them.

On this page, we will list the ten Wild West-themed slots that the CasinoWizard enjoys playing the most.

Note that most of these games are available in variable RTP versions, so check out the slot reviews to find the best-paying version to increase your chances of winning instead of helping the casinos earn more profits.

Top 10 Best Wild West Slots

Remember that all these slots are highly volatile, so always play responsibly.

1. Wanted Dead or a Wild


To create a super hit, you need to get many elements right, including:

  • The graphics
  • Soundtrack
  • An interesting base game
  • One or several exciting bonus games
  • Possibility to win big
  • An X factor

Wanted Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming is a Wild Western-themed slot that has almost everything.

This slot offers three separate bonus games with a max win cap of up to 12,500x the bet, and the VS symbols keep the base game interesting with their duels.

If you are looking for the best Wild Western slot ever created, then look no further, as Wanted Dead or a Wild is it.

2. Dead or Alive 2


In 2019, slot developer NetEnt finally released the highly anticipated Dead or Alive 2, and it did not disappoint fans but amazed them and created new ones.

NetEnt isn’t known for creating high-max-win slots, but they did not hold back this time. They added a max-win potential of 111,111x the bet on Dead or Alive 2.

The RTP also averages an unusually high 96.80% payout, but the extremely volatile setting makes the slot very risky anyway. You don’t need to worry about various RTP versions on this game, though, as casinos only have one option to choose from.

The bonus rounds are the highlights of Dead or Alive 2, and there are three options available also in this slot:

  • Train Heist (lower volatility)
  • Old Saloon (medium volatility)
  • High Noon Saloon (riskiest option)

3. Money Train


The Money Train series is one of game studio Relax Gaming’s most popular slots and the first edition is based on a Western theme.

Money Train is mainly about the innovative Hold & Win bonus game where you can land different modifiers to increase your wins.

The max win is capped at 20,000x the bet, and this is a real jewel to try for players looking for high-risk slot action.

4. El Paso Gunfight xNudge


The brilliant game studio Nolimit City enters this list with El Paso Gunfight xNudge, and they aim to stay here for a while longer.

Over the years, Nolimit City has created all sorts of crazy, innovative, and provocative slots. They also have a unique talent for creating amazing Wild Western-themed slots.

El Paso Gunfight xNudge is CasinoWizard’s favourite of the bunch that offers different bonus games with jumping wilds, sticky xNudge Wilds, respins with multipliers, and much more.

It doesn’t get much more Western than this, and to top it all off, you can also walk away with wins up to 44,440x the bet.

5. True Grit Redemption


True Grit Redemption is another all-time Western favourite from 2021 created by Nolimit City.

The xWays and infectious xWays functions play an important role together with Reel Splits, stacked wilds with multipliers and the xNudge feature in this slot as they can lead to big wins.

3 or 4 scatters trigger one of the bonus games where you can win up to 20,220x the bet.

6. Deadwood


Deadwood is another example of Nolimit City’s brilliance when it comes to creating Wild Western-themed slots.

This slot is jampacked with different exciting features, a great soundtrack, and high max win potential.

Deadwood from 2020 might be a bit forgotten nowadays due to the constant influx of new slots in online casinos. Still, many players consider this game to be their favourite Western slot, and it’s also one of CasinoWizard’s go-to games.

7. 2 Wild 2 Die


2 Wild 2 Die from 2024 is Hacksaw Gaming’s second contribution to this Top 10 Wild West slot list.

The Silver & Golden Revolver symbols keep the base game entertaining while landing 3 or 4 scatters trigger one of the two bonus games.

In 2 Wild 2 Die, you also have the possibility to trigger a “Best of” version of a bonus game where you get to play it three times and walk away with the best result.

8. Tombstone RIP


As we have mentioned, Nolimit City is no ordinary slot developer, and in 2022, they proved this once and for all when they released their western slot Tombstone RIP that can deliver wins of up to… hold it…. 300,000x the bet! Yep, you read that correctly.

This slot is banned from some casinos not only due to its high max win potential but also for its grim and provoking graphics. Sensitive players should stay away.

9. Wild West Duels


Ok, maybe it’s wrong to highlight a game that’s been more or less copied by someone else, but we will leave the decision-making for you.

Wild West Duels is almost an outright copy of Wanted Dead or a Wild but offers a higher max win potential. Ok, this version has some other tweaks and changes, but it’s impossible to ignore the similarities.

Morally wrong, but it’s a brilliant slot.

10. The Dog House – Dog or Alive


The Dog House series is part of Pragmatic Play’s most popular slots, and in 2024, they released a western-themed version of it.

The Dog House – Dog or Alive uses the same main concept as in other versions, with the sticky wild multipliers playing the central role.

The number of spins in the bonus game is determined by a pre-game, and the free spins can be re-triggered unlimited times.

The features are simple, the design is playful, and the slot is entertaining to play.

How we review Wild West slots

The team at consists of slot enthusiasts who love playing online slots. One of our favourite categories includes Wild West slots, so we review these games with extra passion.

We look at several factors when reviewing Wild Western-themed slots:

  • The graphics
  • The stats (when available)
  • Features
  • Soundtrack
  • Max win potential
  • How it all combines together

Some slots have become more popular than others, and sometimes for unexplainable reasons. For example, why do many players favour Book of Dead and Starburst over other more new advanced games or similar slots with identical features?

Sometimes game studios just hit the spot and get it right.

The slots in this Top 10 list might not be everyone’s favourites, but we can guarantee that they are excellent Wild Western-themed slots, although they are maybe a bit on the aggressive volatile side of things. So always play responsibly.

The Wild West is a fascinating era whose essence has often been captured perfectly in movies. Game studios have surely been influenced by the same movies that we enjoy watching and artistically narrowed them down into online slots.

With progress in technology, we have seen online slots evolve from simple games to more advanced forms of entertainment where the whole experience becomes more immersive.

These advances and the fascination of the Wild West have contributed to the popularity of Western-themed online slots.

A highly volatile setting combined with big win potential also mixes well with the overall theme, and these types of games are the most popular ones right now.

Where to play Wild West slots online

Wild West-themed slots can be found in most online casinos, but only a few top-rated casinos let you play them on the highest RTP version.

For example, Wanted Dead or a Wild is available in four payout versions, with an RTP of 88.42%, 92.33%, 94.55%, or 96.38%.

The higher the RTP version, the more chances you will have on average to win, while a lower RTP version increases the casinos’ profits more. can exclusively guide you toward the highest RTP versions of slots. Just check the slot review to find reliable casinos that let you play that specific game on the best-paying version.  

Online Casinos with Wild West-Themed Slots

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