What if there was a way to play some of your favourite slots together with other players in a live show setting where you add a social element to it all instead of spinning away on your own?

The good news is that there is a way to do this, and these games are called Live Slots.

This is still a new way of playing slots, so there aren’t too many options available yet, but there are a few, and we will list them here on this page.

How to play Live Slots


Playing live slots is as easy as playing standard slots. The difference is that the game has a host that entertains the players while you play the slot. Communicating with the host and other players through the live chat is also possible.  

You win or lose together with the other players, enhancing the overall experience, especially if you hit some big wins.

This is how you play live slots:

  1. Choose your bet amount.
  2. Choose the number of auto spins.
  3. If available, decide your win and lose threshold.
  4. Lean back, enjoy the experience, and participate through the live chat (if you want).

The best live slots

Live slots are still quite a new thing, and only a few game studios have added these games to their portfolio. However, once the concept increases in popularity, we will surely see more slots added to this way of playing games.

These are the best live slots to play at the moment.

9 Pots of Gold Streamicon


The original slot: The simplicity that 9 Pots of Gold offers players is one of the main reasons this slot has become such a fan favourite. It has two main features – Gold Pot Symbols that can bring instant wins and a Free Spins feature.

The live slots version: When playing 9 Pots of Gold Streamicon you play the standard slot with a few differences:

  • The host decides when to spin.
  • The host’s entertainment skills determine whether the live slot version enhances or worsens the experience.
  • You can participate in the discussion through the live chat by making comments and asking questions.
  • You win and lose together with the other participating players.

Min/max bet: 0.20/60

Max win: 2,000x

Volatility: Medium

RTP: 96.24%

Big Bad Wolf Live


The original slot: Big Bad Wolf is a classic slot from game studio Quickspin that offers players an unusually high RTP of 97.34% (when you choose the best-paying version). In the base game, every second consecutive win turns a pig into a wild. However, the main aim is to access the free spins where you want to collect moons to reach the next level.

The live slots version: Big Bad Wolf Live is played a bit differently. The base game is a similar version that’s used in the standard slot version, but in contrast to 9 Pots of Gold Streamicon, the only difference isn’t just that a host spins the reels for you. You share the wins and losses with other players, but this version has more to it.

When you play the base game, the experience is similar to playing a slot on your own, but when you access the bonus game, the proper live slot element kicks in.

First, you access a Top-Up Game followed by a Multiplier Collect Game, where the host enters the game, and finally, you play the Wolf Wheel Game.

Big Bad Wolf Live cleverly mixes the standard slot experience with the live slot addition, as these are separated so clearly in this version.

Min/max bet: 0.25/100

Max win: 700x

Volatility: Low

RTP: 95.05%

Buffalo Blitz Live


The original slot: Buffalo Blitz is not found in online casinos’ most popular slot lobbies, but the game has a loyal following. The most interesting fact about this slot is that you can trigger up to 100 free Spins.

The live slots version: The game show version has been changed to a low volatile version (instead of high) to better fit the live slots experience with more frequent low to medium-sized wins. However, this change also affects the max win potential which is only 300x the bet in Buffalo Blitz Live.

Apart from the volatility and max win change, what differentiates the slot’s live experience from that of the standard game is that you play the game together with a host and other players.

The host chats away, and you can participate through the live chat. You also share your wins and losses with the other players who play the game.

Min/max bet: 0.40/2

Max win: 300x

Volatility: Low

RTP: 95.96%

Where does the live slot idea come from?


The online casino industry evolves, and new players’ tastes and interests sometimes differ from those of more experienced players.

One medium that has increased in popularity is to follow slot streamers when they play on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Kick.

Since this has become popular, game developers and other industry folks have experimented with ideas on how to make the online casino experience more social, where you play with others and share the joy when you win and the disappointments when you lose.

This has led to games, as shown here on this page, that we categorize as live slots.

Will we see more live slots?

You can be sure that this is only the beginning, and we will soon see plenty of different variations and games pop up.

What stops game studios from releasing an avalanche of live slots is that these are more expensive to operate. You need a live casino environment with several hosts that take turns entertaining the players.

You also need to hire skillful hosts that actually entertain players and give them added value in the form of fun. This is easier said than done and requires a good hiring process that costs extra money.

How much can you win on live slots?


Some live slots pay smaller max wins than the standard slot versions offer, as the volatility level has been changed from high to low/medium to better accommodate this kind of gambling experience.

Playing super risky slots with high max wins together with other players, and a host isn’t a thing yet, as these kinds of games pay out fewer small to medium-sized wins as the RTPs are saved for the big wins.

It’s still possible to win up to 2,000x the bet, for example, in 9 Pots of Gold Streamicon, but smaller max win potentials seem to be the trend in live slots at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the RTPs on live slots?

The RTPs on live slots would be either the same as in the standard slot version or lower if they were unusually high to begin with. Around 96% RTP is the norm.

Where can I play live slots?

Live slots are available at most premium online casinos like LeoVegas, Betsson, and Rizk.

Are live slots worth it?

Live slots are a good alternative for players looking to play online slots with a social element. In these games, you share the experience with other players.

How do you play live slots?

You choose your bet size and number of auto-spins and can participate in the discussion through a live chat.

What are live slots?

Live slots are a mix between traditional slots and a game show experience. A host accompanies you and other players when you play the game. You win and lose together with the other participating players while the host entertains the crowd. You can add comments and ask questions through the live chat box.