A new trend? Are ELK Studios lowering the Return to Player of their new slots?

We have now grown custom to RTP changes and variable RTP versions from most game studios.

Famous game studios like Play’n GO, Nolimit City, Pragmatic Play, and many more create slot games with different RTP versions varying from 96% to as low as 84%.

It’s then up to the online casinos to decide which RTP version to offer their players.

Unfortunately, far from all casinos opt to provide the players with the best RTPs.

Some prefer to further increase their margins instead by offering lower RTP versions on popular slots like Book of Dead, Cherry Pop, Sweet Bonanza, and many more.

Nowadays, you can bypass this issue using CasinoWizard’s wisdom and knowledge by finding all the best RTP versions of slots here on the CasinoWizard.com site.

However, we have now detected a new issue from ELK Studios that could potentially become a pattern to look out for.

Why did ELK Studios lower the RTP of their new slot, Cygnus 2?

While previous slot releases from ELK Studios like Nitropolis (96.10%) and Katmandu Gold (96.20%) were created with higher RTP settings, we have gotten used to ELK Studios releasing their slots with 95% RTPs the last years.

A 95% RTP is lower than most top RTP slots ranging around 96%, but this hasn’t been much of a big deal as many ELK Studios slots are popular, and there has only been one RTP version released to choose from anyway.

With the release of their new slot Cygnus 2, we have noticed a break from their usual pattern.

Released in August 2022, Cygnus 2 was launched with an average RTP setting of 94%.

So instead of releasing several RTP versions that the casinos can choose from, ELK decided to increase their own and the casinos’ win margins by lowering the RTP altogether on this new slot.  

Will we see more ELK Studios slots with a lower RTP?

We hope that the 94% RTP version of Cygnus 2 will be a one-off, but unfortunately, this might be a new reality for the game studio.

Probably ELK wishes that this release will slide under the radar without much commotion, and after that, they can keep releasing all new slots with 94% (or lower?) RTPs.  

Why is a lower Return to Player bad for you?

A lower RTP percentage increases the game studios’ and online casinos’ long-term win margins.

This is bad news for you as fewer winnings are then paid to players from all the wagering on a slot.

Less wins mean fewer spins, and that, in return, decreases the number of chances you get to win a big win. Basically, your money will run out faster on average compared to a slot with a higher average RTP setting.

What are your options as a player?

In the cases with slots that are offered with different RTP versions, you can use CasinoWizard’s search function to find the online casinos that offer their players the best RTP versions of each slot.

However, you can’t increase your odds with ELK Studios slots as these games are only released with one RTP version.

You can search for the ELK slot you want to play through our search tool, as here you will find all the RTP, volatility, and max win info together with a review of the slot. 

Then you can decide if you want to play this game or search for higher-paying RTP slots from another game provider.

Which online casinos offer ELK Studios slots?

ELK Studios has become a significant player in the online casino industry as their slots’ quality and entertainment value have increased through the years.

Therefore, a majority of casinos online, like LeoVegas, Casumo, Betsson, and many more, offer ELK slots in their game portfolio today.

Some of ELK Studio’s most popular slot releases include titles like Zulu Gold, Wild Toro 2, Book of Toro, Pacific Gold, and Nitropolis 3.

Their slots can often be found on casinos’ most popular lists, and we can only assume (and expect) to see a continuation of great slots being released from this game provider.

Will other game studios also offer lower RTPs on new slots?

We don’t expect other game studios to follow ELK Studios’ recent decision to lower the RTP on their latest slot by releasing only one RTP version of the game.

Instead, most game studios should continue with the recent trend of releasing various RTP versions of both old and new slots.

Luckily for you, this won’t be an issue anymore as the CasinoWizard will continue to monitor the RTPs and guide you toward the online casinos that offer the best RTP versions of the most popular casino slots on the internet.

You can then enjoy these great slots knowing that at least you play with the best odds available; thereafter, it’s up to lady luck to decide if you win.

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