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Playing on online casinos and slots is for people aged +18, so why can’t game studios use violence, horror, or provoking visuals in their casino games when the movie and computer game industry do it all the time?

Well, wasn’t an issue until slot developer Nolimit City entered the scene, started breaking barriers, and challenged the industry in a new way.

Many players love it, and most online casinos offer these slots, but some bigger companies, especially stock-listed companies, have banned them.


The online casino industry is always under scrutiny. It receives negative publicity from the outside world, so these A-list casinos are probably better off without the extra heat that these games can bring.

Or, in other words, they probably couldn’t care less, but money talks, and they don’t want to upset any shareholders. That is the reality, and any other excuse is just noise.

These slots were too much for some online casinos

This page will examine which games have been banned from big, publicly listed online casinos and the details that made them go from borderline to too much.

Rocket Men (Red Tiger)


Ok, we start with the craziest one of them all.

What do you get if you mix Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un into an online slot? – A completely insane game that only a few online casinos have the guts to list on their sites. 

Rocket Men is an online slot created by Red Tiger. It was released in 2017 and approved by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

So what’s all the fuss about?

Some online casinos found features such as Nuclear Spins, Kim’s Little Game, Boom Time, Don’s Driving Range, and especially Party Time to be provoking and crazy.

In all honesty, we don’t see many (or any) slots like Rocket Men in casinos nowadays.

Sometimes images say more than words, so we created a collage for you to explain this slot better.


It’s all made in a humorous light, though, but it might be too much for some players and appears to be way too much for some casinos.

You can still play Rocket Men at online casinos such as Bitstarz (Curacao-licensed) or Winlandia (UKGC-licensed).

Serial (Nolimit City)


We move away from humour a bit and enter the horror theme in Serial from game studio Nolimit City.

So what’s wrong with this one?

Well, for starters, the slot is about a serial killer. If that isn’t enough, the graphics shown in big wins put a ban sticker all over this game.

Kenneth Must Die (Nolimit City)


Ok, we are back to humour. Or, maybe not everyone’s type of humour, but the kind where Nolimit City does whatever they feel like. Yes, that is too much for some casinos.

In Kenneth Must Die, the setting transforms from traditional-looking dolls into kinkier stuff that is way too graphic for some. Others love it!

One thing is for certain: No other game studio could have pulled this one off except Nolimit City. Or maybe no other slot developer would have thought of this idea in the first place.

Land of the Free (Nolimit City)


Nolimit City isn’t afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes, and in Land of the Free, they target a certain demographic of the US population, also known as “Rednecks.”

Again, some will hate this, while others won’t stop laughing while playing the slot. Some that didn’t laugh were the publicly listed online casinos that outright banned this game from being seen in their game lobbies.

Land of the Free is controversial, and after a few spins, you will instantly know what we mean.

Mental (Nolimit City)


Mental is another slot that was initially banned by some online casinos, but what happens if the game is too darn popular? They quietly bring it to the game lobbies through the backdoor anyway.

Yep, that’s what happened with Mental as, at first, the slot based on a mental hospital full of disordered and psycho patients with disturbing images was too much for them, but eventually, they gave in and offered it anyway. Not all of them, but many did.

This is one crazy slot, but sometimes even A-list casinos can make an exception and slip one through, especially if there is a high demand for a game.  

Remember Gulag (Nolimit City)


Messing around with a slot that uses a theme based on the Gulag, which was a system of Soviet labour camps (prisons) during the 1920s to 1950s, was too much for some casinos.

In Nolimit City’s defense, it takes a minimum of 6 months to develop online slots from idea to launch, and they could not have prevented the Russia/Ukraine war from happening during this progress.

To compensate for the mishap, NLC donated all the first month’s profits from Remember Gulag + an additional €25k to Ukraine.

Walk of Shame (Nolimit City)


From one heavy subject to a light one.

Walk of Shame mixes craziness with Nolimit City humour and this one is definitely different. A bit too crazy and different for some online casinos.

How can we describe Walk of Shame in other words? Kinky is one that comes to mind.

Participating in one of Nolimit City’s brainstorming sessions would be interesting, as these are surely different from those of other game studios.

Kiss My Chainsaw (Nolimit City)


Kiss My Chainsaw might not seem like a banned slot to begin with, but if you start hitting those big wins, the slot’s true nature will emerge.

Imagine something influenced by the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and you get the drift. It was too much for some online casinos and, therefore, banned.

Tombstone RIP (Nolimit City)


Nolimit City not only creates provoking slots but also releases the slot with the biggest max win.

Tombstone RIP can pay out up to 300,000x the bet size used per spin. That is $/€/£15 million when spinning with the max bet or $/€/£30,000 with the minimum bet.

So what else is wrong apart from casinos taking huge risks since the max win potential is so high? It uses visuals that are too much for some people and way too much for stock-listed companies.


Will there be more banned slots in the future?

As long as Nolimit City continues to create online slots, we can expect more slots to be banned by A-list casinos in the future.

Nolimit City has mentioned that they will start diversifying their games to cater to high-risk-seeking players and create some slots for casual players. This means slots with smaller max wins and less risky settings.

However, being provocative is part of Nolimit City’s DNA, so they can’t really walk away from it and probably don’t want to.

Will other game studios follow suit, or was the Rocket Men slot from Red Tiger a one-off stint? Only time will tell, but most likely, the craziest of craziness will be left for Nolimit City to handle, while some new upcoming slot developer might give it a go or two in an attempt to break through the competition.  

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