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We love online slots. We really do. However, not all slots are created equal.

Some are more equal than others, so to speak. What are we talking about?

The Return to Player of slots and how, excuse our French, millions of players are getting screwed by online casinos. Why? Because casinos can offer players the same slot at several RTP (Return To Player) levels.

While one slot can pay back 96% at online casino A, the same slot can pay back only 88% at online casino B.

So, are you playing on the highest possible version right now? Let us guide you toward the highest-payout slots and only the best high-RTP online casinos.

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Searching for an online casino with the highest Return To Player version of your favourite slot may be frustrating. After all, you want to play real money slots without feeling cheated.

The good news is that CasinoWizard has done all the unpleasant work for you. We show you which online casino offers each slot in the best-paying configuration.

So, if you are looking for a reliable casino to play the 96.21% RTP version of Book of Dead, we show you the best options. It is as simple as that.

You can focus 100% on having fun while being sure you are always playing with the best possible odds.

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Tips and frequently asked questions

What are high RTP slots?

A high RTP slot is a slot that is played at the highest possible Return To Player level. This RTP is sometimes called the default RTP. While some online casinos offer high RTP slots, many of them don't. The trick is to find a casino that does. Hint: we can help you with that.

Why is the RTP of a slot so important?

A higher RTP percentage gives the player back more on average from all wagering. Playing on a high RTP version is more beneficial than a low RTP version. You have a better chance to play more spins with your balance and get more chances to hit that big win.

Why do providers offer slots with different RTPs?

Game providers like Nolimit City, Play'n GO, Hacksaw Gaming, Relax Gaming, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play, and many more create slots with various RTP versions due to increased demand from casino sites/operators. Online casinos want to be able to choose between different versions when deciding how big a profit margin they want to have on specific slots.

How will CasinoWizard help me find high RTP slots?

The CasinoWizard will help you with the difficult task of finding the best RTP versions of online casino slots. You can therefore be confident you are always playing with the best possible odds when following the CasinoWizard's guidance. He will point you toward the best-paying online casinos for each separate slot, based on where you live.

Why are some slot providers missing?

We have decided to focus on the most popular slot providers and added their games and RTPs to We will add more game studios once they start offering various RTP versions or when a provider becomes increasingly popular among casino players online.    

Does CasinoWizard only focus on online slots or other casino games as well? 

As slots are the most popular casino games online and the preferred game among the CasinoWizard team, this has been the focus since the beginning. However, we are also big fans of other casino games and will therefore expand our portfolio of games as time passes by.  

How can I trust CasinoWizard?

The CasinoWizard team consists of slots enthusiasts and professionals with solid backgrounds in the casino industry. We grew tired of online casinos offering bad RTP versions and therefore made it our mission to help ourselves and other players make better decisions on where to play slots. We regularly check RTPs through our in-house tools to keep all info on updated and intact.

Where can I find the official RTP for slots?

You can find a slot's RTP by logging in to your casino account, loading the slot, visiting the game info or game sheet, and locating the information there.
Every reliable online casino shows this information. If you can't find the RTP, it's time to switch casinos, pronto.

Don't miss out on the latest RTP changes and new slots info